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JULY 28, 2014

For the present time, Pragmatic Witness’ focus will mainly be on the wars now on four fronts perpetrated and ruthlessly executed by the USI/Israeli Coalition of Evil in Gaza, Ukraine, Syria and Iraq. 

I believe that what we are now witnessing are the beginnings of World War III and even possibly a ‘World War Z’ if biological weapons and chemical agents are released into these embattled areas of the world where human beings are already suffering beyond comprehension.

Right now, I want to present Jim Kirwan’s recent article regarding the fate of these nations as they now stand on the precipice of annihilation and possibly total extinction of the inhabitants, especially in Gaza.  Read this article carefully and cautiously. 

A day of reckoning is coming and the United States and Israel will have to answer for these horrendous crimes against humanity and the world – preferably sooner than later.



Israel’s Continuing Wars

By Jim Kirwan

On Four Fronts?

Israel is at war in Gaza, in Ukraine, inside US Inc. and quite possibly they may soon have to unleash an attack on

the West Bank as well.

It’s one thing to fight even one of these wars

But thanks to the fact that the people of the US are paying for all of Israel’s wars upon the world:

This global massacre could continue uninterrupted,

Except by the end of the world as we know it.

In The West Bank

Israeli Forces clash with Palestinians in the West Bank

With today’s demonstrations, against the policies of Israel, it just might be that Israel will soon have a second front opening up against the Palestinians ­ a front which quite possibly both Hezbollah and Hamas might be able to have a direct effect upon.

But there’s a forgotten element involved directly in the imprisonment of the population of the West Bank which apparently the world continues to overlook.

During the Cold War there was the Iron Curtain. That was both a symbol and a wall that had to be torn down, before an end could be declared in the Cold War.

The same is true of Israel’s “Security Wall” which is now much larger, both longer and higher, than the Iron Curtain ever was.

In Palestine today there’s a huge series of massive walls, that have imprisoned the people of the West Bank—while Israel attempts to protect its illegal settler’s and their fake-state from the population they are imprisoning – while they continue to torture, murder and slaughter the Palestinian population “at will”.

The map above is incomplete as this “Wall” has continued to be built throughout the entire West Bank, and it’s not just between Israel and the Palestinians in the West Bank: Instead it has turned the whole of the West Bank into a series of outdoor prison camps that have cut villages in half, separated farmers from their crops and people from any access to any travel outside what remains of where each person lives…

The world can never take Israel’s claims of legitimacy seriously as long as these barbaric walls and the private highways for use only by settler’s and Israeli’s; continue to strangle and isolate the Palestinians living in the West Bank. If tunnels were able to assist with humanitarian supplies in Gaza, then why not more tunnels under the treachery of these illegal-walls to relieve the Nazi-fascism of Israel’s administration over the West Bank?

Will these tyrannical “Walls” will be destroyed in our lifetimes?

Is that even possible given the Outlaw State that built them?

And the increasingly angry global public that is growing

Every single day?

With a two front war inside Israel, maybe then the world will be better able to understand what’s been going on in that hell-hole for over 66 years?

GAZA Today in ‘The DEBATE’

Israel Committed to Defend itself

Israel’s incredible slaughter of those they consider to be “sub-humans” cannot continue unchanged. And words, regardless of who says them are no longer enough! That’s the case at the moment because the secondary prize beneath all this bloodshed has been the capture of the EU which still hangs by a thread at the moment.

The irony in this is that the EU has failed to even notice that they are no longer European nations that are “at stake”. They lost that when they signed up and gave away their own right to print and use their own money! Now what’s at stake is who will own these pitiful orphaned states that belong to no one except the corporations that bought them cheap—dirt cheap—as part of the sellout of the people of the world to the same bankers that have been engineering all the wars, since even before the First World War.

If the countries of the EU won’t resist these global-outlaws then Europe should have the decency to hold a wake for the death of their own countries—because there are no longer any “European Nations” worthy of the name anymore: Almost all of them are nothing now but faceless, nameless slaves in service to the global-empire.

BTW Russia, that has always included itself in all things European, needs to pay attention to this now – because if Russia continues to fail to physically protect the people in Ukraine, as Putin has PROMISED on several occasions ­ then even Russia is in danger of giving in to the demands of those who are trying to hijack the planet, as we speak. The outlaws are baiting Russia and the time has come to smash these pirates where they stand.

Mr. Putin: There’s a time for diplomacy to work and when that clearly does not work – then that must be followed by the time when CONSEQUENCES must be applied; with overwhelming military force against these lying bastards that have been slaughtering Ukrainians as if they are the “sub-humans” that USI, Israel and Poroshenko have labeled them to be.

The world has been waiting overlong for Russia to act firmly and with unmitigating force in your more than legitimate defense of Russian speaking people who are being slaughtered—because force is the only language which Israel, NATO and US Inc can ever understand.

It really is up to Russia to ACT to stop this nightmare before it is allowed to go any further down this deeply bombed road that’s leading the world straight into hell…



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