10 Reasons The 9/11 Report is Properly Classified as “Fiction”


Key points in the government’s version of 9/11 events do not stand up to scientific scrutiny, according to McKnight Professor Emeritus, Dr. Jim Fetzer, a distinguished philosopher of science, who has more than 20 books on scientific reasoning, artificial intelligence and cognitive science. Fetzer formerly taught at the University of Minnesota Duluth and is the founder of Scholars for 9/11 Truth.

Writing in a new book titled, “The Dynamic Duo” (CWG Press), about the events of September 11, 2001, and to me, Fetzer offered multiple reasons as to why The 9/11 Report should be viewed as fantasy:

(1) “The government’s explanation [of the destruction of the Twin Towers] would violate laws of physics and engineering that cannot be transgressed.” Among these is that melting point of structural steel AT 2,800 F., far above the 1,700 F. of burning jet fuel. NIST studied 236 samples of steel from the WTC and found 233 had not been exposed to temperatures above 500 F. and the others not above 1,200 F. “That these towers were brought down by fuel fires is not just improbable but physically impossible.” He added, “Most Americans may not realize that no steel-structure high-rise building has ever collapsed from fire in the history of civil engineering, either before or after 9/11.”

CA1-hugeCA2-huge(2) Gravity operates in only one direction–down!  But photographic records of WTC-1 and WTC-2 show them blowing apart in every direction from the top down and being converted into millions of cubic yards of very fine dust.  When it was over, Fetzer observed, they left no stack of pancakes.  These buildings did not “collapse” but were destroyed by powerful explosives. “Just look at the visual record,” Fetzer said. “It leaves no doubt about it.”

wtc_mushroom_cloudimage-1(3) “We know that Larry Silverstein, who leased the WTC, said that World Trade Center 7 was ‘pulled,’ which means it was brought down using explosives. This occurred hours after the other buildings came down. No plane ever hit WTC7 and its collapse was perfectly symmetrical and again occurred at virtually free-fall speed. The building could not have been ‘pulled’ without prior placement of explosives.” And there was a stack of “pancakes” of 5.5 floors or about 12% of the height of the original, which is typical of classic controlled demolitions.

bldg 7 infobldg 7(4) Just six weeks prior to 9/11, the WTC complex was transferred to Silverstein Properties, Fetzer says, Silverstein fired the security firm that had been looking after the property since its opening in 1970. “He insured the buildings, now, against terrorist attack, and because there were allegedly two planes, got double indemnities, so he makes something in excess of $4.4 billion on a $114 million investment,” Fetzer said.  Silverstein and his daughter, who also worked in the building,  Fetzer said, “always had breakfast at Windows of the World (restaurant) at the top of the North Tower. That day, however, he did not show up, nor did his daughter.”

(5) No airliner crashed near Shanksville, Pa.  Authorities could produce “no wings, no engines, no seats, no luggage, no tail,” and most importantly of all, “no bodies.” Fetzer said the government has hinted that the plane had disappeared into an abandoned mine shaft. Then they should have broken out the bright lights and heavy equipment to dig in the hope of finding survivors, as in the case of miners trapped in mine shafts. But that was not done, Fetzer said. The government didn’t bother “to recover the bodies that were allegedly entombed in the plane.”

shanksville1shanksville002shanksville2Ummm, does anyone see anything resembling a large airplane in these photos?  No bodies, no luggage, no airplane parts or other debris – nothing except a big hole.

(6) As for the Boeing 757 that allegedly struck the Pentagon, “it would have left massive debris from the wings, the fuselage, the engines, the seats, the luggage, the bodies, and the tail. Take a look at photographs taken shortly after impact, however, and you will observe none of the above,” Fetzer said. One piece of fuselage alleged to have come from the plane has been traced back to a crash in Cali, Columbia, in 1995, he added. “They employed Hollywood-style special effects.”

pentagon-aerial(7) On the contrary, if a small fighter plane struck the Pentagon that would explain “the lack of massive external debris, and a hole in the inner ring of the building, which the fragile nose of a Boeing 757 could not have created,” Fetzer said. An air traffic controller’s report of that day’s events said of the aircraft that did hit, “its speed, maneuverability, the way it turned, we all thought in the radar room—all of us experienced air traffic controllers—that it was a military plane.”

(8) Research by Pilots For 9/11 Truth has established that Flight 93 was over Champaign-Urbana after it had purportedly crashed in Shanksville, Fetzer said. Flight 175, alleged to have struck the South Tower, was still in the air over Harrisburg and Pittsburgh long after the WTC building was struck. He adds that four years later these two planes were still in the air. FAA registration data shows that they remained in service until 28 September 2005. “And Bureau of Transportation Statistics show that Flights 11 and 77 were not even scheduled to fly that day”, he adds.

(9) Fetzer says government allegations that passengers were killed on 9/11 are false. “No passengers died on 9/11.” He added, “There weren’t even any hijackers on any of those planes! In fact, independent analysis has already shown the government had never been able to prove any of those hijackers were aboard any of those planes.” Fetzer said, “their names do not appear on any passenger manifest (and) five to seven of them have turned up alive and well and living in the Middle East.”

(10) Fetzer summarizes, “The plot of The 9/11 Commission Report–that 19 Islamic fundamentalists hijacked four commercial airliners, outfoxed the most sophisticated air defense system in the world, and perpetrated these crimes under the control of a guy in a cave in Afghanistan—can be disproven in every significant respect.” Moreover, Fetzer observes, the head of the 9/11 Commission, Philip Zelikow, had as his former area of academic specialization, “the creation and maintenance of public myths”, which, he concludes, is exactly what he gave the American people.

911-commission-report-sciencefictionSource: http://therebel.org/news/ross/10-reasons-the-9-11-report-is-properly-classified-as-fiction/

6 thoughts on “10 Reasons The 9/11 Report is Properly Classified as “Fiction”

  1. The 9/11 report isn’t false. Whoever says that is a Muslim fundamentalist or a politically correct person who is afraid of offending Sunnis, this is very offensive for anyone to assume that 9/11 and the Orlando bombings were fake. You need to be skeptical what you read on the internet web, this website is catering to Muslims who are against Jews and Palestine. If you want to believe 9/11 is an inside job or it’s a work of fiction then it’s also just a story that the civil war in America happened, you can believe anything you want, if you go to a My Little Pony website that tells you that flying magical ponies are real, are you going to take their word for it; rather than do your own homework and use your own common sense? Here’s some links to get your head out of the sand, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/September_11_attacks

    • I’ve spent over a decade studying the reasons behind and why 9/11 happened. Anyone with a clear, rational, non-prejudicial mind can reach the same conclusions. The only book anyone ever needs to read is Christopher Bollyn’s SOLVING 9-11. It can be purchased through this website on the sidebar.

      My blog caters to no one or any one particular group, only the truth is allowed here.

      So little hasbara troll scurry along somewhere else with your fantasies.

    • Just like the Warren Commission Report on the Assassination of JFK so full of inconsistencies and holes and scientific improbabilities now the 9/11 report the same thing. You can’t tell me the authors of these reports couldn’t comprehend their historical significance or influence before the draft was written..
      If it is all true in both cases why are there so many reliable arguments and even science facts and laws of velocities, motion and gravity are coincidentally scientifically impossible.

      I cannot believe whole regimens of EXPERIENCED fire Fighters would remain in the towers if they thought for a second they would collapse. They were there to save lives not uphold a high rise. So please let them continue to be our American Heroes not casualties of stupid mistakes.. They are legends and can only be honored with the 9/11 truth.
      Let the families have complete closure not more obstacles to contend with. They have to have the whole truth not added myths and gap filling probables that make no damn sense like they are stupid and don’t know any better. We must fight for the truth for their sake and for Americans sake.

      As a whole peace loving peoples .My gratitude for their sacrifice cannot and will not rest unless the 9/11 warren commission report can offer closure through scientific principals and the laws of momentum, gravity, motion, velocity, etc. to show where truth is through provable known methods and laws of nature.
      These people should be ashamed of this report in the hands of the loved ones. They deserve better than this crappy fiction. We cant let those remnants who are today barely holding onto life with 20 years ahead of them before retirement. Don’t let their deaths be in vain also. People are still dying from 9/11. All their loved ones deserve better from the government itself and from every one of us true patriotic Americans who shouldn’t rest till they have closure only the truth can give.

  2. This, 9/11, looks like the end of the democratic republic. You have all this stuff and it doesn’t make any difference. We are asleep. Chamlers Johnson’s NEMESIS prophetic voice tells us that if we do not act as a nation to turn from imperialism and abolishing the CIA it may soon be to late to reclaim our constitutional government. Does anyone really think that is even probable? The problem with any action that results in cornering a scorpion will only result in a faster response by the scorpion. The question is not if, the question is when.

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