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quenelle1We are over 7,000 million, they are 20 million, but our numerical advantage is not going to help us unless we unite.

So you have figured out by now what the Jews are up to. You realise that they going to kill us all if they don’t have any use for us as their slaves. So tell me what are you going to do to prevent it?

Are you one of those ‘I want my independence’ bloggers? Ever thought about how much 7 billion ‘independent bloggers’ can achieve? Or are you one of those disagreeable 50+ year old White men who just can’t get along with anyone? Ever thought about the price of indulging in your grumpiness? Or is it a case of not having found the right anti-JWO grouping yet? The ones you have tried were too left, too right, too Christian, not Christian enough, too Muslim-friendly, not Muslim-friendly enough, too White, not White enough?

That’s exactly what the Jews wanted to happen. It’s called divide and rule. The Romans invented it, the British perfected it and the Jews are using it so successfully that a mere 20 million of them are about to kill or enslave 7 billion of us, that’s 350 times more humans than the number of those psychopathic and manic-depressed monsters.

We are over 7,000 million, they are 20 million, but our numerical advantage is not going to help us unless we unite.

So how can we unite with people we despise almost as much as the Jews, for example people like those Christian Identity guys who seem to only want to replace the Jews as the ‘Chosen ones’? Or how about those people who still haven’t worked it out that Hitler wasn’t the most evil person who ever walked this planet as the Jews have made him out to be, or those we disagree with on the true nature of the Christian or the Islamic faith?

The answer is simple: unite or die. It’s called a coalition and I’m not talking about the kind of coalitions they have in Western so-called democracies. I’m talking about people mature enough to agree to disagree and create a common vision, a vision of a community of nations working hand in hand for the common good and the welfare of all, a vision of a world without Jews.

Unite or die also means that we are positive towards each other and make allowances for each others sensitivities. There is no finger pointing and endless discussions about who is right or wrong on this point or the other, and who has done or said this thing or that. Our sole focus has to be on our common vision and what difference it will make for us, our families, our friends, our nations, our ethnic group and mankind as a whole when this dream comes true.





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My dear friend Lonnie in Canada has been telling me about getting ready for the past two months.  Unfortunately, my mother and I will not survive the coming onslaught due to our ages.  She is 81 and I am 56.  All we have is each other.  And my mom believes everything will eventually work out and be okay and I cannot convince her otherwise.  I have too many medical problems and without food I may last three days.  I have accepted the fact that both my mom and I will be early casualties of martial law and I believe an eventual civil war with this criminal, corrupt government.  My legacy to this fight for the truth, and to my countrymen and women has been to provide as much needed information as possible so that others with the means and resources have the opportunity to prepare and survive what is coming and hopefully rebuild the country and install a decent, moral government one day that represents every American.


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County Sheriff Has Audacity to Stencil “Protecting Your Constitutional Rights” on Agency’s MRAP & Humvee

Kevin Hayden –

Law enforcement agencies are turning to the Department of Defense, more and more, for their tactical policing needs, requesting such items as Mine Resistant Ambush Protection (MRAP) vehicles, surplus Humvees, rifles, and other assorted military-grade hardware. While some can be used in special operations, such as protecting officers from active shooters, or gaining entry into heavily fortified buildings, the sheer audacity of one Oklahoma Sheriff goes far beyond this.

canacountysheriff_mrap2Sheriff Randall Edwards, of the Canadian County Sheriff’s Office, located on the western edge of Oklahoma City, has failed miserably in his attempt to soften the image of these war machines by stenciling, “Protecting Your Constitutional Rights“, on the sides of his new MRAP and Humvee.

How does a 50,000 lb. vehicle, capable of shielding occupants from rocket propelled grenades and AK-47 fire, protect American Rights?

Does this vehicle serve to protect protesters exercising their First Amendment right? Will the Sheriff deploy this armored beast to aide in citizens wishing to vote, or perhaps, to shelter his fellow Oklahoman’s who decide to use their Second Amendment right? I’ll bet that Sheriff West had some grand ideas of using this war machine in order to prevent soldiers from being quartered in peoples’ homes or to resist any future attempts at alcohol prohibition.

Canadian County Sheriff's Humvee - Protecting Your Constitutional RightsWhile there are many arguments on both sides of the fence for potential, legitimate uses of such hardware, this author can not come up with a single Constitutional Right that might be “protected” by six heavily armed soldiers – err, law enforcers – riding around in an RPG-proof weapon of war, tearing open walls or serving as a sniper platform.

Instead, they are quickly deployed when small groups of angry citizens hold up signs and exercise their First Amendment right to protest and petition for a redress of grievances, often being answered with a volley of tear gas and rubber bullets.

These armored vehicles are typically used in serving drug warrants, which do nothing to protect the average citizen’s rights. How many headlines must we read in which a seven year old girl is shot and killed while she slept because law enforcement raided a home over a small amount of marijuana, or perhaps the countless family pets who are indiscriminately shot and killed, merely for greeting those rushing through the front door in the middle of the night?

Undersheriff West claims the vehicles will be used to protect his deputies, respond to natural disasters, and assist citizens in need, but with a carrying capacity of only five officers, plus the driver, it’s not going to do much. Instead, the plentiful, surplus M35 cargo truck could be much more effective, with the same ground clearance, and rescue at least a dozen, if not more.

If this law enforcement agency was aiming for public relations points, Sheriff Edwards and Undersheriff Chris West, has failed, miserably, and I say that as a former police officer. It’s no longer shocking news, with the widely publicized Ferguson, Missouri riots, that police agencies are utilizing these vehicles, but to paint that on the side is just a slap in the face and a clear indication that the approaching Police State no longer cares to hide itself.

Watch the video at the link below: – Oklahoma City, OK – News, Weather, Video and Sports |

Kevin Hayden is a former New Orleans police officer-turned-truth seeker.  He endured Hurricane Katrina’s chaos and societal collapse in the days following and after 5 years in New Orleans, moved to Oklahoma.  Kevin currently runs and promotes education regarding our monetary, food, and foreign policies while building an off-grid shipping container homestead.  He is a former investigator for Big Oil, has appeared on numerous radio shows, and enjoys helping people become better prepared for disasters.

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