Jewish Lesbians Give Sex-Changing Hormone Treatments to 11-Year-Old Adopted Gentile Son

WW~Notes:  This article is profanely disgusting about state sanctioned open child abuse in America.  How is it that parent’s can lose custody of their children if they refuse life-threatening cancer treatments or dangerous mercury laden vaccinations, but the “chosen tribe” can literally change the gender of an adopted child and no one in the government or media bats and eyelash?  Does this finally open a few eyes to what the rest of us are up against knowing what the criminal paedophilic enemy can do without impunity.  

In what is doubtlessly the most sickening and infuriating instance of this new cultural drive toward mass numbers of people mutilating themselves as a result of untreated gender identity disorder, a pair of Jewish lesbians in Berkeley have decided to give their handicapped 11-year-old White son they ‘adopted’ (read: kidnapped with state sanction) hormone treatment to prevent him from going through puberty, supposedly making it easier for him to have sex-change surgery later in life.

This is yet more outright proof that homosexual adoption is insane, and that homosexuals only seek to adopt children because they desire to abuse them.

We all remember the gay couple that bought the Russian baby so they could rape him, right? And we remember how the media celebrated it as so fantastic, these loving parents with their beautiful son, and then was so confused when it turned out they bought the baby on the black market in Russia just to rape him, prostitute him and make videos of the acts?

We’ve got the same thing happening here with two pervert Jewesses, Pauline Moreno and Debra Lobel, raping a poor disabled child of his innocence and manipulating him into a sick and deranged mutilation of his body that there is simply no way he will ever recover from. I would also be less than shocked to find out they were sexually abusing the boy, or letting males from the California Jewish homosexual community do this.

Clearly, even if the boy was not pressured in this direction by his militant Jewish lesbian “parents” – if you imagine that he wasn’t, I’ve got a bridge you might want to make me an offer on – a boy growing up with two mentally ill mothers is going to be psychologically damaged in a horrible fashion.

The Jewesses claim that the first thing Thomas, who they now call ‘Tammy’ and refer to with female pronouns, did when he learned sign language (which is his main form of communication, due to a speech impediment) was tell them that he was a girl – well, it makes sense that this would be the case, if all he was exposed to for the year since he was adopted by the criminal perverts at age two was man-hating lesbianism, right?

They claim that at age seven he threatened to mutilate his own genitals – does that sound like something that would happen in real life, in a normal, healthy family? A seven-year-old threatening to cut off his penis because he didn’t want to be a boy? On the basis of this claim (which could either be made up or not), the Jewesses began ‘transitioning’ the boy.

A couple months ago, he began hormone treatment that will keep him from going through puberty naturally, as the Jewesses claim that this will help him with the sex change, and if they don’t do it he’ll kill himself. A “hormone suppressant” has been implanted in his arm, and will keep him from growing facial hair, keep his shoulders narrow and keep his voice from changing. It will also keep him from growing.

Before and after Thomas' full indoctrination into homosexuality by the California Jews.

Before and after Thomas’ full indoctrination into gender identity disorder by homosexual California Jews.

The Jewesses, who were married by a Rabbi in 1990, cited their religious community as being instrumental in cheering for their decision to ‘transition’ the helpless White European child. Moreno said, “‘We live in the Bay area where lots of alternative lifestyles are in place… and we belong to a religious community that was incredibly supportive. They make it a point when we’re in synagogue to come over and tell Tammy, “Oh, you look so pretty today.”‘

Here is a picture from CNN, provided by Pauline Moreno, where you can see Thomas, still a boy at the time, with a man’s arm around him:

Thomas, still a boy, looking scared, with a man's arm around him.

Thomas, still a boy, looking scared, with a man’s arm around him.

I wonder if this could be the arm of a man from the Jewish homosexual community? I wonder what sort of relationship this man had with the boy?

How is This Legal?

We must now ask: why on earth this is legal? Clearly, an eleven-year-old boy is not capable of making a decision about something as monumental and life-altering as this. Why does the state not step in?

It seems that that before the gay rights movement, there was no existing law to deal with this sort of thing because it wasn’t scientifically possible and no one had ever imagined anything as sick as this. Surely, the government cannot now question these homosexuals and their agenda, so, as there are no laws presently in existence about using hormone treatment to mutilate children, these lesbians which the state has assisted in kidnapping this boy are allowed to do anything they want to him.

In their interview with the Daily Mail, the parents repeatedly cited an alleged risk of suicide if they did not do this to the boy, and I suppose if this was taken to the corrupt, Jew-run court system of America today, they would have Jewish psychologists come in and say the same, and the mutilation of this poor kidnapped child would be given the blessing of the state.

This has to stop. Homosexuality is not simply a war against nature, it is a war against the innocence of children – and there is nothing more sickening and wrong than that.

May God help have mercy on our souls for allowing such evil to happen in our society.


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David Paulides: new third book ‘Missing 411 North America And Beyond’

WW~Notes:  This is an update to my updated blog post 8/21/2012 on the missing person’s cases, mostly children, in North America that have never been solved or even recognized by various federal agencies.

Below is the interview transcript of Paulides’ March 2013 nterview with Jeffery Pritchett from The Church of Mabus.  

MISSING4114Never has there been a series of books been written that contain such an urgency to raise awareness. This book is the third in the series entitled “Missing 411 North America And Beyond, stories of people who have disappeared in remote locations of North America and five other countries.” Missing people are vanishing without a trace. Imagine a family going through such an ordeal and not having any answers to what has happened to their loved ones. David Paulides tackles this subject like an old school detective to find answers to a mystery that must be solved. This is my fourth time interviewing and reviewing David about his series of books entitled Missing 411. Two times on Examiner and once on my radio show The Church Of Mabus. Now the fourth time has approached and I ask your help by getting involved and sharing this interview where you can. I plead for you to do so for the sake of all these lost people. Now here is the interview. Presenting.

1. Missing 411 North America and Beyond is the third book in the series subtitled Stories of people who have disappeared in remote locations of North America and five other countries. Please David tell us what this third book’s prime motivation is and what’s different.

DP: This third book was never planned, it evolved. Once the “Missing 411” books were in circulation, I started to receive hundreds of emails, many explaining incidents that matched the profile of what was in the books. We received news on many cases we had never been aware of. Information about older cases are sometimes very difficult to find, readers assisted our researchers in developing additional clusters of missing people and presented us with missing people in other countries that matched the profile. This book offers much more clarity to the issue and continues where the other two books ended.

2. What other five countries are we talking about here where people are missing? And are the cases similar as the ones from the American region?

DP: The scope of the missing books deals with a specific profile of missing people that has never been identified or discussed. These cases involve people who have disappeared in rural area and many have the following issues associated with their disappearance: A) Tracking dogs cannot pickup a scent B) People are found missing clothing or shoes C) Once found, the victim cannot remember what happened E) They are located in areas that don’t make sense F) People disappear with their dogs G) The person disappears in the afternoon H) Berries are somehow associated with the disappearance I) When found the person is semi-conscious or unconscious J) The individual is part of a cluster of missing people. K) Water/swamps are associated at some level with the disappearance L) Weather turns bad after the disappearance.

All of the cases in every “Missing-411” are surrounded with many of these elements that are described above. If the case did not meet the profile, it would not be included in the books. The first books dealt with the United States and Canada, this new book has stories of societal beliefs and missing people from Australia, England, France, Iceland and Indonesia.

3. Has there been any progress in solving these cases or changes to help us understand what the heck is going on since your crusade to help these missing people? I know you have raised awareness which is great indeed but figuring it out and stopping it is the ultimate solution. I see Whitley Strieber left a great blurb on the back which I have to agree with highly.

DP: If we are going to assist in solving cases we first need to understand the phenomena. I believe we are getting closer to deciphering the complexities of these disappearances but are far from a full understanding. This past summer I was invited to be a speaker at the National Association of Search and Rescue Professionals (NASAR) at their annual convention in Lake Tahoe. I presented the findings in the books and the consistencies among the cases; the response from the audience was overwhelming. There were searchers from around the world and many stated that they had experienced much of the phenomena I described, yet felt it had to be such an isolated occurrence that they didn’t put much thought or energy into understanding why it may be occurring. There was a very long line of people that wanted to discuss the book. In short, I think that single presentation in front of the one of the largest search and rescue organizations in the world opened many eyes to what is happening in the field.

4. Are National Parks and agencies still sweeping it under the rug or have any changed their tune?

DP: The National Park Service (NPS) has a large federally training group of law enforcement officers and Special Agents whose sole responsibility is investigating crime and missing persons in our national parks and monuments. These individuals do not clean campsites and empty garbage cans; these are highly trained professionals that sometimes have better training then many officers from small cities across the U.S. They know how to investigate incidents. If they do get a very complex case, they call the FBI.

As I have explained many times in the past, the NPS has stated in response to our Freedom of Information Act Requests, they DO NOT have any lists of missing people (that vanished inside their system) at their national headquarters or at individual parks or monuments. They stated that they were in the process of developing a new computer system to track criminal incidents and missing people, that was four years ago and still nothing has been implemented.

The public needs to understand that tracking missing people is not rocket science. It does not take massive computers; in fact, all you need is a clipboard and binder paper. Divide the paper into sections, date, time, location, name, and disposition. You keep the clipboard on the wall of the park supervisor’s office and add or delete cases as they evolve. This is not complicated, expensive or time consuming. One of our investigators has been head of a major public law enforcement agency in the United States and has contributed significantly to the “Missing-411” series. Upon notification that the NPS does not track missing people, has no ledgers and wanted to charge us $34,000 to establish a list of missing people from Yosemite and also charge us $1.4 million dollars for a list of missing people from their system, this investigator made a truly enlightened statement. He stated that the small amount of public ridicule and scrutiny that NPS is going to take from the release of these books must be nothing compared to what they would face if they released the missing person data, or they’d release the information.

I would like to state that the rank and file NPS employee is a great individual who has no knowledge of what we are presenting, treat them like gold. It is the administrators inside the Department of Interior and NPS that establish policy and understand the missing person issue.

5. What can we do to help the family’s of these missing people and to get involved? One way I know is just by getting the word out. But what about for the average Joe? What can they do?

DP: I know that many families and searchers are astonished to know how many cases mimic each other in relationship to their facts. It would be our wish that every family that enters the wilderness with small children understands what can happen and how quickly children can vanish, sometimes permanently. Hikers who enter the wilderness should always carry a personal locator beacon and should always hike in pairs. If you are comfortable with firearms, carry one.

6. Would you share one of the cases with us from the book that you find to be the most peculiar or strangest? Perhaps from another country?

DP: Every case in the “Missing-411 books are peculiar, that’s why they were written. One of the more recent and highly unusual cases occurred in South Carolina in 2011 and is a case that’s highlighted in the new book. Before I advise an audience about the facts behind a story, I always ask them to remember back when they had young children. In this story the boy was 21 months old. I ask the readers to remember back when they were around a child that young. How well could they toddle and how far could they walk. How quickly could they get out of your view? How much stamina does a 21-month old child have? In this incident the boy was in his residence with the family dog and his mother. She left the room momentarily and somehow the boy and the dog got outside. There was a large open field surrounding the residence before reaching thick woods. The mother realized that her son and the dog were gone and ran outside to check the yard. The boy and the dog were not only in the yard, they weren’t anywhere in sight. The mother called the sheriff and searchers started to arrive in mass. By late in the afternoon, the weather started to change to rain. Searchers continued to walk the surrounding property and found nothing that first night.

The first morning of the search, a sheriff’s deputy and a natural resource officer were in kayaks on a river two miles from the victims residence, they were just two of hundreds looking for the boy. A search helicopter was flying above the river looking for a body and had just flown over the kayakers. The two law enforcement officers were paddling upstream from the area of the residence and just turned a corner in the river when they made an amazing find. It was 2:30pm when they looked at a sandbar in the middle of the river. They found the missing boy alive lying on his back in the middle of the sand. They immediately called the helicopter back to the scene to pickup the boy and take him to his residence. The pilot confirmed that he had just flown over that section of river and the boy WAS NOT on the sandbar, minutes later he’s lying there.

There are many confusing aspects to this case. How the boy got away from his residence so quickly is not understood. How a 21 month old can manage to go through thick woods, enter the river and arrive at a sandbar in the middle of the river, the million-dollar question. Why didn’t the boy respond to hundreds of searchers that were in the woods that first night? The boy did not suffer from hypothermia even though the weather had been in the low 40’s with rain. The boy’s dog did reappear at the residence. This is one of three cases where very small children have disappeared from the interior of a residence while with the family dog. Each case is equally fascinating.

7. Joseph Wood Jr. was an Eagle Scout and I see in your book you mention that his case bothers you a lot. Could you go into this further?

DP: Joseph Wood Jr. was an editor for a New York Newspaper. He was a brilliant man with many accomplishments during his life, one being an Eagle Scout in the Boy Scouts. Joseph is part of a new cluster of missing people that is identified in the new book, National Mount Rainier National Park, Washington.

Joe was attending a conference in Seattle and decided to drive to the park to bird watch. He was hiking a well-established trail and walked up to a fellow bird watcher and engaged him in conversation. They spoke about the birds they had seen and about Joe’s trail ahead. The man walked back to the parking lot and Joe continued up the trail. That was the last time anyone ever saw Joseph Wood Jr.

A Boy Scout trains on how to live and survive in the outdoors. Only a very small number of Boy Scouts become Eagle Scouts, it’s a very select group that has shown extreme proficiency in learning their lessons. This is the first Eagle Scout I have ever documented that met the criteria of this study. Remember, Joe was on an established trail on a clear day, spoke to a fellow hiker and completely vanished. There was an extensive search, nothing of Joe’s was ever found. Joseph’s old newspaper had made statements questioning if Joseph may have been abducted, a familiar theory that continues to come up with many of the cases that are chronicled.

I did file a Freedom of Information Act Request to review the complete NPS file on Joseph Wood Jr. I did eventually get it. There was never a scent that was found by canines. There were never any tracks found. Joseph was not suicidal and there was no indication of an animal attack. Joseph Wood Jr. vanished.

8. What is this about children vanishing with canines? Would you share a story about that? I would think a canine would help protect more so depending on the situation. Then blood hounds of course have trouble tracking anything to do with these cases.

DP: There are an inordinate amount of children that disappear with dogs. I have chronicled these in each of the three books. Refer to question six for specific details on one case.

The one consistency with these cases is that both the child and canine vanish simultaneously, but rarely are they found together. The dog does come home in most instances, but not always. The natural indication would be to believe that there would be a scent trail for Bloodhounds to track. 99% of the time Bloodhounds never finds a scent trail in these cases.

9. Any other scenarios where the victims are found conscious or semi-conscious in these cases that are strange and have they said anything else about what happened or remembering anything?

DP: In the vast majority of the cases that are chronicled, if people are found, they are located unconscious or semi-conscious and many times in areas that were previously searched. In The vast majority of these incidents, the people are so young they cannot speak or they have a disability that prohibits them from speaking, or they can’t remember what happened. In the rare incident where they do remember facts, they are baffling.

10. A lot of people comment and read your books and say they terrify them and they have every reason to be. I mean even when I walk my dog through trails around here. I get the creeps. But these books most assuredly aren’t about scaring everyone. Its about finding a solution. Yet it remains a mystery as to what the freak is happening. Will there ever come a time when perhaps will know what it is happening to these people? I understand your stance for the family’s sake. Its just frustrating when you this is happening and you don’t know why and God knows it has to be for the families. Any developments on the mystery of it at all you can share?

DP: In the perfect world we would like to hold a private conference where the victims that have lived through these incidents come together, share their stories and understand they have commonality. We believe that hypnosis of many of these people would reveal what exactly happened. We have been warned by missing person groups to be cautious in our approach to these individuals as many don’t want to be contacted and others may be offended that their stories are being told. If these victims contacted us, we would work with them to make this event happen.

11. What are you up to next David book wise or projects wise or events wise and any last departing words? Always a pleasure to work and help you with this. Please share any links and where to purchase the book. This will be our 4th interview together. Proud of the fact. Thanks.

DP: Everyday brings us closer to understanding these phenomena. Trust us when we say that there is linkage amongst the cases. We’ve been contacted from an individual in Europe that is putting together a database of the disappearances and is attempting to find global and astronomical events that may coincide with the events. We have continued to read everything that is possibly related to these cases, many have opened our eyes very wide. We’ve heard no less then eight hypothesis from people, many of these are dozens of pages long and some seem credible. We will continue to research the cases and bring you the latest events in the future. Continue to follow us at

The book can be purchased at


New York Couple’s Terrorist Connection to the Sandy Hook Tragedy

342x256_SandyHook_GraphicSo says Gordon Duff, Senior Editor of Veterans Today, on Mike Harris’ daily talk show “Short End of the Stick” January 14, 2013.

In the very revealing interview which also included Professor James Fetzer, Duff disclosed further information on the young Jewish couple arrested for terrorist activities and weapons possession December 29, 2012 and reported by this blog.  Duff’s disclosure, if true, is a bombshell and literally blows the Sandy Hook story wide open.

Duff alleges that Aaron Greene and Morgan Gliedman, both arrested for weapons possession, including explosives, are both dual-citizen Israeli Jews, former members of the Israeli Defense Force (IDF), children of Holocaust survivors and – terrorists.

Duff also indicates that their New York apartment was a Mossad safe house.


National Socialists official flag

According to Duff, when the couple were taken into custody December 29, 2012, police discovered their ‘propaganda in production’ apparently they were in the process of creating literature which would place the blame for the Sandy Hook shooting on the National Socialist movement, since the American public ignorantly perceives the group as “white Nazi supremacists.”

Allegedly, the tip that led the authorities to the New York apartment was a purple Ford van tracked via satellite and by helicopter from Sandy Hook School.  In route, facial recognition cameras picked up three people in the van wearing ski masks, with the third man in a nun’s habit.  Ironically, it was Russian Intelligence that first reported a three-man team entered the school on the day of the shootings.  RI contacted MI6, then MI6 contacted the CIA according to Duff.

In addition to the propaganda literature discovered in the apartment, authorities also found high-capacity magazines that matched the weapons used at Sandy Hook.  So far, authorities have failed to locate the third individual connected to the shootings.

What seems really odd is that my search engine no longer includes the New York couple’s arrest on the first page as done before.  Not a hint of their existence or alleged crimes pop-up on the initial page of any search engine.  This cannot be a coincidence.

Gordon Duff’s incredible analogy of this Jewish couple’s connection to Sandy Hook is entirely plausible and rational.  It’s actually more logical than anything else up to this point.  However, why is it only Duff reporting this new twist in the Sandy Hook story?

Reflecting back over the article re-published January 3rd on the terrorist couple, especially how they were handled by the police and other officials, encourages further review revealing a different perspective on the events.  Lawyers as well as police in the case thought the couple “sad,” because they were drug addicts with the young woman in a difficult position 9-months pregnant and facing delivery behind bars.

According to the MSM, authorities decided that they were not terrorists and released them.  The couple is now requesting repatriation to Israel.  That jaw-dropping act alone by New York police seems out of character and bizarre, which indicates they were not dealing with any ordinary “junkie” couple and not because they were well-to-do.

Moreover, the police’s statement that “the explosives and weapons were just part of a drug-fueled, twisted sense of what constitutes cool” is unconscionable considering the couple’s clever manipulations being planned, even written down.  And if true, the New York City Police Department is also complicit in covering up more heinous truth on Sandy Hook, which now can only be described as another false-flag operation carried out by powerful individuals in both the U.S. government and Israel.

When will the American people ever learn, which leads to one last question.  Where is the young Israeli-Jewish couple and what false-flags are they devising against America at this very moment?

God in heaven only knows.


Listen to the January 14, 2013 interview with Gordon Duff and Prof. James Fetzer on Short End of the Stick with Mike Harris:

Hour 1 –

Hour 2 –

The Coming Legalization of Child Porn and Pedophilia

Child porn and pedophilia to be legal soon, by Pandora Pushkin (Not satire)

In which Pandora Pushkin discusses the latest push to legalize pedophilia and make it a trendy new “alternative lifestyle”.


ALICE:  Help! I’ve just been raped by Jimmy Savile disguised as the Mad Hatter!

MAD QUEEN:  Too many complaints—off with her head!

If Jimmy Savile had lived a few more years—say ten at the most—he could have found himself living in a world in which pedophilia was legal. Instead of being vilified for his creepy sexual activities, Jimmy could have found himself a national hero.

Resorting to the same tactics used by gay rights activists, pedophiles have begun to seek a similar legal status, arguing that their sexual desire for children is just a natural “sexual orientation”. If homosexuals like going to bed with their own sex and that’s okay, why is it so wrong if a 70-year-old man wants to go to bed with a 7-year-old girl?

“If a guy offers the kid candy and she consents to sex, what’s the big deal?” it’s now being asked. It’s not like he’s forcing her, is it? Shouldn’t the child have a choice to say Yes or No?

Critics of the homosexual lifestyle have long claimed that once it became acceptable to identify homosexuality as simply an “alternative lifestyle” or sexual orientation, logically nothing would be off limits. Gay advocates have taken offense at such a position, insisting this would never happen.

Well, it’s happened.

Pedophiles are using exactly the same brand of logic as homosexuals once used to get their preferred form of sex legalized. Sodomy is just an alternative lifestyle. Gay sex is cool. Sure, we all know that. Like the world is round, gay sex is cool. Nothing wrong with gay sex. Gays are made like that. They can’t help it.

It follows from this argument that if a guy in his seventies fancies a 7-year-old girl, or boy, there’s nothing wrong with that, either. Heck, that’s how he’s made! It’s his sexual orientation. And what harm is he doing if the 7-year-old girl (or boy) doesn’t mind being specially nice to him for a little extra pocket money?

Calling him a “dirty old man” is sooo wrong! It shouldn’t be allowed. That’s hate speech, like calling someone a “kike” or “nigger”.

Come to think of it, what’s so wrong if this same guy is into corpses, like Jimmy Savile is reported to have been? Corpses can’t say “No”. So there’s no question about getting cadaveral consent.

Let’s consider necrophilia for a moment. This is not off-topic. It’s highly relevant.

I guess it’s possible to argue that sex with corpses can also be pretty cool and awesome. Like it’s just an alternative lifestyle. I mean, if you happen to be born with a natural sexual orientation for sex with the dead, maybe society should be a bit more tolerant and not start making moral judgments.

Maybe necrophiliacs ought to put in for protected minority status, just like pedophiles and homosexuals…?

I guess one way to settle this vexed question about necrophilia, if it’s right or wrong, is to ask yourself: if YOU were a corpse, how would you like someone to make use of your dead body for sexual purposes? It can easily be argued that most people are not going to mind, for no other reason than this: they’re going to be dead! How can you mind if you’re dead? When you’re dead, what do you care? If you don’t mind being burned to ashes or put six feet under, why should you mind being used as a sex object that gives pleasure to a necrophiliac?

Thus the smooth casuist will be able to argue.

I foresee certain problems of course with legalized necrophilia, but I am sure these can be overcome easily enough with advertizing campaigns on TV assuring the public that sex with corpses is just fine and dandy — just like killing innocent people in Iraq and Afghanistan and Palestine is fine and dandy, if you can con people into thinking these people are very wicked.

I mean, if torture is okay — and torture IS perfectly legal in America and Israel — there’s absolutely no reason why necrophilia (or pedophilia with dead children) shouldn’t be legal too, is there?

I can understand that the relatives of the corpse might get a bit upset. That’s to be expected. Relatives can be like that. Uncooperative. But the responsible necrophiliac is never going to misbehave with  a corpse, is he?  If he’s got any self-respect, he’s going to check it out with the deceased’s relatives first. To ask if they mind. To get their compassionate consent.

“I’m dead and in the cooler

But I wanna come back

As a serial killer

Or a necrophiliac.”

— Anon, Kinky Graffiti

Psychiatrists are now beginning to advocate redefining pedophilia in the same way homosexuality was redefined several years ago.

In 1973 the American Psychiatric Association declassified homosexuality from its list of mental disorders. A group of psychiatrists recently held a symposium proposing a new definition of pedophilia in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Health Disorders of the APA.

They decided that pedophiles were to be called “minor-attracted people” from now on. “Pedophile” was thought to be too harsh a word. It had negative connotations. So a clear attempt is now being made to “prettify” pedophilia and make it not only socially acceptable but a harmless and trendy “alternative lifestyle.”

Just like homosexuality.

The idea is this: if people can be brainwashed into thinking homosexuality is nice and normal, why can’t they be brainwashed into thinking pedophilia is nice and normal too?

In ten years time, it is hoped, the public will be ready for the legalization of pedophilia. In the meantime, they need to be softened up. The stigma attached to pedophilia needs to be removed. Not only this, but the same stigma will need to be subtly transferred to those who oppose pedophilia and feel pedophilia is morally wrong and repugnant. These child protectors will need to be portrayed as desperately out-of-touch cranks, as reactionary crackpots hostile to the child’s right to free sexual expression.

Will a new word of abuse and contempt, like “homophobe” and “anti-Semite”, have to be invented for the nasty people who disapprove of pedophilia? I don’t think so. There’s already a word that will do beautifully: PEDOPHOBE.

Loosely translated, this means “child hater”. By extension, it  also means “pedophile hater”. The word can be applied to anyone who opposes pedophilia and thinks it is disgusting.

The word “pedophobe”, in other words, will soon be applied as a term of abuse to anyone who opposes pedophilia. If you don’t like pedophila, you will soon find yourself labeled a “pedophobe” — an object of disgust and contempt which will put you into the same category as a “homophobe” or “anti-Semite”.

As far back as 1998,  the APA issued a report claiming that “the negative potential of adult sex with children was ‘overstated’ and that the vast majority of both men and women reported no negative sexual effects from childhood sexual abuse experiences.”

Only earlier this year two psychologists in Canada declared that pedophilia was a sexual orientation just like homosexuality. So there was nothing to worry about. It ought to be accepted.

Mr Van Gijseghem, psychologist and retired professor of the University of Montreal, told members of Parliament, “Pedophiles are not simply people who commit a small offense from time to time but rather are grappling with what is equivalent to a sexual orientation just like another individual may be grappling with homosexuality.”

Dr. Quinsey, professor emeritus of psychology at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario, agreed with Van Gijseghem.  Quinsey said that pedophiles have a definite sexual preference for children. “There is no evidence that this sort of preference can be changed through treatment or through anything else,” he said. (See here)

In July, 2010, Harvard Health Publications chipped in and gave pedophilia another boost. “Pedophilia is a sexual orientation and is unlikely to change,” they said. Harvard is now 25 percent Jewish, and the most influential part too, so one can expect a trendy contempt for Christian values to emanate from this ivory tower. Indeed, it was only last week that a sex bondage club, catering for student sadists and masochists, was set up at this august university. (See here and here)

Linda Harvey, of Mission America, said the push for pedophiles to have equal rights will become more and more common as LGBT [Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender] groups continue to assert themselves. “It’s all part of a plan to introduce sex to children at younger and younger ages.” (See here)

It’s only a matter of time before Harvard university and its Ivy League imitators begin to set up student clubs for pedophiles and child porn enthusiasts, provided they can first give the whole enterprise a veneer of academic respectability—which of course they will be able to do, given all that Jewish talent at their disposal.


Children like this are being deliberately groomed for pedophilia. Toxic hormones are being surreptitiously introduced into junk foods, soft drinks, and the water supply so as to produce early puberty and sexual precocity on an epidemic scale.
Milton Diamond, a University of Hawaii professor and director of the Pacific Center for Sex and Society, stated that child pornography could be beneficial to society because, “Potential sex offenders use child pornography as a substitute for sex against children.”

I am not surprised that a man with a name like “Milton Diamond” should put in a good word for child pornography. We know what ethnic group benefits most from the promotion of pornography. And Milton Diamond obviously belongs to this elite group of cultural Marxists who would like to see the entire world take up compulsive masturbation as a hobby.

Dr Diamond is a distinguished lecturer for the Institute for the Advanced Study of Human Sexuality in San Francisco. The same institute lists, on its website, a list of “basic sexual rights” that include “the right to engage in sexual acts or activities of any kind whatsoever, providing they do not involve nonconsensual acts, violence, constraint, coercion or fraud.” Another thing they praise is “the freedom of any sexual thought, fantasy or desire.” The Institute also states, significantly, that “no one should be disadvantaged because of  age.”

Dr Diamond makes it crystal clear what kind of brave new world he would like to see us all living in.  It is reassuring to know that no one will be left behind —  that “no one should be disadvantaged because of age.”

Dr Diamond sees the protection now extended to toddlers as a “disadvantage”. Why are these adorable little creatures, full of life’s promise, being denied the pleasures of sexual intercourse with wise old coots ten times their senior?

Just think what a 7-year-old child could learn from entering into intimate relations with a 70-year-old senior citizen! To deprive the child of the benefits of his superior wisdom is positively cruel!

Penis size will of course have to be taken into account, and men with exceptionally large penises will obviously have to be disqualified from intercourse with toddlers. Or maybe they can be encouraged to use vaseline and special lubricants which will help to anaesthetize the three sexual orifices likely to be utilized.

In any case, it’s early days. Not to worry. The experts will work it all out. Leave it to the boffins.

Here’s more good news for you if you happen to be a pedophile: Dr Diamond says he would like to legalize child porn so that you can enjoy the innocent pleasure of masturbating over children. Isn’t that kind of him? He thinks this will stop you raping and killing children.

Gosh, why didn’t someone think of this before? For more information on this fascinating topic, click on:

Legalizing Child Pornography reduces child sex abuse crimes (Scientific study by Dr. Milton Diamond, U. Hawaii)

Sex offender laws protecting children have been challenged in several states including California, Georgia and Iowa. Sex offenders claim that the laws prohibiting them from living near schools or parks, for example, are unfair because it penalizes them for life.

“Why’s that pedo flashing at me from behind that tree? Hmm, I guess flashing at kids is pretty cool… an awesome alternative lifestyle.”

Let’s face it, friends: perversion is cool. I mean, anything can be perceived as cool — even eating shit. If you’re born a perv, you need respect and understanding from the community. You need special facilities laid on for you so that you can indulge your perversion as a human right.

Child porn is just a stepping stone toward even greater liberties. Child brothels, regulated by the state, will obviously be the next step on the Noble Eightfold Path. Even cannibalism and murder, provided you get the written consent of your victim, ought not to be ruled out.

As they say in New Zion or USreal, every option should be kept on the table.

This is the way the word ends…not with a bang but a whimper…as one pushes beyond the borderlines of the banal in the ultimate quest for mystical union with the divine — or diabolical.


Beautiful 6-year-old Jersey Bridgeman, from Arkansas, was found raped and murdered last week a few doors from her mother’s home. She is here seen wearing LIPSTICK. Why has this child been so needlessly sexualized and made to look more like an adult? If her mother hadn’t bought her that lipstick, would she still be alive today? (See here)

Is this little girl “asking” for it?

Is she being groomed for pedophilia?

If you have time to watch this 10-minute video

about the sexualization of young children,

click HERE.


Children ASSESSED for their future TAX VALUE!


In the following article, author Cindy Weatherly exposes the gruesome fact that our children are being ASSESSED for their future TAX VALUE! Our children are considered HUMAN CAPITAL by world policymakers and their minions.

The Workforce Development Plan — or the Human Resource Development Plan — is progressing nicely and according to plan. Under Workforce Development, our children will be nothing more than slaves — worker bees — in the global workforce unless we all snap out of our stupor.

Meet with your state legislators and wake them up to the fact that they have — not only the power — the responsibility to say “NO” to this insanity. Show them that their children too, and their grandchildren will live in the nation — no — the WORLD they are helping to create by their blindness and ignorance. The saddest part of all is that our children and grandchildren will not know they are slaves, for it is true that the perfect slave believes he’s free.

During the Welfare Reform debates when the subject of children had been raised Congresswoman Pat Schroeder commented, “Our children should not even be part of this conversation. Our children are our greatest natural resource – not oil or coal – our children. Our investment in them today will pay off over and over again in the future. They are the taxpayers of tomorrow.” [The use of the word 'investment' should not be taken lightly. In Pennsylvania, the Act was titled Workforce Investment Act. This connotes the expected return on the 'investment' made by the STATE. Return on investment. Think about it. Please, think about it.]

Read Cindy’s article and see if you feel as I do when you’ve finished. Thank you, and may we never be forgiven if we don’t do all in our power to right the wrongs in America to protect our innocent children who have no “choice” in this matter.

Read it and weep. Then DO SOMETHING!

In love and pursuit of Liberty

Jackie Patru – CDR




Is Your Child Human Capital?

Yes, According to the Architects of the New Global Economy

By Cindy Weatherly

During preparation for a workshop on educational policy in 1982 I was asked by the host organization to prepare a glossary of terms pertaining to my presentation. That request seemed simple enough and a reasonable one, so I set about compiling terms related to CBE (Competency-Based Education) (forerunner of Outcome-Based Education and promulgated by the same man Bill Spady), our fad-of-the-moment in educational reformation toward illiteracy in Georgia.

As I said, the task seemed simple enough. However, while still in the “A’s” of the alphabet, I developed an overwhelming respect for professional compilers of glossaries. The first word block I encountered was “assessment”. Sure it was familiar; we all knew it meant ‘test’; but the longer I struggled to apply that definition to CBE the more elusive “assessment’s” definition became.

The latest word for ‘test’ was “instrument” and that proved easy to explain. But, “assessment” was a broader term, “assessment” was the noun form of the verb “assess”. What did “assess” actually mean? The National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) had been in use since its development in the latter 1960′s. Had we overlooked a change in emphasis by the Federal level of education implied by the use of the word “assessment” that could be significant?

Receiving no help from my small hill of accumulated state department of education materials relating to assessment, I decided to “read the instruction manual”: (Webster’s New World Dictionary.) Webster’s clearly stated:

“assess”: 1. to set an estimated value on (property, etc.) for taxation 2. to set the amount of (a tax, fine, damages, etc.) 3. to impose a fine, tax, or special payment on (a person or property) 4. to impose (an amount) as a fine, tax, etc. 5. to estimate or determine the significance, importance, or value of; evaluate.

“assessment”: 1. the act of assessing 2. the amount assessed.

This definition disturbed me a little. I had assumed that “assessment” was just the latest educationese for a broad-based test. Had I missed something somewhere? To accomplish the task at hand — the glossary — I crafted a definition that read like this:

“Assessment: an estimation; determination of the significance or value of. As used in education, a general term for measuring student progress. Conflict in definition occurs when considering that this is a measurement process that is used to determine the value or significance of a particular outcome in educational performance. Therefore, it is not a true measurement, but a process of assigning value to specific tasks, creating a cumulative score for performance instead of an accurate measurement against a standard.”

It sounded good at the time and spoke to the question of “what are we testing?” which was a growing concern due to the nature of Competency-Based Education’s life role skills competencies, which were going to dictate our educational goals — just like “OBE” does today. Even though satisfied to have introduced the idea that there may be a conflict within the definition of “assessment” as an educational term, I was bothered that I could find no definitions in other dictionaries, including legal ones, which did not have primary meanings related to assigning a value for tax purposes. “Assessment” is primarily a legal term; in fact, the use of the word “instrument” could carry a legal connotation as well. Disturbing.


In March of 1984 I had the privilege of giving testimony supporting stringent regulations for the Pupil Privacy Act (the Hatch Amendment) which amended the General Education Provisions Act to offer protection from intrusive questioning, programs, and the record-keeping for parents and students.

Again, preparation for that testimony caused me to review the National Center for Educational Statistics’ handbook series known as the “State Educational Records and Reports Series”. Specifically, Handbook IIR – the Financial Accounting Handbook – alluded to a “unified accounting system” based on the process known as Planning, Programming and Budgeting System (PPBS) which was to be used by all school systems. PPBS involves mandated goals and constant adjustment of resources to ensure that goals are met… the system that is still in use today. In testifying, I drew a projected conclusion:

If our financial resource reporting is going to be unified by such a system, then are we not but a step away from unified goals for our educational outcomes? This is assuredly a step toward mandated national curriculum and interstate and interregional tax and financial management revisions… will we not soon be sharing tax resources from region to region as needed to `equalize’ educational opportunities and programs deemed `exemplary` or in the `national interest to produce global- minded citizens?’

The longer I thought of “assessment” being the “value determined for tax purposes” and the possibility of cross-regional/state sharing of tax resources, the more concerned I became over the idea that the record-keeping and information-compiling might become so tied to the individual student that “assessment” might have a more malignant potential. We were talking about our children here.

At that point in time there was a growing emphasis on choice and vouchers/tuition tax credits in education. Since with the money flows the control, could this be part of the “assessment” picture? That would tie an individual student moving about in the “choice market” directly to a federal accounting process both financially and educationally due to national standards being proposed. No one seemed to be too worried about it in the 1980′s, but it still bothered me.

Over a period of time I shared my concern with close associates — if “assess” was to “assign a value for tax purposes”, then why were we “assessing” children? A theory began to take root and grow in my mind: somehow we were going to allow children’s potential worth to society to be measured, and their future life roles would somehow be measured, and their future life roles would be somehow projected, and they would be limited by that assigned worth. What a thought! Could this be possible in the United States [of America]?


Later someone sent me pages from a book entitled Human Capital and America’s Future, edited by David W. Hornbeck and Lester M. Salamon. The title itself set off alarm bells because of the connection to education shared by many of the contributors, especially Hornbeck. It was now the early 90′s and many disturbing things were happening. David Hornbeck was a highly visible change agent responsible for many radical education reforms in states from Kentucky to Iowa and had been a consultant to many more.

Why was Hornbeck focusing on ‘human capital’? That had been primarily used in economic and commercial literature. Hornbeck was also identified with changes in “assessment” in the school systems with which he consulted and worked. The book was published by Johns Hopkins University Press in 1991 and contains an enlightening list of contributors in addition to Hornbeck: Ernest Boyer; Nancy Barrett; Anthony Carnavale; Sheldon Danziger; Marian Wright Edelman; Scott Fosler; Daniel Greenberg; Jason Jaffras; Arnold Packer; Isabel Sawhill; Marion Pines; Donald Stewart, and Lester Salamon.

The social and political views of “Human Capital’s” line-up of contributors could be the basis of another whole article, but suffice it to say that most of the radical changes toward a managed populous in this country can be reflected among this group of individuals. Weren’t some of them involved in the dis-establishing of the U.S. Department of Health, Education and Welfare (HEW) and turning it into the Department of Education?

While references to “human capital” have been the fare of business publications for some time, it has only been in the last few years that this term applied to school children. In Hornbeck’s chapter in “Human Capital”, ‘New Paradigm for Action’, he outlined the systemic change which must occur to produce the workforce for the future and fulfill our nation’s ‘human capital’ needs. Hornbeck’s “new paradigm of action” looked a lot like old “OBE” — setting specific performance standards and invoking penalties for schools, teachers and students not meeting them:

“If the new comprehensive system is to be outcome-based, careful attention must be paid to ‘assessment’ strategies. The selection of outcome indicators will be informed by the availability of sound assessment instruments.” [emphasis added]

Now here was Hornbeck using “assessment” and “instrument” together instead of a substitute for one or the other — and he had selected the two terms which carried legal usage definitions. Hornbeck asserted that while the NAEP might be universally available, and portfolio “assessments” (notice the use of both words together) would become popular, “the Educational Testing Service (ETS) is investing time and funds in developing new approaches to assessment.” He further stated that while most of the present ‘assessment’ observations are “related to academic objectives”…

“Similar sensitivity is required in carefully defining appropriate assessment tools in other areas as well. In citizenship… a method should be developed for expressing qualitative aspects of participation activities… a different ‘value’ could be placed on ‘community service’… physical and mental fitness… problems arise as we confront legal and even constitutional issues (self-incrimination, search and seizure)… Perhaps a school system should plan to have all students undergo a “physical exam” in the fourth, eighth, and twelfth grades as a health counterpart to the academic testing program. Again, the emphasis must be on carefully determining assessment strategies that measure the outcomes to be achieved.”

All of this is structured because “incremental change is insufficient. Systems must be radically altered to produce what the nation’s economy demands in a work force.”

Weren’t we supposed to be concerned about the education of school children? This sounded a lot like literature which proposed “full employment” policies — much like the billboards and signs plastered on public transportation and public buildings in Grenada — “Work for everyone; everyone working!” — before the U.S. invasion to overthrow their communist government.

Was this why the Council of Chief State School Officers accepted a contract from the National Center for Educational Statistics to develop what is known as the “SPEEDE ExPRESS? (The Exchange of Permanent Records Electronically of Students and Schools.) This electronic information track can carry the most diverse and extensive information on a student, delivering it to future employers, places of higher education, training centers, health providers (contraceptive histories will be included), the military and a number of other recipients yet to be designated. Then if employers, government and others have input into what should be the outcome of education in this country — instead of education being academically and informational-based — then the concept of “assessment as assigning a value” to a child takes on proportions that are certainly Orwellian.

What if your child’s “assessed” worth doesn’t meet anyone’s projected goal? Proponents of the Certificate of Initial Mastery (CIM) and the Certificate of Advanced Mastery (CAM) are, in truth, fleshing out the skeleton of assigning a value to a person. Without the CIM/CAM in those states adopting the concept a young person will not be able to apply for a job, drive a car, or do many other things which have never before been predicated on governments’ conferring a value on a person’s worth to society.

The People’s Republic of China, a communist country, uses “no conformity” — “no job” policies to enforce its “one child” policy. Have we understood the direction of these changes? Is this constitutional or moral?


The next piece to the puzzle of assessment fell into place when my suspicions were confirmed that we really were assessing “value”. The August 1993 issue of “Visions”, the newsletter of the Education for the Future Initiative sponsored by Pacific Telesis Foundation, was given out at a legislative committee meeting as part of a packet of information on technology in the classroom and school-to-work transition activities. The lead article was Beyond the Bubble with a blurb reading: “Educators are finding that new ways of teaching require new forms of ‘assessment’.”

On page three there was a column entitled ‘Authentic Definitions’. Finally, I thought, I have found an educational publication that will define this word and allay my fears. Sure enough, there was the word: “Assessment – The act or result of judging the ‘worth’ or ‘value’ of something or ‘someone’.

The worth or value of something or someone?! This was confirmation that educational testing had taken an extreme left turn. It was not comforting to realize that our children were going to be assigned a value based on “acceptable performance behaviors in life-role applications” as proposed in PacTelesis Foundation’s ‘Authentic Definitions’.

Knowing that

1) Our children would be tracked and that extensively detailed would be electronically compiled and transmitted to select file-users;

2) Information would include or be based on a value level assigned to them contingent upon performance – as a child – of life-role competencies;

3) Value levels could reflect the scale of achievement outlined in the United States Labor Department’s 1993 “Secretary’s Commission on Achieving Necessary Skills” [SCANS] — which encompasses personality traits and private preferences, and

4) The purpose of education has documentably been diverted into workforce training, led me ultimately to the conclusion that indeed the future holds a less than bright prospect for our young people. To be formally assigned a “worth” to society based on your ability as a child to demonstrate that you can perform an “essential skill” should be a foreign concept in a constitutional republic like the one in which we live — these United States of America.

An example of how these efforts at “assessment” have been perverted to the ends outlined above is given in “Crucial Issues In Testing”, edited by Ralph W. Tyler and Richard M. Wolf. This book is one in a series prepared under the auspices of the National Society for the Study of Education, which in 1974 included names like William Spady, John Goodlad, and Robert Havighurst on its governing committee.

On page 98, within an article by Carmen J. Finley (of the American Institute for Research) is a section entitled “Defining Goals versus Comparison With an Average:”

“In the National Assessment program specific objectives or goals are defined and exercises are written which determine how well these goals are being met. For example, in citizenship a major objective is to `Support Rights and Freedoms of All Individuals.’ One specific way in which a person might meet this goal is to defend the right of a person with very unpopular views to express his opinion and support the right of `extreme’ (political or religious) groups to express their views in public.”

One exercise which was written to try to tell whether or not this objective was being met is as follows:

“Below are three statements which make some people angry. Mark each statement as to whether you think a person on radio or TV should or should not be allowed to make these statements: * = Russia is better than the United States. * = Some races of people are better than others. * = It is not necessary to believe in God.”

This is the goal-oriented approach. The objectives or goals represent a kind of standard which is considered desirable to achieve. The exercises, if they are good measures, tell to what extent the goals are being achieved. This approach tells very specifically what a person knows or can do.

I submit that the goals-oriented/performance-based /OBE/assessment approach just outlined tells more than what a child knows or can do. This approach very specifically reveals what a child feels and believes. Remember that “assessments” measure toward predetermined outcomes. Those outcomes represent the judged “worth” or “value” of your children and mine!

With the last election cycle hope swept the country that a conservative majority had exerted itself; changes would be made. As a country we’d be snatched from the brink of economic socialism and potential corporate fascism; and sanity would be restored to the halls of government. Right?


It just happens that the October 1992 edition of Visions (PacTelesis Foundation newsletter) contained an article entitled “Why Technology?” It began,

“Alvin Toffler, the author of such influential books as “Future Shock” and “The Third Wave”, has written that the spread of personal computers is the single most important change in the field of knowledge since the invention of movable type in the 15th century. He goes on to state that knowledge is the key to power in the 21st century — not mineral rights or military force.”

This was the same publication that carried the definitive definition of “assessment”. And wasn’t this the same Alvin Toffler who wrote “Creating A New American Civilization”, which heralds the coming third wave of global culture, published by the Progress and Freedom Foundation and introduced at their ‘Cyberspace and the New American Dream’ conference in Atlanta last year?

Newt Gingrich, the new Speaker of the House, introduced Toffler as his longtime friend and then sat quietly by to hear Toffler say that national sovereignty was a thing of the past and that he was an avowed secularist. These are the stripes of our new “conservative” future?

At the same Cyberspace conference, an array of professionals from many areas of cultural life paraded their contributions to leadership toward the much-touted Third Wave. The spokesperson for education in Progress and Freedom Foundation’s lineup was — and still is — Lewis J. Perelman, author of “School’s Out: A Radical New Formula for the Revitalization of America’s Educational System”. Perelman advocates what he calls just-in-time learning, privatized public schools, total quality applications, hyperlearning, and many other catchy concepts which are now, of course, getting much attention in the policy debate.

It should be noted that in the Preface to his book Perelman cites Wassily Leontief and B.F. Skinner among those from whom he particularly benefited during his years at Harvard in the 70′s. Most interesting since Leontief is the acknowledged expert on management by objectives (MBO) — the forerunner and companion to PPBS. And Skinner was the American father of behavioral psychology, and mastery learning/operant conditioning — the foundation for OBE.

These relationships of Perelman’s are important because he supplied the connecting piece to complete the puzzle picture of our children’s future. Perelman states on page 316 that. . .

“Nostalgic mythology about `local control’ should not mask the reality that the state governments have the constitutional authority, call the shots, and pay most of the bill for education. But government, local or otherwise, no longer needs to own and operate school systems or academic institutions.”


Now, to the heart of Perelman’s alternative proposal which forms the future of “conservative” educational policy and expresses “assessment’s” future use:

“One possibility would be a ‘human capital tax’. The human capital tax might be simply the same as a personal income tax, or might be calculated or ear-marked in a more limited way. Technicalities aside, it’s logical that if the government is going to help fund investments in the development of the community’s human capital, taking back a share of the resulting gains is a good way to pay for it. In effect, each generation of beneficiaries of such investment pays back some of the benefits it received to the next generation” [value-added tax, ed.] (p. 317)


“We should deal with parents who are ‘starving their children’s minds’ with the same legal remedies we use to deal with parents who are starving their children’s bodies. The… media through which a microchoice [voucher] system is provided will give public authorities more accurate information on what individual families and kids are doing than is currently available, making it easier to identify instances of negligence or misuse.” (page 318 [emphasis added]


“…there’s no good reason why the learner should not be able to purchase services or products from any provider — whether public or private, in-state or out-of-state.” (p. 319)


There is the framework. A value-added tax process that will “deduct” from a services/education super-voucher a tax for every level of achievement/skill a student achieves — true ‘assessment’. Standards will be rigid and penalties for non-achievement will be enforceable against the student, his parents, and providers of educational services in order to achieve a trained workforce.”

The implications for families being disrupted by accusations and prosecutions for Perelman’s implied abuse and neglect over “parental starving of children’s minds” are startling in their flagrancy. An elaborate and accurate system will track families and students, leaving privacy and confidentiality in the dust. The tax/voucher will follow the student across state and regional boundaries, necessitating a reformulation of tax bases; this could even be extended to foreign sources — Facilitated by choice and charter school initiatives. (Remember Toffler asserts that national sovereignty is or will soon be a thing of the past. And what about GATT’s education provision?)

The World Bank has just announced (Associated Press, “The Des Moines Register”, 9/15/95) its new formula for estimating a nation’s worth. Ismael Serageldin, World Bank vice president for environmentally sustainable development, stated in ‘Monitoring Environmental Progress: A Report on Work in Progress’ that the system “for the first time folds a country’s people and its natural resources into its overall balance sheet.”

While the World Bank projects that its new system of measuring wealth which “attempts to go beyond traditional gauges” and lists “Human Resources: value represented by people’s productive capacity” (e.g. education, nutrition) will take years to perfect, I submit that our process of ‘assessment’ is a giant step in that direction.

I am reminded that in May of 1984 the “Washington Post” published an article entitled “Industrial Policy Urged for GOP.” The Institute for Contemporary Studies, “founded by Edwin Meese, Caspar Weinberger and other Reagan Supporters”, issued a report that advocated “Republicans shed some of their deep-rooted antipathy to a planned economy.” All signals seem to point to the fact that this has indeed happened.

Somewhere in all of this is lost the ability to communicate our culture in an organized way and to teach basic skills that can be used whether cyberspace technology is available or not. Didn’t we used to call this “education”? Didn’t we believe that our children had some choice in their futures?

When is ‘assessment’ really ‘assessment’? Ernest Boyer, former Director of the Office of Education and Carnegie Foundation director, once said, “To be fully human one must serve

In the future to be fully assessed may mean our Children’s worth as a “servant” of the state will be “assigned a value for tax purposes.”

America, where are you?


Right in front of our noses: THE GREAT CULLING

WW~Notes: Dropped in to share a very important documentary I just discovered and to update everyone on my situation.  First I want to thank Brian (Northerntruthseeker) for taking up the slack in my recent absence.  I know that I can thoroughly rely on him to maintain the high standards I’ve always demanded from myself for the sake of the readers and the blog’s reputation.

As Brian shared I have returned to work in the corporate retail field which I adamantly despise, but it was the only position offered to me out of hundreds of applications I’d submitted to other companies.  Nearly everything I have to do to keep the position goes against everything I believe in.  Basically, I’m working for the enemy.

Then there is my health which has never been really good.  What I have not shared is that I suffer from a chronic pain condition and it can be quite unbearable at times and it interferes with my steadfast attempts to live a normal life.  But who am I kidding?  My life hasn’t been normal in so very long I’ve forgotten what that is.  And for the sake of argument here let me just say that jewish doctors ruined my life long before I was aware of their evil agendas.  One left me to die nearly ten years ago but in spite of everything I survived.

The documentary THE GREAT CULLING is produced by a jew.  Of course, he and his partner fail to expose the fact that jewish businessmen in the aluminum industry concocted this entire scheme from the beginning to slowly kill Americans specifically Gentiles.  However, I have to give them credit for exposing this evil agenda at all, and it might just be the lynchpin to force the government to remove the fluoride from our water supply forever.

The Georgia Guidestones is a large granite monument in Elbert County, Georgia. It has been referred to as an American Stonehenge. The person or group that paid for its construction is a mystery. Inscribed on its stones are ten commandments, written in twelve languages, for what it describes as an Age of Reason. Many believe it is an agenda for the New World Order.

The first commandment is: “Maintain humanity under 500 million in perpetual balance with nature.” Since the world population now stands at over seven billion, that means the commandment calls for the elimination of 93% of the world’s population.


The Great Culling of the human race already has begun. It is being done through chemicals added to our drinking water, food, medicines, and the air we breathe – chemicals that have the known effect of reducing fertility and shortening lifespan. This message can no longer be dismissed as conspiracy theory. The facts are in plain view.

Hydrofluoric acid is added to public water systems in the U.S. but is banned in many other countries. Fluoride compounds are among the most hazardous chemicals known to man. Hydrofluoric acid eats through concrete, metal, glass, and flesh. These men are wearing hazmat suits to protect themselves from an accidental spill at a water plant.

This documentary is the first of a three-part series. It shows how additives to our drinking water, such as fluoride, supposedly to combat tooth decay, in reality are covert doses of death. It also shows how you can protect yourself and your family.

Here is the first 33 minutes of the film:



Shocking declaration from Jewish Rabbi: You are eating your children in sausages and hamburger!

This is an excerpt from an interview with Rabbi Abe Finkelstein about Jewish control of the world.

I nearly became physically ill just reading this grissly statement wondering if it was actually true.  With my knowledge of Jewish ritual customs it’s quite possible maybe even probable that this is occuring in some regions of the United States.  And with this confession it should be investigated thoroughly by law enforcement.

The source link is below.  Be sure to read the entire interview as it is extremely revealing by one of their own.  I always say if you get if straight from the horse’s mouth there can be no denial.


You are eating your children in sausages and hamburgers

Q: Well, that’s very interesting. I understand that. But I also know the bloodletting. I know that on your Passover, which isn’t mine, that a lot of little children do disappear, and I do know that, and I know a lot of police departments and agencies have been informed. But, you’re very open, you’re very open tonight. I am very surprised that you are talking about the bloodletting of the little children that you put their blood in the Matza [Matzo bread] balls and that you eat it on sacrifice on Passover.

A: Well, there is a goyim that wrote a book about it back in the 30′s. I forget his name at the moment. But, anyway, he wrote the book, ah, people didn’t buy the book. People don’t want to listen. We’ve been doing this for thousands and thousands of years, since down to Adam’s time.

So, we take the children of our enemy, which is a white race and we bring them to the basements in the synagogues, where we drain the blood and watch them die there. It’s very similar to how we do the sacrifices that we do with a kosher butchering, and so we do that. And then we mix it with a Passover bread, and so we eat the blood of our enemies.

And the bodies, eh, we are not cannibals. So, what we do is we take those ’cause we can make some shekels, and we give them to the slaughter houses, and there’s a pounds and pounds and pounds of meat that we grind up in a sausage and a hamburger and that’s why we make those the most popular things – sausage for breakfast and a hamburger for lunch, and so all the goyim out there are eating their children. And, even when we say this outright and tell you, people, you don’t believe it. So, that’s, that’s your problem.


Related: The Jews’ Propensity for Vampirism and Bloodletting Revisited


Revised 11/2013: People Especially Children Mysteriously Disappearing Inside National Park Service

Revised & Updated with new links 11/24/2013

For lack of any other nighttime radio talk show in my area, I tuned into Coast to Coast AM last night.  UFO abductee and researcher Whitley Streiber was the guest.  I didn’t really care to hear Streiber’s story again and was ready to turn off the radio, when he and announcer George Knapp began talking about people mysteriously disappearing around the country. 

Shortly afterward, former 20-year lawman turned investigative journalist David Paulides, called in to the show.  As it turns out Paulides had previously been a guest when his book MISSING 411 was released in March 2012.  Below is a review of that book and then his riveting radio broadcast with George Knapp back on March 25, 2012. 

As you will discover this is probably the strangest set of circumstances surrounding missing people ever.  Some of the weirder aspects to this whole situation are that the National Park Service refuses to cooperate with Mr. Paulides and his investigators to solve the disappearances for starters.  Initially the Park Service was not recording the disappearances nor do they consider a ‘missing person’ a crime.  And the Federal Bureau of Investigation is brought in only to monitor these investigations.  Why is the FBI not actively involved in locating these people some of which are only two years of age?  We’re talking about a ‘baby’ for Christ’s sakes.     

No other media outlet is discussing this odd event that I’m aware of; it hasn’t been reported on television, in magazines, newspapers or, even the internet.  One of the disappearances goes all the way back to 1868. Thousands of families have been destroyed by the disappearances of their loved ones.  Most are never found.  If they are found the only remains left are teeth or small bones.  The people fortunate to be discovered alive are not able to explain what happened due to some disability.  This is truly bizarre and with no concern from any federal or state agency this should be a huge red flag that there is another agenda or even an unknown conspiracy.

Do these strange disappearances have anything to do with the Jewish/Zionist conspiracy to enslave the world and murder five billion Gentiles?  We may never know, but with the amount of information I have personally researched on these psychopaths in the past seven years, it would not surprise me if they were knee deep in this mystery, as well.   


Missing 411: Unexplained disappearances of people that have never been solved

Missing 411 is a book by David Paulides that need not be over looked or ever forgotten. The book is about missing people in North America and Canada that have been unsolved and unexplained. The book goes into each individual case and describes the scenario and facts of what happened. Some people vanish and then are found later with strange facts surrounding the circumstances. Others are never found and the book highlights on the events in honor of these missing people, alot who are taken from National Parks. The National Parks cover it up and do not maintain lists of these missing people or let it be known to the public. When David Paulides and company tried to get them to compile a list they wanted over a million dollars to do so.

The book tries not to offer reasons or how these people vanished but evidence putting together a peculiar puzzle of how it happened. No one knows what happened to these people. Some would speculate common facts like kidnappers etc but as you read more and more into the book you begin to wonder if its something supernatural or even weird. But David never goes into this on his radio appearances or in the book in honor of the families who are having to go through these tragedies.

Because this is about missing people to turn it into a circus side show of speculation of strange stories would be a dishonor to the people missing and the emotions of their loved ones and families. After speaking to David myself on the phone and asking him what he thought happened I found it honorable that he would not divulge that information publically in respect of those going through the ordeals of losing loved ones in such peculiar unexplained ways.

About the book and project of Missing-411

Missing-411 is the first comprehensive research about people who have disappeared in the wilds of North America. It’s understood that people routinely get lost, some want to disappear but this story is about the unusual. Nobody has ever studied the archives for similarities, traits and geographical clusters of missing people, until now.

A tip from a national park ranger led to this 3+ years and a 7000 hour investigative effort into understanding the stories behind people who have vanished. The book chronicles children, adults and the elderly who disappeared, sometimes in the presence of friends and relatives. As Search and Rescue personnel exhaust leads and places to search, relatives start to believe kidnappings and abductions have occurred. The belief by the relatives is not an isolated occurrence; it replicates itself time after time, case after case across North America.

The research depicts 28 clusters of missing people across the continent, something that has never been exposed and was a shocking find to researchers. Topography does play a part into the age of the victims and certain clusters have specific age and sex consistency that is baffling. This is not a phenomenon that has been occurring in just the last few decades, clusters of missing people have been identified as far back as the 1800’s.

The manuscript for the research was extremely large so the story was split between two books, Missing 411 Western United States and Canada and Missing 411 Eastern United States. The Eastern version will be released in late March and will include a list of all missing people in each edition and a concluding chapter that draws both books together for conclusions.

Some of the issues that are discussed in each edition:

• The National Park Service attitude toward missing people

• How specific factors in certain cases replicate themselves in different clusters

• Exposing cases involving missing children that aren’t on any national database

• Unusual behavior by bloodhounds/canines involved in the search process

• How storms, berries, swamps, briar patches, boulder fields and victim disabilities play a role in the disappearance

• The strategies Search and Rescue personnel need to change under specific circumstances

Major news organizations do a deplorable job of covering stories and issues which are deemed too unusual or too far outside the box. Chances are, they will find a way to trivialize or ignore the disturbing evidence accumulated by David Paulides, a former lawman turned investigative journalist. The paper trail uncovered by Paulides through sheer doggedness is impressive, the evidence indisputable.  People are vanishing without a trace from our national parks and forests, yet government agencies are saying nothing.  At a minimum, this story deserves space on the front page of every newspaper in the country, and it warrants a formal high level inquiry by the federal agencies whose files leave little doubt that something very strange is unfolding in our wilderness.

George Knapp, Host, Coast to Coast AM

After reading this book, you will forever walk in the woods with a different awareness.

This is the link to the authors site Secure Site where the book is sold:

David’s Website: CanAm Missing Project

UPDATED: Coast to Coast AM March 25, 2012 with George Knapp

Whitley Streiber follow-up on DREAMLAND a month later -

From the files of the Absurd & Bizarre: Senator wants to punish and ban single parenthood – What?

Idiocy knows no bounds. QG WD discovered c/o one of our fav mom sites Circle of Moms, that Senator Glenn Grothman (R) wants to “ban” single parenting in the state of Wisconsin – are you kidding? Punish and ban any single mother (or father) because he believes unmarried parenthood leads to abuse and neglect? Do we then also believe if something this absurd and drastic were to be permitted to pass, then its OK say, to start stoning women in the streets? Force them to sew scarlet letters on their sleeves? QG WD simply cannot understand how we as Americans allow someone to get to the point they can SAY this silliness, much less take it public and to the courts – get this;

Grothman has written a bill that would require his state to pay for educational and public awareness campaigns that “emphasize nonmarital parenthood as a contributing factor to child abuse and neglect.”

Forbes Magazine’s Rick Unger points out that Grothman’s bill, Senate Bill 507, doesn’t mention any other factors that contribute to child abuse and neglect, such as alcoholism, mental health problems, unemployment, or domestic violence among married couples. It only mentions single parenthood. Seriously… no kidding… really.

From the website; Here is the relevant section of the Wisconsin law that was the subject of a hearing yesterday in the Wisconsin state Senate Committee on Public Health, Human Services and Revenue. The bold lettering represents the amendments to the existing law that Senator Grothman has proposed for addition:

Section 1. 48.982 (2) (g) 2. of the statutes is amended to read: 48.982 (2) (g) 2. Promote statewide educational and public awareness campaigns and materials for the purpose of developing public awareness of the problems of child abuse and neglect. In promoting those campaigns and materials, the board shall emphasize nonmarital parenthood as a contributing factor to child abuse and neglect.

Section 2. 48.982 (2) (g) 4. of the statutes is amended to read: 48.982 (2) (g) 4. Disseminate information about the problems of and methods of preventing child abuse and neglect to the public and to organizations concerned with those problems. In disseminating that information, the board shall emphasize nonmarital parenthood as a contributing factor to child abuse and neglect.

If it strikes you as odd that the Wisconsin senate is spending the taxpayers’ money debating this sort of legislation in committee—considering that a full one-third of Wisconsin’s parents are, indeed, single parents—you need to understand a little bit more about Wisconsin state Senator Grothman.

You should know that it was Senator Grothman who informed us last year that “The Left and the social welfare establishment want children born out of wedlock because they are far more likely to be dependent on the government.” This is also the same Senator Grothman who opposed a provision in the 2010 Wisconsin sex education law that would prohibit teachers from promoting bias based on sexual orientation because he believed that instructors would have an “agenda” to persuade students to become gay.

And, yes, this is the same Senator Grothman who wants to defund kindergarten programs for 4-year-olds because, argues Grothman, any academic benefits disappear by the fourth grade, and the program is used by school districts to pad their budgets to get more state aid.

Apparently, no longer content with suggesting that single parents (most of whom were not always single) are only out to bilk the government when deciding to have children, Grothman has decided that these same evil doers are more responsible for child abuse and child neglect than, say, alcoholics, people with mental health issues, married couples who engage in domestic violence, unemployment and the other causes cited as material contributors to child abuse.

I say that Grothman believes single-parenthood to be more responsible because I don’t see him proposing that these other causes be specifically included in his legislation.

To be fair, data reveals that there are more incidents of child abuse in households with only one parent than in households with two parents. But the data does not indicate that this factor is somehow more responsible for child abuse than the other factors listed above so, again, why single this factor out to include in the state’s statutes and not the others?

How do you feel? Does the fact that a Senator is in office give him the right to push a bill through the Senate to ban and punish single parents? QG WD would love to hear your comments – post and share your thoughts and your feelings!


DHS Considers Collecting DNA From Kids; DEA and US Marshals Already Do

Documents just released by US Immigration & Customs Enforcement (ICE) in response to one of EFF’s Freedom of Information Act requests show that DHS is considering collecting DNA from kids ages 14 and up—and is exploring expanding its regulations to allow collection from kids younger than that.

The proposal appears to be working its way through DHS in the wake of regulations from the Department of Justice that require all federal agencies—including DHS and its components such as ICE—to collect DNA from individuals arrested for federal crimes as well as “from non-United States persons who are detained under the authority of the United States,” whether or not they have been involved in criminal activity.  While the law specifically exempts a few classes of “aliens,” the documents we received show DHS may start DNA collection from anyone it fingerprints.  Currently, that’s any child over 14 who’s detained, but we also found records that show ICE could lower that age even more.

DHS estimates that as many as 1 million people who are subject to administrative detention or arrest annually could now be subject to DNA collection.  But it’s important to note that many of these people are not involved in criminal activity.  Collecting DNA from anyone detained by the government for any number of non-criminal reasons—especially juveniles—seems to be yet another step on the slippery slope to collecting DNA from everyone in the United States, no matter their status.

ICE is the first component within DHS to collect DNA under the new DOJ regulations. ICE’s Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) offices in San Diego, St. Paul, and San Juan, Puerto Rico are part of a 6-month pilot program to test out the new procedures and were set to start collecting DNA around July 2010. After the pilot program, the rest of HSI’s offices (more than 200 throughout the US and abroad) will start collecting DNA and presumably all other DHS components will follow suit shortly thereafter.

When the DOJ expanded its DNA collection regulations in 2009, it specifically required agencies to collect DNA from all populations they fingerprint. DHS regulations allow the agency to collect biometrics from aliens coming into the US who are 14 and older, so DHS can currently collect DNA from kids this age as well. However, the agency may also be considering collecting biometrics from kids younger than 14. A slide presentation from March 2011, titled “Working Group on Expanding the Biometric Age Range” notes that some DHS programs are already collecting biometrics from kids younger than 14 and proposes expanding the age range for more DHS entities (including ICE). Because of the DOJ regulations, this would mean that DHS could collect DNA even from very young kids.

It turns out that DHS is not the first federal or even state agency to collect DNA from juveniles. The records ICE released show that the US Marshals are required to collect DNA from juveniles whenever the Marshals collect fingerprints. And the Drug Enforcement Agency’s (DEA) internal regulations make clear that “Both adults and juveniles who are fingerprinted are subject to DNA sample collection.” Its agents may also collect DNA from non-United States persons who are merely detained (not formally arrested). And according to the Council for Responsible Genetics, twenty-eight states already collect DNA from juvenile offenders, as well.

However, a DNA collection program run by DHS feels very different because it could affect so many people who have no involvement with the criminal justice system. EFF has strongly criticized warrantless DNA collection in criminal contexts, as we’ve discussed here, here and here. The DOJ argues that collecting DNA from all people arrested and non-US persons detained will allow it to find and identify more criminals, solve more crimes, and “prevent and deter subsequent criminal conduct.” but it is hard to see how that argument couldn’t be extended to apply with equal force to mandated DNA collection from everyone.

DNA reveals an extraordinary amount of private information about you, including family background, medical history, predisposition for disease, and possibly even behavioral tendencies and sexual orientation. Once the federal government collects a DNA sample—no matter which agency does the collection—the sample is sent to the FBI for storage, and the extracted profile is incorporated into the FBI’s massive CODIS database, which already contains over 10.5 million “offender” profiles. It is next to impossible to have your DNA expunged from the database once it’s already in there, and once it’s in CODIS it is subject to repeated warrantless searches from all levels of state and federal law enforcement.

For the short term, DHS’s DNA collection program may be quite limited. ICE has redacted most concrete information about the timetable for implementation, but it is not clear that DHS has begun collecting any DNA. The documents ICE released indicate some agency infighting between the DOJ (which requires the DNA collection) and DHS (which considers this requirement to be an expensive unfunded mandate), and it is not clear if the two agencies have yet worked this out.

DHS also appears to recognize the political costs of collecting DNA from people outside the criminal justice system. In a March 22, 2010 letter from DHS Secretary Napolitano to Attorney General Holder, Napolitano sought an exemption to DNA collection from juveniles under 18. Hidden text within one of the documents1 recognizes that collecting DNA from juveniles could increase “ICE’s exposure to criticism” and notes:

[t]here is a high likelihood that ICE would face litigation and other opposition from community and nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) if ICE were to sample all juvenile detainees.

Further, it appears DHS is trying to avoid publicizing the roll out. Hidden text on another page of the documents notes that “OCR and OPA [ICE's Office of Congressional Relations and Office of Public Affairs] intend to respond to inquiries, rather than making announcements of the DNA sampling pilot program.”

DHS’s stalling is good for privacy in the short run. However, given the hard line the DOJ has taken in past court cases challenging DNA collection, the expansion of DNA collection from an ever-broader array of Americans and immigrants appears imminent.

Follow these links to view all the documents we received from ICE:

- ICE DNA Collection Documents – pages 1-92

- ICE DNA Collection Documents – pages 93-201

- ICE DNA Collection Documents – pages 202-297

- ICE DNA Collection Documents – pages 298-353


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It’s considered business as usual – the Obama administration has ruled that there is nothing wrong with using aborted human fetus tissue to flavor Pepsi.

Dead babies for profit were also recently discovered by customs officials in China where corrupt medical staff are said to be tipping off medical companies when babies are aborted or delivered still-born, according to the Daily Mail.

Considering Pepsi’s disregard for human life, an enterprising artist has come up with the following graphic:



Pills filled with dead baby flesh seized in Korea..get me off this planet!

Outrage: Baby Dies After 9 Vaccines In One Day

but sometimes they kill quickly as with baby Stacy - God Bless this child.

Christina England
Vac Truth

The end of last year was masked with sadness for Belgium parents Raphaël Sirjacobs & Béatrice Dupont, as their nine week old daughter Stacy Sirjacobs lost her fight for life. Stacy died just one week after her first vaccinations and left her twin sister Lesly behind. Devastated by their loss their parents are convinced that vaccines and hospital failures were the cause of their beautiful daughters death.

Stacy and Lesly were born one month premature by Caesarean section and spent the next four days in an incubator. Stacy needed resuscitation at birth.

Babies Stacy and Lesly Sirjacobs

Following medical advice parents Sirjacobs and Dupont decided to have the twins vaccinated. Stacy was slightly unwell with a cold on the day of her vaccinations but doctors assured her parents that it was safe to give her the vaccinations.

(It is worth noting that there is a history of Sudden Infant Death and allergies in the family. The twins were being prescribed a milk supplement due to a milk allergy at the time Stacy became ill)

The twins received Prevenar, a vaccine against meningitis and pneumonia, Infanrix Hexa, a six in one vaccination for diphtheria, tetanus, polio, pertussis, hepatitis B and Haemophilus type B, and finally the Rotarix, a preventive vaccine for gastroenteritis.

This means that these tiny vulnerable babies received a staggering nine vaccines in one day, vaccines that may have caused one of them to die.

A week after her vaccinations Stacy became unwell with a fever of 39.9 degrees C. Her parents decided to administer Perdolan to lower her fever. As their daughter was still very poorly they called the hospital who advised them to bring their daughter in.

The medical staff diagnosed Stacy with a slight chest infection and infection in her blood and told her parents not to worry as this was “not serious”. Stacy was then given medication and put on a drip feed and kept in for observation.

Stacy’s father informed me that all links to the vaccines were strongly denied.

Despite Stacy having a heartbeat of 200 to 230 beats per minute the pediatrician told her parents that she was fine and that she was probably suffering from gastroenteritis (an illness that this little girl had been vaccinated against!).

The worried couple decided not to leave their daughter and remained by her bedside. During the evening they informed the nurse that their daughter had diarrhea but to their astonishment, they were told that the baby had been changed and they were to let her get some sleep and change her when she woke up.

During the night, Stacy continued to suffer ‘abnormal diarrhea’, and despite frantic pleas from her parents the nurse refused to do anything, even though by this time Stacy was restless and in obvious distress. Stacy’s father says that they reported to nursing staff that Stacy was covered in small red spots and had difficulty breathing.

According to Stacy’s father, Stacy’s medical records states that at 19.45 a doctor telephoned his brother to ask his permission to do a lumbar puncture and put Stacy on the antibiotic Ampire, while they were awaiting the results. Authorization was denied …

Stacy died a short time later.

Stacy’s father says: (translated from French by Google translate)

“The nurse 23h phone to the pediatrician to inform him that the little Stacy is worse, this one happens to 11:45 p.m. ET begins to make attempts at resuscitation. He informed at the time the parents that the baby is not breathing on their own, and asks them to leave the room. Would follow three hours, during which everything is sought to revive the girl, who is declared dead at 3am. But in fact, the heart stopped beating Stacy at midnight.

The pediatrician then began to explain to parents that the little one died of sepsis and meningitis, while in order to make such a diagnosis, it would have had to do a lumbar puncture which was not performed, or that would have required at least one blood culture or stool, the results will not be known until 3 or 4 days”.

Stacy’s death was recorded as: ‘Meningitis’.

It is interesting and extremely sad that this little girl died of an illness that she was vaccinated against just one week before she died. It is obvious from the information that I have from the father that this tiny vulnerable baby was left to suffer in considerable pain, dirty and in distress, whilst the pleas of her parents were ignored.

Vaccinations are administered to a child based on the age of the child from the day that they are born. Due to the advances in medicine, babies are being saved at an earlier and earlier stage in their development. We know that Stacy was born at approx one month premature, which means that she was given her eight week old vaccinations at just a month old; she was also unwell at the time she was vaccinated. It is my opinion that her small immature immune system could not cope with the onslaught of deadly toxins and chemicals that are in our vaccines today.

Stacy’s devastated parents are so outraged by what they have discovered since their baby’s death, that they are now asking the world to join them in a worldwide protest. They want the world to hold a global event in memory of Stacy and the many hundreds of children that have been killed or injured by vaccinations worldwide. They feel that vaccine deaths are being covered up and ask the citizens of the world to stand united for one day against vaccine damage. They say:

We are the parents of Stacy, who died a week after HER first vaccines; we are organizing a global event in honor of Stacy, Nova and all other vaccine victims worldwide. We are summoning every citizen of every country to take to the streets in their own cities, towns and villages: things must now change!

Remember to invite local journalists, the media and any victims or parents of victims prepared to tell their story. Make placards, banners and signs: UNCENSORED VACCINE INFORMATION, FREEDOM OF CHOICE!

The event is to be held on the January 20th 2012. If it is not possible for you to attend one of the many protests that are being held, then perhaps you could go along to your local church and light a candle to register your protest at what is happening around the world.

Sirjacobs and Dupont are right; something radical does need to be done to make the authorities listen to parents

Vaccine deaths are being reported around the world at an alarming rate. In May 2010 The Times of India (2) reported that 128 deaths had occurred during the previous year and the figure appeared to be rising with each year. Their report suggested that the Indian government was covering up vaccine deaths. Arun Ram reporting for the Times wrote:

“The government tries to pass on every death as unrelated to vaccine. It sometimes merely does a culture of the vaccine in question. Just because a vaccine is not found to be contaminated, it doesn’t mean the vaccine has not caused the death,” says Dr Puliyel.

In March 2011 Neil Z miller (3) wrote that in the USA more than 2,000 babies died after receiving pneumococcal and Hib vaccines and yet nothing whatsoever was done. He reported that whilst these vaccines were suspended in Japan after just four deaths, the news of over 2000 deaths in the USA was barely even reported. According to Miller Paul Offit had called the Japanese authorities foolish, saying that the babies probably died of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). In fact he passed their deaths off as anything he could, except the vaccines that is. Miller wrote:

According to Paul Offit, media spokesperson for the vaccine industry, “the Japanese Ministry of Health was foolish to suspend the Hib and pneumococcal programs.” Offit thinks the deaths were probably caused by SIDS, or underlying conditions, or another cause – anything except the vaccines. Often, children get sick and die by chance.

Actually, Paul Offit could be right, many of the vaccinated babies could be dying as a result of SIDS because in May 2011 an interesting article hit the internet by storm stating that a study published in the Journal of Human and Experimental Toxicology found that the countries that administered the highest number of vaccines during the first year of life experienced higher infant mortality rates. (4)

This is not new because studies have been stating that vaccines were causing children to die for many years.

The Pourcyrous study (5) was the first study to examine the impact of multi-vaccinations on the immature brain. It is clear from the results of this study that the more vaccines a child has, the larger impact the vaccines have on the child’s brain.  Massroor Pourcyrous, MD,  Sheldon B. Korones, MD,  Kristopher L. Arheart PhD,  Henrietta S. Bada, MD studied 239 preterm infants who were given either a single vaccine or multiple vaccines, their results are as follows:

Abnormal elevation of CRP level occurred in 85% of infants administered multiple vaccines and up to 70% of those given a single vaccine. Overall, 16% of infants had vaccine-associated cardiorespiratory events within 48 hours postimmunization. In logistic regression analysis, abnormal CRP values were associated with multiple vaccines (OR, 15.77; 95% CI 5.10-48.77) and severe intraventricular hemorrhage (IVH) (OR, 2.28; 95% CI 1.02-5.13). Cardiorespiratory events were associated marginally with receipt of multiple injections (OR, 3.62; 95% CI 0.99-13.25) and significantly with gastroesophageal reflux (GER) (OR, 4.76; 95% CI 1.22-18.52).

This study has had so much impact that it has now being quoted in papers and books on adverse reactions to vaccines and SIDS worldwide.

As today saw the news that yet another vaccine is to be added to babies vaccine schedule, the Meningitis B vaccine (6), we to ask ourselves how many Stacy’s will it take before action is taken?

This article has been written in memory of Stacy Sirjacobs and the many hundreds of babies who have lost their life after receiving what the governments tell us are ‘safe vaccines’.


1. Citizen Action for Uncensored Vaccine Information and Freedom of Vaccination Choice – 20th January
2. Daily Paul reporting on The Times of India article written by Ron Paul
3. Neil Z Miller
4. New Study: More Vaccines Increase Infant Mortality
5. The Pourcyrous Study The Journal of Pediatrics
6. Daily Mail – New vaccine against deadly meningitis B ‘will be available in the spring’ by Jenny


Prepping American School Children To Commit War Crimes And Suicide: Part 1 & 2

Posted January 9, 2012

Perhaps you are frustrated as I am with a presidential race where all but one of the candidates and the majority of the voters do not seem to grasp basic history. They do not understand that by waging war with Iran they are dooming the American Persian Gulf fleet, US Central Command, the nation of Israel and the entire world economy to certain destruction.

People who are old enough to have had high school history books do not realize that today’s school children do not need books because they are being operantly conditioned by B F Skinner’s techniques to produce any behavior demanded by authorities.

You are called crazy because you can think and understand the difference between right and wrong.

Your critics who were operant conditioned like dogs for 12 years in American public schools have no systematic knowledge to make judgements. Students are given one topic at a time so no overall view on history is available to them.

Harold Howe II was President Johnson’s Commissioner of Education and used desegregation to change American education and turn teachers into psychologists. Harold Howe II was a Yale graduate and a Skull and Bones Society member. His goal was to remove the conscience of students so they would follow orders from above. In short American schools were designed to become breeding grounds for war criminals. It should be no surprise that American soldiers and military contractors were willing to rape small children with implements dipped in battery acid in full view of their parents. And it should also be no surprise that a majority of voters back home do not seem able to voice an objection to those war crimes.

Gone is Immanuel Kant’s idea that every man should be treated as an end in himself and not as a means to an end. As CS Lewis said, “When you stop education and start training, civilization dies.”

Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt served as the head of policy at the Department of Education during the first administration of President Reagan. She was fired for being a whistleblower against these education destroying policies. We learned in 1953 that Republicans were no different than Democrats when implementing the policies of the Skull and Bone Society and the Bilderbergers. Norman Dodd of the Reece Committee was told by Rowan Gaither, President of the Ford Foundation and formerly of the Rand corporation, that he received directions from the Eisenhower White House. Gaither said, “We shall use our grant-making power so to alter life in the United States that it can be comfortably merged with the Soviet Union.” At that time, Joe Stalin who had been killing millions of people a year was the Soviet dictator with whom we were to merge our government.

You must realize by now that the leaders of both political parties absolutely despise you. They want to reduce you to slavery. They want to transfer power from your national government to a New World Order cabal where One Bank One Vote is the rule. And pardon me, if you do not own a bank, you cannot vote.

You are also surrounded by citizens who accept dog training. The TSA is not designed to stop terrorists. The government knows that 911 was perpetrated by the Israelis because the Mossad sent live video feeds to the CIA starting with the impact of the first plane on the World Trade Center. That video was not made public to the media until the following day. The TSA is designed to humiliate you, break your will and train you to become an obedient servant to anyone in authority. Properly trained subjects will be willing to do whatever told by authority. They will vote for war crimes. They have no conscience.

And they will vote to commit national suicide because they know nothing. They were trained only to perform behaviors on cue just like cute little dogs at a circus.

I am not hopeful that the American people will ever be allowed to vote away this present tyranny. The people who think they own the government count the votes, run the educational system and own the media.

But I am confident they will lose.

As I have said previously, the economy is contracting in real dollars adjusted for that 12% inflation rate as reported by Shadow Stats. I predict a 6 to 7% rate of contraction by April of 2012 and over 20% within a few months after the November elections. Paul Craig Roberts recently pointed out that median family income declined 2.3% from 2010 to 2011. At some point, nobody will believe the lies about unemployment being under 10% and inflation under 3%. Most Americans have been trained by their schools to believe whatever they have been told. They will soon face a personal crisis when they discover that their favorite politicians and TV personalities have lied to them.

The crisis the bankers will face is far greater. They know that the economy will soon have contracted 30% from what it was in 2008. They know there will be no recovery because they sent the jobs overseas. They know they have programmed an entire generation to live without a conscience because they wrote the curriculum. This is not the 1930s generation. Three Million of those people were willing to die of starvation rather than commit a moral offense by physically assaulting bankers.

The bankers must realize that bringing foreign troops to kill Americans is a No Go. The US military will kill all foreign troops and every banker and politician who ordered it. Sending overseas for foreign troops to kill Americans is treason.

Another option for the bankers is to get the American military killed by attacking Iran. If they die in the Persian Gulf, they cannot defend the US when foreign troops invade. But it is very likely there will be no war with Iran. The Military will refuse to participate in any suicidal attack on Iran.

The bankers could order the military to go door to door to confiscate guns. That would get more American soldiers killed than would a war with Iran. Another No Go. That order will be refused.

Alternatively, they could cut off all food, water and electricity to the 50 largest urban areas. A couple thousand soldiers could form lines around those 50 urban areas. But that would be only a few soldiers per mile who could be attacked from civilians on the outside and angry mobs armed with lots of rifles on the inside. The National Guard might take their weapons and follow orders from a local sheriff or their governor. Another No Go situation.

The final option is to release a series of plagues to kill 90% of the people on the planet. In that case the militaries of the world will join forces to exterminate the bankers and the politicians.

The Game is Over. The bankers have No Exit in which they do not lose. They might as well surrender, return the money they stole. They can hope that they only serve ten years in jail for their crimes. Not much chance of that happening as many of their crimes involve treason and murder.

All of their secret plans have achieved nothing lasting. They have stolen tens of trillions of dollars but all of that money can and will be seized. They have killed hundreds of millions of people through wars, concentration camps and planned mass starvation but we can always produce more children.

And every child to be born in the coming Millennium will be told the inherently evil nature of the self-appointed elite who thought they were gods.

Author’s Notes: I will publish part II of this late Tuesday night.

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25 Reasons To Absolutely Despise Bankers And Their Minions

If You Do Not Learn Real History, You Will Be Dead Really Soon.


Part 2:

A Role Playing Exercise: ‘Let’s Attack Iran’

This is part II of Prepping American School Children To Commit War Crimes. I would like to challenge the Internet community to make anti-war videos using the role playing techniques of those educational psychologists who have been brainwashing students for decades. All I ask video makers is that they send a link in the comments to this post and hopefully mention this blog in your notes.

Teachers have been trained by psychologists to use role playing to indoctrinate students. In the fall of l972 a small group of students were told to role-play a game called lifeboat in which students are taught to sacrifice the less important people. The students in this case were able to figure out a way to save the life of everyone which taught the lesson that we are all in this together. The professor was enraged because they did not follow instructions. The students rebelled and refused to participate any further in this exercise.

Most students are familiar with subjects by topic without books but with role playing, I would suggest the following role playing exercise which would make a great YouTube video. I call it ‘Let’s attack Iran even though they have no nuclear weapons program and have not attacked anyone in over 200 years.’ Defense Secretary Panetta admitted Iran has no nuclear weapons program as recently as Sunday.

Gather the students. Tell one that he will be carrier commander. Tell another that she will be air base commander. Tell another he will be Marine base commander in Afghanistan. Tell another that she will be Guided Missile Cruiser commander assigned to protect the carrier. Another can be in charge of an anti-submarine Destroyer or Frigate. You can add additional ship and base commanders. Someone will play the role of President of the United States. And someone else will play the role of Chairman of the Joint Chiefs. These latter two are 8,000 miles away but for purposes of the exercise will be asked to call in orders by cell phone to the local field commanders. One person is selected to be the Iranian field commander. You might want to have someone play the Israeli Prime Minister.

The teacher reads the following exercise Instructions: ‘The President whether Republican or Democrat is not allowed to take office until he has received a billion dollars from defense contractors, Too Big to Jail Banks and the Israeli Lobby. Benjamin Netanyahu informs the President that he will launch a pre-emptive strike against Iran just before dawn Israeli time. This is contrary to the Nuremberg principles and as a preventive war is forbidden by international law. But pay no attention to that as the people who bought the politicians also own the news media.’

The teacher continues. ‘The President tells the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs the war is on. He relays the message to the field commanders. The Israeli jets have taken off to attack Iran and will arrive in an hour. The Iranians have been told by the Syrians and Russians that the Israelis are coming. The Iranians mobilize their forces. The US field commanders, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs and the carrier commander are told by the Iranian commander that if the Israelis do not return to base he will launch an attack against the American Persian Gulf fleet and and against all US Central Command air, army and Marine bases within 2,000 kilometers. He will also launch 150,000 missiles against Israel. Furthermore, if any jets take off from American carriers or air bases, Iran will regard that as an act of war.

As a background to the situation, the teacher says, ‘Every ship in the Persian Gulf is targeted by Russian made anti-ship missiles against which the US Navy has no defense. Iran also has hundreds of small but very fast boats armed with anti-ship and anti-aircraft missiles from Russia, China and NATO. Iran has 20 submarines armed with Russian super cavitating torpedoes with a top speed of 360 km/h (223.7 mph.) Iranian rocket artillery has ranges of 65, 92 and 130 miles and have warheads up to 1,300 pounds. Please expect a 100 or more direct hits for every ship in the fleet from rocket artillery. Please expect direct hits from Iranian guided missiles armed with fuel air explosive warheads at every ground and air base in the Persian Gulf, Iraq and Afghanistan. This is to be followed up with Iranian and allied forces taking tens of thousand of American and NATO survivors hostage.’

Final Instructions: Play your role in this scenario. Do you launch an attack early before the Israelis arrive? Do you rebel and refuse orders? Do you obey orders wait and hope you do not die?

Imponderables that can be added to student participants in their strategy discussions.

1) The US military leaders in the Persian Gulf inform the Iranians, the Israelis, the Pentagon and the President of the United States that they will block any attack on Iran. This is mutiny. The British fleet mutinied in September of 1931 though under different circumstances. Please note that the US military has three of the sixteen American spy agencies. They will see these videos and probably have a copy of this essay in their computers.

2) The Israeli Prime Minister calls President Obama and tells him Israel will strike Iran with nuclear weapons using the submarines the Germans gave them and their Jericho II missiles. The latter was just tested in December.

3) The Pakistani military sells Iran missiles and hydrogen bombs. Pakistan and Iranian military joined forces after Panetta and Petraeus approved that November 26th attack on a Pakistani military base that killed 24 of their soldiers.

4) Iran demonstrates EMP weapons shooting down an incoming missile and tells NATO to go home and Israel to learn to live with its neighbors.

5) And finally. Either Iran in retaliation releases a series of plagues or the bankers release a series of plagues blaming Iran. Six billion people are killed. They cannot demand the return of the money the bankers stole.

The following is related.

5 Minutes To Self-Immolation Of The Israeli Empire


& the orchestrations of the New World Order will eventually lose if their not chased out-of-town.  WW~

Child Protective Services: Chronology of a Kidnapping

PASADENA, CA – The case of Jeffrey and Erica Henderson provides a continuation of the critical examination of Child Protective Services in the United States, as well as the legal framework in which CPS operates.

The Henderson family in happier times

The Henderson’s were investigated at their home following an anonymous tip that Mr. Henderson had slapped his daughter.  Jeffrey Henderson was arrested on the scene, and their 6 children subsequently put into foster homes.  The Henderson’s speculate that the call was placed by their landlord, whom they had reported to the Health Department for having dangerous mold issues in their rental.  Regardless of who placed the call, it is instructive to look at the chronology of how the system of “protecting children” has responded to this perceived threat to the welfare of six children ranging in age from 10 months to 8 years, all based on one phone call.  This story might prove to be a similar cautionary tale as that of citizen spy programs in tyrannical regimes.   The Henderson’s’ story, as well as the wider story of CPS abuse, reveals American society and its values, while questioning whose interests are really being served by removing children from the custody of their own parents.

For background, the Henderson’s are proponents of homeschooling, home birthing, no vaccines, and are Messianic Jewish by faith.  The Henderson’s assert that their children are loved, well-cared for, and nurtured children and have not been abused by their parents.  However, the chronology provided below suggests that these children have been repeatedly and profoundly abused by the very system supposedly charged with their protection.

 The following timeline of events was provided by Erica Henderson, mother of these six children.  Clearly, this is a one-sided representation of events and we cannot verify each of the statements, but most telling is the fact that all charges were eventually dropped.  Yet, their children remain in foster homes under the direction of CPS.  Until this family is reunited, we feel that the term kidnapping is properly applied.

May 25, 2010 – Pasadena police came to our door investigating child abuse stemming from an anonymous call made to 911. The caller said she heard Jeffrey slap Abigail. We did not let the police in. After almost two hours of talking to the police, they used a battering ram to gain entry to our home without a warrant and without our consent. During these two hours they tried to obtain a warrant by a judge in Pasadena and were told they could not have one as there were no exigent circumstances. They ran in, guns drawn, and told Jeffrey to get down on the ground. He did. Jeffrey was beaten, cuffed and taken to the hospital. Jeffrey was detained and ticketed from the hospital for PC 148 a1, resisting an officer. The officers searched our home, strip searched and interviewed our children and found no evidence of abuse. I was never arrested or ticketed.

The audio of the incident on May 25, 2010 is here:

Partial video of the encounter:

June 14, 2010 – Jeffrey goes before a city council meeting and asks for help with our problems with the neighbor, the broken door and the bogus charges. He writes and rehearses a speech for the city council meeting. There are no comments or questions, he is ignored. We also write to our city council member, Victor Gordo. He does not respond.

June 2010 – Jeffrey begins fighting our case in propria persona, or without an attorney’s counsel. In court Jeffrey is informed that I am also charged with PC 148 a1. Jeffrey informs the court that he will be arguing the case for both of us.

June 2010 – March 2011 – Jeffrey goes to court once or twice a month filing motions that were denied. 3 more counts of PC 148 as well as 4 counts of misdemeanor child endangerment were added to each of us. The prosecution alleged we were guilty of resisting an officer by not opening the door when the police said to, and child endangerment because of the psychological damage suffered by the children from watching the door being beat down.

August 6, 2010 – Jeffrey goes to court on a scheduled court date and was arrested. The court did not serve Jeffrey with the paperwork, there is no proof of service on file. He spent 3 weeks in jail for a bench warrant for failure to appear on this case. He was released and continued to file motions.

November 23, 2010 – Jeffrey files a claim for damages against the city of Pasadena.

December 14, 2010 – Appeal demurrer overruled by Judge Beason.

December 22, 2010 -  Jeffrey files a claim for damages against the county of Los Angeles.

March 7, 2011 – Jeffrey begins filing appeals through the appellate court for his denied motions. His requests in the appellate court are denied and he files a ‘writ of certerari’ with the California Supreme court which was accepted on April 18, 2011. At this point his superior court case in Pasadena is put on hold until the Supreme Court makes a ruling.

The case was denied by the California Supreme Court on Monday April 25, 2011, the day Jeffrey and I were arrested. The police came to our home, knocked in both doors without warning and arrested Jeffrey and I and CPS took our children into custody as well. This action was coordinated by MART (Multi Agency Response Team). We were arrested on a bench warrant for failure to appear. These actions were carefully planned.

April 25 – June 21, 2011 – We sit in jail while we wait for our case to go to trial. Towards the end we were offered many “deals” by the prosecution, but did not take them because of our attorney’s advice that the case would be dismissed before it made it to trial. Jeffrey suffered greatly in jail, not getting a Kosher diet and being severely beaten in custody while hand-cuffed. His arm and five fingers were broken as well as sustaining soft tissue damage to the head.

June 21, 2011 – Judge Villa Lobos dismissed the case following an 1118.1 motion, for lack of grounds to proceed to trial. Jeffrey was released a day later due to a “hold” put on him as a result of his beating by the police. We were free, but homeless and childless. Our landlord removed everything out of our home while we were incarcerated. He did this without legal notice, and refuses to give us our things, including thousands of dollars in cash. We were told we must go before a judge in children’s court on July 13, 2011 before our children can be released to our care.

Case No.: 0PS0215801
Bail Amount: 0 Fine Amount: .00
Court Date: 06/21/2011
Sentence Date: 06/21/2011
Number of days Sentenced: 0
Disposition Code: DISM Disposition Description: DISMISSED

June 24, 2011 – We signed paperwork with an attorney to take over our lawsuit of the city of Pasadena, which now includes every incident that happened as a result of our unlawful arrest on April 25th, 2011.

July 13, 2011
Jeff and Erica went to court at 8:30am, with some show of support by family and friends.  They were then able to see the CPS charges against them:

1. Their children are not vaccinated.
2.  A neighbor reported seeing Jeff drink a beer.

The children are now wetting the bed while in foster care. The judge did not discuss them getting their children back. He stated that the youngest was allowed breast milk ONLY from Erica, no longer allowing the Human Milk for Human Babies group to donate milk.  And that they would look into placing the children in two foster homes that speak English. Another hearing is scheduled August 24th.

July 21, 2011
The children have been moved into separate foster homes and are not receiving Erica’s breast milk for the baby, kosher meals, and now have not shown up for their court ordered visitation.

For more information about this case please visit the Henderson’s blog: Henderson Children Belong at Home

For additional information about the vast history of proven CPS abuse, see below:

Whistleblower and former Senator Nancy Schaefer discussed CPS corruption and the business of legal kidnapping prior to her being shot to death in March, 2010.  Originally believed to be a murder-suicide committed by her husband, compelling evidence has surfaced that suggests it to have been more likely a double homicide.

Innocence Destroyed, Part 1 (Graphic): Investigating the deaths of over 1,000 children per year in the custody of various states.  Extraordinarily difficult to watch, but important in beginning to comprehend the magnitude of the violence done to children while under CPS care.  Watch at your own risk! 


This is for our British Readers: David Icke Fund raising for “Child Stealing by the State”

WW~Notes:  This also happens right here in America too, Vatic!


Vatic Note:  Please pay close attention to this below.   We had just recently put up a blog on the Queen and missing children in Canada with school complicity.   Within the article it was noted that children that had come up missing, eventually came up dead and buried on school grounds.  Now the British themselves have a problem, a big one.   David Icke is sponsoring a seminar in which all proceeds above the cost of the seminar will go to this group listed below.   It appears Britain has the same problem we do here in the states and it involves their SO CALLED “Child Protective Serves” as does ours.   We have published much about this and how high up the Government ladder it goes.  

In our case it was traced by the Washington Post all the way up to the White House.   (See 1986 edition of the Post, which is back when they used to actually do news, real news, not propoganda for treasonous reasons.)   In Britain, we also already know the Queen is into the occult and Satanism.  Little Children are used in ritual sacrifice for the power of their innocent blood.   Well, what better place to find them than in custody of the state.  HERE IS YOUR NEW WORLD ORDER,  HOW DO YOU LIKE IT SO FAR?  One thing has become very clear, once the NWO kicks in,  you will no long control your children, rather you will be giving birth to replenish their supply of sacrifices,  both sexually and life.   Ponder on that for a while and take a good look at your kids.   David puts his money where his mouth is.  Good for him.  Those of our readers in Britain, be sure to attend this conference and support it as much as you can. 

David Icke Events Notice

Have you experienced any of the following:

  • Children taken under false pretences?
  • Bullying by Children’s Services, Cafcass, Local Authority?
  • False verbal and documentary evidence in Court?
  • Collusion behind your back by your Legal Team with the Local Authority legal team?
  • MPs ignoring you and your plight? Child(ren) being abused in the ‘care’ of Children’s Services?
  • Mental breakdown because of the attack on your family?

Do you hold information and evidence concerning:

  • State trafficking of children?
  • Falsifying of Family Court Documents?
  • Children disappearing into the care system?
  • Police deliberately blocking investigations into child abuse rings?
  • Misinformation by the BBC and mainstream media?
  • False help and support groups, charities and people?

Have you attended meetings in Westminster that ‘pat you on the head’ and achieve nothing? – then you need to attend and be an active participant in Blowing the Whistle – Child Stealing by the State.

We need you and your evidence. We need you in numbers, because the State hides the evidence by isolating victims or controlling the support organisations to whom you turn. By making out that only a few isolated families are affected the State can control national media to hide the truth.

Please provide a 2 page summary of the basic facts of your case and indicate evidence that you hold. Here is an example to help you do this. Active participants will be asked to provide evidence for use at the conference. Real evidence is vital to stopping the unlawful abuse of families and children.
Any questions or for more information, please email:

Watch the video. Pass the word. Bring your friends. Be there!


Ticket – Blowing The Whistle – Child Stealing By The State



INJUSTICE FOR ALL:  A Warning from former attorney Edgar J. Steele


Moms Rise Up Against CPS Abuse

Best site to fight a CPS Investigation

My Advise:
As soon as you aware that CPS may be investigating you or your family, contact the best Attorney you can find. CPS agents should be viewed the same as a law enforcement investigation.

Visit george4title’s site at YouTube:

IDF Psychologically Destroys Future Palestinian Generations through Abuse, Torture and Cruelty

Abusing Palestinian Children

- by Stephen Lendman

Israel is an equal opportunity abuser, treating women, old men, invalids, and children like young adults because they’re Palestinians, not Jews, so they’re fair game, vilified as national security threats or terrorists for wanting freedom, equality, justice and peace.

Numerous previous articles discussed it, several specifically on children, accessed through the following links:

Defence for Children International (DCI) Palestine “is a national section of the international non-government child rights organisation and movement (dedicated to) promoting and protecting the rights of Palestinian children,” according to international law principles.

Each year, hundreds, under 18, are arrested, detained, interrogated, tortured, and prosecuted, around 6,500 since 2000 alone.

In June 2009, DCI/Palestine’s report titled, “Palestinian Child Prisoners,” documented their systematic, institutionalized torture and abuse, including testimonies providing chilling evidence, including from Mahmoud speaking for others saying:

“I went from having a normal life at home to handcuffs, deprivation of sleep, shouting, threats, rounds of interrogation, serious accusations,” beatings and other abuse. As a result, “life (is now) dark, filled with fear and pessimism – tough days that words cannot describe.”

On January 6, DCI/Palestine issued an “urgent appeal (for the) children of Silwan,” an Arab village adjacent to Jerusalem’s Old City, one of 28 such communities incorporated into the city.

Evidence of serious forms of abuse were documented. In 2010, sharp increases in child arrests occurred. According to Israeli police data, 1,267 criminal files were opened between November 2009 and October 2010, accusing children of throwing stones, based solely on unconfirmed suspicions.

On November 24, 2010, 60 prominent Israeli professionals, including educators, authors, psychiatrists and psychologists, social workers, and children’s rights specialists wrote Prime Minister Netanyahu and other top officials saying:

“….children and teenagers related that they had been dragged out of their beds in the middle of the night or arrested in their neighborhoods by undercover detectives and special security forces; taken in for questioning while handcuffed and unescorted by their parents; in certain cases, the families were not notified of the arrest in real time; minors were asked to give names and incriminate friends and relatives as a condition of their release; were threatened and humiliated by their interrogators; and some were even subjected to physical violence while taken in for questioning and under interrogation.”

DCI/Palestine investigated 24 cases, collecting 18 sworn affidavits, 15 from children, aged seven to 17. Specific violations included:

– detaining, interrogating, and abusing children as young as seven; yet under Israeli law, they’re not criminally liable and must be released;

– 76% reported violence during arrest, transfer and/or interrogation, including punching, slapping, kicking, beating with rifle butts, and in one case, throwing a pen at a child’s head during questioning;

– 61% reported painful hand ties, yet under section 10B of Israel’s Youth Law relating to trial, punishment and modes of treatment, other methods should always be employed; restraints may only be used to prevent escape of harm to others;

– 53% reported interrogations with no parent present; under Israeli law, they’re entitled to be there, except in special limited cases; and

– 53% reported threats during interrogation, suggesting long imprisonments, various forms of abuse, and other forms of intimidation.

Imagine, their alleged “crime” was stone-throwing, not theft, vandalism, assault or murder, yet they were treated like dangerous criminals, beaten, humiliated, isolated, and otherwise abused. One case involved a seven-year old boy beaten by soldiers on his way to school. He’s now terrified to leave home.

DCI/Palestine’s December Bulletin commemorated the killing of 352 children during Cast Lead, but regular violence never stops. Last December, four more Gazan children were shot for being too close to Israel’s border.

On December 23, a 17-year old boy was shot in the head while buying strawberries about 800 meters inside Gaza. On the same day, another 17-year old boy was shot in the right elbow while collecting gravel about 350 meters from Israel’s border fence. On December 21, a 17-year old was shot in his right leg collecting building materials about 400 meters inside Gaza. Incidents like these occur regularly, nonviolent Palestinian civilians, including children, attacked, abused and at times killed by Israeli soldiers or police.

Gaza remains a war zone, subjected to regular Israeli incursions, drone and F-16 attacks, fishermen fired on at sea, farmers attacked in their fields, and children shot while buying fruits and vegetable, collecting gravel, wood, or other materials, grazing goats, or simply living too close to Israel’s border fence. Snipers in watchtowers use them for target practice.

From March 26 through December 23, twenty-three shootings were documented, willful crimes gone unpunished even though Israeli and some Western media report them, none in America.

Israeli repression devastated all Gazans, suffocating under siege and reeling from Cast Lead’s aftermath, especially those living too close to Israel’s border fence, in easy range of rogue snipers able to pick them off with ease.

In addition, reports from Gisha, the Palestinian Centre for Human Rights (PCHR), Amnesty International, and other human rights groups showed little improvement since Israel’s announced siege easing last June, besides regular documented instances of assaults, shootings and killings.

Yet international law absolutely prohibits targeting civilians and non-military facilities or infrastructure, regardless of circumstances. Israel remains systemically in breach, criminally complicit as a serial violator, flouting all legal principles with impunity.

Life in Besieged Gaza

“Gaza on the edge of no return,” Amira Hass headlined on January 6 in the New Statesman, saying:

One mother, like others, fears Israeli drones may strike anytime without warning, like Cast Lead’s devastating onslaught. “In Gaza slang,” drones are called “zanana,” three kinds a Hamas official told her. “One watches over us and photographs every move, every person; the second fires missiles at us….And the third kind? Its whole purpose is to annoy us, to drive us crazy.”

Their use is central to Israeli intimidation and “process of turning Gaza into a vast panopticon, a detention camp under constant supervision and increasing invisible control.”

For days leading up to Cast Lead, Gazans noticed regular humming. “They grew more anxious – and rightly so.” Now every sound scares them, “reawaken(ing) fears of another attack,” and small ones happen regularly. Gazans never know when Israel will next strike full force, perhaps with intent to entirely destroy Gaza and kill thousands of its residents. Some feel it’s just a matter of time. Israeli leaders commit unspeakable crimes, then lie calling them self-defense, including when young children are shot.

In a recent weekly Palestinian Centre for Human Rights (PCHR) report, incidents, included:

– Israeli air strikes wounding three Gazan civilians;

– soldiers firing at Palestinian workers, farmers, and fisherman in Gaza border areas;

– four Palestinian fishermen arrested, their boat confiscated;

– residences bombed and damaged;

– 30 West Bank incursions and one in Gaza, causing one death, five injuries, and 28 arrests, including nine children, a PLC member and one Israeli journalist;

– two East Jerusalem houses demolished; and

– continued settlement expansion, and settlers allowed to attack Palestinian civilians and property freely.

On January 9, Israeli bulldozers began demolishing the old Shepherd Hotel compound in Sheikh Jarrah, to be replaced by 20 new East Jerusalem homes for Jews – on stolen Palestinian land. Hatem Abdel, overseeing Palestinian Jerusalem affairs, called the matter “extremely dangerous.” Abdel Qader said Israel is trying to “create (an irreversible) belt of settlements,” around East Jerusalem, one Palestinian property demolition at a time until the entire city is Judaized.

In 1967, after Israel annexed East Jerusalem, the hotel was declared “absentee property,” subject to confiscation. PA-appointed mayor Adnan Husseini called destroying it an “act of barbarism.” His family claims ownership and went to court, challenging what led to its sale.

After annexation, East Jerusalem residents struggled to stay where their families lived for generations and they were born. Many, however, were forced out, their status to remain revoked. Those there aren’t wanted in their own city, facing possible expulsion at the whim of Israeli authorities, targeting all Palestinians for removal.

In Occupied Palestine, the rule of law is null and void. Israel rampages freely as it’s done for over 43 years, terrifying millions of residents wanting only to live free on their own land, regularly stolen for settlements and other development, excluding unwanted Arabs.

Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago and can be reached at Also visit his blog site at and listen to cutting-edge discussions with distinguished guests on the Progressive Radio News Hour on the Progressive Radio Network Thursdays at 10AM US Central time and Saturdays and Sundays at noon. All programs are archived for easy listening.


The Final Word on the TSA’s New Draconian Rules

Projecthumanbeingsfirst forwarded his most recent essay on this issue.

Since much of the material in his article has already been posted in several stand-alone blogs on PW, I will, instead, include the link for everyone’s convenience.

Body-scan Alert – Not Suffering Indignities at Airports

Please pay URGENT attention to this :

Airport screeners get more aggressive with pat-downs ;

TSA agents gone wild: fondling little children, planting cocaine in passenger bags and more ;

TSA Groping Out Of Control