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JULY 28, 2014

For the present time, Pragmatic Witness’ focus will mainly be on the wars now on four fronts perpetrated and ruthlessly executed by the USI/Israeli Coalition of Evil in Gaza, Ukraine, Syria and Iraq. 

I believe that what we are now witnessing are the beginnings of World War III and even possibly a ‘World War Z’ if biological weapons and chemical agents are released into these embattled areas of the world where human beings are already suffering beyond comprehension.

Right now, I want to present Jim Kirwan’s recent article regarding the fate of these nations as they now stand on the precipice of annihilation and possibly total extinction of the inhabitants, especially in Gaza.  Read this article carefully and cautiously. 

A day of reckoning is coming and the United States and Israel will have to answer for these horrendous crimes against humanity and the world – preferably sooner than later.



Israel’s Continuing Wars

By Jim Kirwan

On Four Fronts?

Israel is at war in Gaza, in Ukraine, inside US Inc. and quite possibly they may soon have to unleash an attack on

the West Bank as well.

It’s one thing to fight even one of these wars

But thanks to the fact that the people of the US are paying for all of Israel’s wars upon the world:

This global massacre could continue uninterrupted,

Except by the end of the world as we know it.

In The West Bank

Israeli Forces clash with Palestinians in the West Bank

With today’s demonstrations, against the policies of Israel, it just might be that Israel will soon have a second front opening up against the Palestinians ­ a front which quite possibly both Hezbollah and Hamas might be able to have a direct effect upon.

But there’s a forgotten element involved directly in the imprisonment of the population of the West Bank which apparently the world continues to overlook.

During the Cold War there was the Iron Curtain. That was both a symbol and a wall that had to be torn down, before an end could be declared in the Cold War.

The same is true of Israel’s “Security Wall” which is now much larger, both longer and higher, than the Iron Curtain ever was.

In Palestine today there’s a huge series of massive walls, that have imprisoned the people of the West Bank—while Israel attempts to protect its illegal settler’s and their fake-state from the population they are imprisoning – while they continue to torture, murder and slaughter the Palestinian population “at will”.

The map above is incomplete as this “Wall” has continued to be built throughout the entire West Bank, and it’s not just between Israel and the Palestinians in the West Bank: Instead it has turned the whole of the West Bank into a series of outdoor prison camps that have cut villages in half, separated farmers from their crops and people from any access to any travel outside what remains of where each person lives…

The world can never take Israel’s claims of legitimacy seriously as long as these barbaric walls and the private highways for use only by settler’s and Israeli’s; continue to strangle and isolate the Palestinians living in the West Bank. If tunnels were able to assist with humanitarian supplies in Gaza, then why not more tunnels under the treachery of these illegal-walls to relieve the Nazi-fascism of Israel’s administration over the West Bank?

Will these tyrannical “Walls” will be destroyed in our lifetimes?

Is that even possible given the Outlaw State that built them?

And the increasingly angry global public that is growing

Every single day?

With a two front war inside Israel, maybe then the world will be better able to understand what’s been going on in that hell-hole for over 66 years?

GAZA Today in ‘The DEBATE’

Israel Committed to Defend itself

Israel’s incredible slaughter of those they consider to be “sub-humans” cannot continue unchanged. And words, regardless of who says them are no longer enough! That’s the case at the moment because the secondary prize beneath all this bloodshed has been the capture of the EU which still hangs by a thread at the moment.

The irony in this is that the EU has failed to even notice that they are no longer European nations that are “at stake”. They lost that when they signed up and gave away their own right to print and use their own money! Now what’s at stake is who will own these pitiful orphaned states that belong to no one except the corporations that bought them cheap—dirt cheap—as part of the sellout of the people of the world to the same bankers that have been engineering all the wars, since even before the First World War.

If the countries of the EU won’t resist these global-outlaws then Europe should have the decency to hold a wake for the death of their own countries—because there are no longer any “European Nations” worthy of the name anymore: Almost all of them are nothing now but faceless, nameless slaves in service to the global-empire.

BTW Russia, that has always included itself in all things European, needs to pay attention to this now – because if Russia continues to fail to physically protect the people in Ukraine, as Putin has PROMISED on several occasions ­ then even Russia is in danger of giving in to the demands of those who are trying to hijack the planet, as we speak. The outlaws are baiting Russia and the time has come to smash these pirates where they stand.

Mr. Putin: There’s a time for diplomacy to work and when that clearly does not work – then that must be followed by the time when CONSEQUENCES must be applied; with overwhelming military force against these lying bastards that have been slaughtering Ukrainians as if they are the “sub-humans” that USI, Israel and Poroshenko have labeled them to be.

The world has been waiting overlong for Russia to act firmly and with unmitigating force in your more than legitimate defense of Russian speaking people who are being slaughtered—because force is the only language which Israel, NATO and US Inc can ever understand.

It really is up to Russia to ACT to stop this nightmare before it is allowed to go any further down this deeply bombed road that’s leading the world straight into hell…



Recent Posts


By J.B. Campbell

We don’t need the 2nd Amendment, which has probably done more harm than good.  We don’t need permission to defend ourselves from people we hire “to work for us.”  We don’t need permission and we don’t need anyone “working for us.”  They can’t help us and have only hurt us.

The Bill of Rights is based on and recognizes the legitimacy of the US Constitution, which was the engine of our destruction from the very beginning.  Obviously, this needs to be repealed, even if it’s like, heresy.  We wouldn’t need the 2nd Amendment if it weren’t for the Constitution.

The Constitution is the cancer that was injected into our bloodstream by the Masonic Federalists in 1787.  It destroyed our immune system immediately.  Our immune system was the Articles of Confederation, because that document did not provide an all-powerful central government.

The Federalists were not on our side.  They were rich Masons who wanted to perpetuate themselves in power.  The Constitution was their weapon to do this.  According to Henry C. Clausen, the sovereign grand commander of the 33rd Degree of Scottish Rite Freemasonry, the framers crafted the seven articles of the US Constitution using Masonic lodge rules of order as their model [Masons Who Helped Shape Our Nation, 1976].

The Bill of Rights was a band-aid put on a serious head wound.  The ten articles of amendment were added to protect us from the first seven.  Time has shown that they were not up to the job.  Especially with a Federalist such as John Marshall as chief justice of the Supreme Court, saying “I’ll review and decide what is constitutional.”  The Federalist Party may have died with Hamilton, but Marshall perpetuated its control for thirty-four years.  The new country didn’t have a chance at real independence.

Then we got Lincoln.

That ugly, twisted son of a bitch shot the new country right in the head.  He was the same sort of lying, hypocritical crook as Lyndon Johnson, wrecking everything in the name of the black people while he openly hated them, just like Johnson.  Within a few weeks of his inauguration he maneuvered and provoked the Confederate artillery to shell Ft. Sumter in Charleston Harbor (with no casualties).  That got him the war he craved.  After four years of pointless, suicidal fighting, 850,000 people, mostly men, were dead.

Something else was dead:  the US Constitution and Bill of Rights.  And something else even more important:  the Declaration of Independence.  Lincoln declared them all null and void, forevermore.  Hundreds of Northern newspaper owners and editors were imprisoned without trial and thousands of Northerners sympathetic with Southern independence also, for the duration of Lincoln’s war, for disapproving his unprovoked and gratuitous war crimes.

The Constitution was the start of our downfall.  It enabled Lincoln to destroy everything.  Where were the “checks and balances” in the Constitution to prevent his seizure of power and crimes against peace?  Do we think that secession wasn’t foreseen by the framers?  Of course, it was foreseen – that’s what the Declaration was, a declaration of secession.  It just wasn’t desired by the Federalists, ever again.  They wanted to expand their empire, not see it split up.

Some things are just so significant that they can’t be overemphasized.  Nowadays, what happened to Brandon Raub is such a thing.  I doubt that most Americans have come to terms with what happened to him, and what was intended to happen.  I’ll get into that again below.  But the single most significant thing that can’t be overemphasized is that fraudulent document of our undoing, the federal Constitution.  Everything about it is a lie, creating as it did a central dictatorship that cannot be “legally” opposed.  Article 1 Section 8, for example, is a study in contradiction.  The fourth clause provides that the Congress shall coin the money and regulate the value thereof, which was good.  But the first clause provides that the Congress is to borrow money on the credit of the United States!  If Congress can coin (create) the money, there is certainly no reason to borrow money.  When you borrow you repay with interest.  Interest is the great crime of banking.  Interest, no matter how small, is usury.

Interest requires inflation of the money supply.  If everyone must pay back the lender more than he borrowed (interest), and everyone must – where does the extra come from?  The money supply must be inflated or increased to allow the banks to receive more than they lent the borrowers.  This is the purpose of inflation, to allow the banks to make money, which they call debt service – or interest.  The mob calls it by its Yiddish word, “vigorish.”  Interest is the root of all evil.

Deflation is the deliberate refusal by the banks to make enough money available to borrowers to repay their loans with interest.  At certain times, which they like to call “the business cycle,” banks deflate the money supply.  They do this so that they can take possession of real estate and businesses on which they had made loans.  The borrowers can’t repay the loans (“Money is really tight!”) so they surrender their stuff to the banks at severely depreciated (low) prices.  Once inflation is started up again, the banks sell the stuff at higher prices, making loans available for the next round of suckers.

National confidence and the illusion of economic independence are shattered in the Depression-era victims of banking depredations.  Bill Still’s “Secret of Oz” reveals the merciless and despotic nature of the money lenders.  For example, a year after the end of the Civil War, there were in circulation fifty dollars per American ($1.8B). Twenty years later, by 1886, the bankers had withdrawn about a billion and a half dollars from circulation, leaving the people with six dollars and sixty-seven cents per American ($0.4B).  Today we marvel at the low prices of things back then, in the old catalogs.  This was why!  The malicious bankers were starving the people deliberately.

The starvation exploded in 1933, after twenty years of the Federal Reserve’s stranglehold on our currency.  Money in circulation had dropped to $5.70 per American.  Russian researchers have discovered that between six and seven million Americans had starved to death by 1933, exposing the lie, “Well, as bad as it was, nobody starved.”

By 1942, the Federal Reserve made tons of money available for producing ships, guns, planes, tanks, uniforms and all that jazz.  Per capita currency in circulation jumped to $12.38.  The Fed couldn’t do that for farmers and small businessmen to keep them – the middle class – from starving but it could for killing Germans and Japanese soldiers and civilians.  And however many Americans got killed and wounded doing it.  That’s what the Depression was all about – not just repossessing real estate but softening us up for the biggest bloodletting of all time.

The Depression destroyed our dignity, a lot of us.  Think about Hoover Dam – how many men were killed building it, and for what?  For electricity for the munitions factories.  Think about the dispossessed farmers from Oklahoma who were forced out to California to work as fruit-picking slaves.  Think of the degradation of men unable to provide for their families because the Federal Reserve turned off the money supply.  Think how much Hoover Dam and all the power lines and infrastructure cost to build… Where did all that money come from?  From the same Federal Reserve that refused loans to small businesses and farmers.

So when Roosevelt maneuvered the Japanese to attack his live bait in Hawaii, and then moaned about a day of infamy, millions of desperate men and boys with nothing better to do volunteered to fight.  Men and boys such as Audie Murphy, an orphan taking care of his younger brother and sister, who was so poor he’d never played a game or owned a pair of boots.  He joined up and to show his gratitude for the uniform and boots they gave him, went on to murder 248 Germans and a couple of Italian officers on horseback, from behind.  It messed him up so bad that he’d sit in theatres after the war, watching the newsreels of starving German kids, crying and saying, “Maybe I killed their fathers.”  Today we call that PTSD.  Audie Murphy was suicidal until a plane crash put him out of his misery.  Today, military veterans racked with guilt over their war crimes in Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan and elsewhere are killing themselves in vast numbers, just as the Federal Reserve and the CFR want them to do.  They are programmed by the Veterans Administration to self-destruct.

Any American who enters another country carrying a weapon with intent or readiness to kill is a criminal.  Anyone who actually kills someone is a war criminal.  Anyone who now regrets committing crimes for the DC gangsters has to deal with it in his or her own way.  If you’re going to do any more killing, don’t kill yourself.  Kill the ones who took advantage of your youth and ignorance and sent you to kill for them.  They need killing, not you.

The vets who do not kill themselves are marked for destruction by other means.  The shocking case of Brandon Raub reveals the extent of this practice.  His experience must be understood and contemplated every day because it shows exactly what faces us whenever a fed appears at the door or a cop is in the rear-view mirror.  The threat is called “civil commitment,” a bland-sounding term for demonic rendition and chemical lobotomy.  Brandon Raub’s terrifying experience revealed that this happens to an average of 20,000 people per year – mostly veterans – not in the state of Virginia but in just one county:  Chesterfield County.  What this means for the whole country is not known to this writer, but it suggests a staggering number of people are being rendered to snake pits for psychiatric mutilation and disappearance.

Brandon Raub was arrested and rendered for mutilation under Operation Vigilant Eagle, a Homeland Security program that monitors veterans and active duty members of the armed forces.  This was done to him due to “private” political rhetoric with family and friends on Facebook.

Brandon Raub was picked up by the FBI, the Secret Service and local cops.  Not arrested – picked up and disappeared.  There never was an arrest or a charge.  They took him to the psych ward of a local hospital where he got a fifteen-minute bogus evaluation.  Then he was renditioned to the VA psych ward in Salem for a thirty-day evaluation.  On his third day there he was told by a panel of shrinks that he would be “brainwashed – medicated forcibly.”  That’s a quote, not a paraphrase or exaggeration.

His attorney, John Whitehead, obtained a court order for Brandon to be released.  The panel of shrinks told Brandon that they did not have to obey the order.  Probably considering the bad publicity that John Whitehead could create, they did decide to release Brandon.

However, many are not released.  Some are released but in altered mental states.  Brandon Raub might have eventually been released but he would have been a different person.  Possibly he would have been turned into a homicidal time bomb, a mass shooter.  Many just disappear after being picked up by police.  This fact makes police our most dangerous enemies in America.  What happened in Ferguson, Missouri was bad, but it was like a big storm that eventually blows over.  What happened to Brandon Raub is the psycho-nightmare that threatens us all.  We are all subject to being picked up on no charge whatsoever.

Then there are the disappearing homeless.  Many cities have “outlawed” the homeless, who are being picked up and disappeared.  We do know one place where some of them are sent:  Ft. Lyon, Colorado.  This place has been in its long history a neuropsychiatry facility and a prison.  It is next to the town of Las Animas (the souls), which is short for “the city of lost souls in Purgatory.”  What a coincidence!  Today, Ft. Lyon is a purgatory for lost souls, that is, a prison for the homeless.  It’s the Roach Motel, where you can check in but you can’t check out.

(Ft. Lyon was the staging area for what became known as the Sand Creek Massacre of 1864 in which Col. John Chivington led an attack on friendly Cheyenne and Arapaho people and killed 163 of them, mainly women and children and the elderly.  Chivington’s men took scalps as trophies and did a lot of other atrocities and mutilations.  Brother Chivington was a former Methodist minister and went on to be appointed the first Grand Master of Freemasons of Colorado, despite his sadistic performance at Sand Creek.  Or maybe, because of it.)

Detroit, for example, has lost a lot of people.  No one seems to know where they all went.  Detroit today has less than 700,000 people but it used to have almost two million.  Obviously the jobs dried up.  But jobless people can’t just up sticks and relocate.  To relocate, you need a new job.  Most people just stay put for as long as possible and slowly lose everything and join the homeless – in the Roach Motel?

Today, the police admit they are picking up the homeless and giving them the choice of going to “the shelter” or to jail on the charge of vagrancy, meaning homeless.  The condition is, if they go to “the shelter,” they have to stay there.  They can never leave!  A life sentence for being homeless.

This is the police state.  It’s not approaching – it’s here.  We’re in it.  Cops will pick you up for what you wrote on Facebook or for losing your home or for being a veteran, who is now public enemy number one.  Veterans, “the militia” and “sovereign citizens” are at the top of the FBI’s list of suspected terrorists.  Anyone with guns and an independent streak is the enemy.

Now, this writer doesn’t know if reports of 30,000 guillotines are true.  They sound pretty far-fetched.  But so did reports of detention camps run by FEMA before their spokesman, Bill McAda at FEMA HQ in DC, admitted to this writer in 1987 that FEMA had three detention camps.  Today, nothing about FEMA or DHS or FBI, CIA or NSA is far-fetched.  Reports of red lists and blue lists must be taken seriously.  The experience of Brandon Raub requires that such things be taken very seriously.

The other night, Idaho time, PressTV called from Iran and asked for a comment on the events in Ferguson, Missouri:

“America has a couple of serious problems:  The most serious problem is that we are run by Jews.  And because of that, the police are out of control, so far.  Some of us haven’t yet realized that the police are traitors and have betrayed us all.  All police – federal, state and local.

“We are witnessing the result of the Judaization of the American police  – the early stages – in Missouri.  The cold-blooded murder of a black teenager, who with his hands up was reportedly begging a cop for his life, is exactly what we see daily in Israel.  Just as in Israel, the murders of teenagers are pretexts for the police state.

“The source of the evil is not Israel, it is Judaism itself.  Israel is what you get when Jews are in charge of society, with all means of self-defense removed from the victims.

“Today we are confronted with our police departments, large and small, receiving training in brutal and merciless tactics by Israeli instructors both in Israel and here.  In addition, the cops are brainwashed by Jews from the Anti-Defamation League.  They are brainwashed to protect Jewish interests and to destroy the enemies of the Jews.

“This is in addition to the fact that all police are licensed to kill, for any reason or for no reason at all.  That’s what started this so-called race war in Ferguson, a killer cop under the influence of Judaism.  Let’s not forget – Jews really hate blacks.  Most cops understand that it’s basically okay to kill blacks, all across America.

“America is controlled by Jews.  But the natives are getting restless and the Jews know it. 

“Awareness has led to hatred of Jews, which is always simmering when predatory Judaism destroys a country, as Wall Street and the Federal Reserve have destroyed us.  So the Jews are exhorting the cops to get tougher against normal people, people who can’t help but resent Jewish Rule.  And Ferguson is what we get, for openers.”

So, what is the answer?  How is all this to be handled?

The answer is heroism.  Heroism is the great enemy of Jewish Rule.  Only heroism can defeat Jewish Rule.  The Jews know this and they spare no expense in lives or money to wipe out the spectre of heroism.  As this is written, we are seeing a great deal of heroism in Gaza and eastern Ukraine.  Jews hate heroism!

Jews are incapable of creating anything healthy.  They are the enemies of normality and decency.  They can only create monsters, as pointed out by Mary Shelley in Frankenstein.  Old Jewish literature (<em “mso-bidi-font-style:=”” normal”=””>Psalms, the Talmud, the Book of Creation) describes how to create a golem (a soulless creature) to do their physical labor because Jews are allergic to work.  The constant Jewish goal is to get non-Jews to do the work and for them to get the benefit, or profit.  They figured out that terrorism is the best way to accomplish this.

Jews are infamous for creating three big golems:  Communism, Zionism and the nuclear bomb.  All three are forms of Jewish terrorism designed to frighten non-Jews to obey them – and to kill anyone who goes against them.  These monsters are the enforcers of their totalitarian licensed franchise, the Federal Reserve.  American police, trained by Israelis, have become Zionist enforcers against us.  Their mission is to defend the Jewish franchise, which includes every aspect of our lives, including our money, our health, our food and our information.

The natural solution to Jewish totalitarianism is heroism.  To prevent heroism, to disarm the opposition, the Jews came up with the anti-hero.  The anti-hero has protected the Jews from getting what is coming to them – in literature and in film.

Jesus is the worst anti-hero of them all, instructing his deluded followers to submit to Jewish aggression and pray for forgiveness.  Jesus makes Paul Newman look like Davy Crockett.  Christianity has crippled our natural immunity and allowed the Jewish virus to spread and infect everything with no opposition.  Who can deny that Christianity has made the world safe for Jewish aggression?  The Jews would have been naturally and properly wiped out were it not for Christian protection, most notably from the biggest fools on earth, the American Fundamentalists and associated Christian Zionists.  Worse than fools, they are passive-aggressive cowards, masking their hostility with sanctimony.

Jewish Rule is enforced by the cops.  All cops.  That’s why cops are being trained by Jews to brutalize us.  So…  The police are on the enemy side, which makes them the enemy.  There is no reasoning with them, no discussion is possible.  All cops demand instant obedience – or else.  They will kill us in the name of officer safety.  They protect and serve the Jews who have trained them to hate and fear us.

We don’t need cops.  A cop’s purpose is to punish, to exert power over the people who pay him.  More and more of them are just roving executioners who mete out “justice” without the formality of due process.  They suit up like football players or motocross riders – they’re a joke.  There seems to be a psychological change in people who dress up in head-to-toe body armor – once they put on the combat gear they automatically go into warrior-mode and are ready to kill.

The only answer to police brutality is heroism.  Let’s forget taking pictures of vicious cops.  The proper response to police brutality is to kill the bastards before they kill someone else.  The answer is that everybody be armed for self-defense and defense of strangers – from the police.

Heroism makes the concept legitimate and attractive.  There was a reason that the militia movement exploded the way it did, out of nowhere.  This writer offered men the chance to be heroes, after decades of Jewish emasculation in school, in the workplace and in entertainment.

The Jews are protected from blame by Christians.  They are protected physically by the Masonic police, who are under orders to escalate the Jewish war against humanity and to show us no mercy.

The response to this aggression is obvious:  reprisal.  Jews must be treated in the exact fashion that they have treated Gentiles.  On a one-for-one basis they would of course all have to die, if we take a starting point of 1918.  Even taking a starting point of 1945, considering how many Germans were slaughtered, they would all have to die.  That’s how murderous Jews were in the 20th Century – really beyond belief.

Starting at 9-11, that Jewish operation has resulted in over two million Iraqis and an unknown number of Afghans, Libyans, Syrians, Palestinians, Lebanese, Pakistanis, Yemenis and American military personnel being slaughtered.  Iraq and Afghanistan produced a million American casualties out of the two and a half million sent there, and they were sent there because of Wolfowitz, Perle, Netanyahu and Silverstein.  So if we just start at 9-11, at least six million Jews would need to be killed on that one-for-one basis.  They supposedly, today, number 13.3 million Jews worldwide.  So this would be a good start.

Can we imagine how the Palestinians must wish that six million Jews were exterminated in the 1940s, instead of what actually happened?  Can we imagine what life must be like for a Palestinian living under Jewish Rule?

That is our future if we don’t get started with an American defense.


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