The State of the Nation: I am afraid

By John W. White­head
Pres­i­dent, The Ruther­ford Institute

“As I look at America today, I am not afraid to say that I am afraid.” – Bertram Gross, Friendly Fas­cism: The New Face of Power in America

Some of our collective problems – WW~

Over taxation is an arduous burden for most Americans.

Americans booed Obama's plans for their healthcare

Government is attacking our heritage and our collective history

Americans are losing their homes at an alarming rate and end up in tent cities.

Illegals and their racist propaganda - white Americans now strangers in own country

Paramilitarized Police Units enforce unconstitutional laws - they no longer serve the people.

This one is the biggie!  If we can't criticize Israel, then there is no further discussion on the influence of the Israel Lobby, Jewish control over media, corporations, academia, healthcare and just about everything that matters!

This problem effectively muzzles free speech!

Omi­nous devel­op­ments in America have been a long time coming, in part pre­cip­i­tated by “we the people” – a cit­i­zenry that has been asleep at the wheel for too long. And while there have been wake-up calls, we have failed to heed the warnings.

Just con­sider the state of our nation:

We’re encased in what some are calling an elec­tronic con­cen­tra­tion camp. The gov­ern­ment con­tinues to amass data files on more and more Amer­i­cans. Every­where we go, we are watched: at the banks, at the gro­cery store, at the mall, crossing the street. This loss of pri­vacy is symp­to­matic of the growing sur­veil­lance being car­ried out on average Amer­i­cans. Such sur­veil­lance grad­u­ally poi­sons the soul of a nation, trans­forming us from one in which we’re pre­sumed inno­cent until proven guilty to one in which everyone is a sus­pect and pre­sumed guilty. Thus, the ques­tion that must be asked is: can freedom in the United States flourish in an age when the phys­ical move­ments, indi­vidual pur­chases, con­ver­sa­tions and meet­ings of every cit­izen are under con­stant sur­veil­lance by pri­vate com­pa­nies and gov­ern­ment agencies?

We are meta­mor­phosing into a police state. Gov­ern­mental ten­ta­cles now invade vir­tu­ally every facet of our lives, with agents of the gov­ern­ment lis­tening in on our tele­phone calls and reading our emails. Tech­nology, which has devel­oped at a rapid pace, offers those in power more inva­sive, awe­some tools than ever before. Fusion cen­ters – data col­lecting agen­cies spread throughout the country, aided by the National Secu­rity Agency – con­stantly mon­itor our com­mu­ni­ca­tions, every­thing from our internet activity and web searches to text mes­sages, phone calls and emails. This data is then fed to gov­ern­ment agen­cies, which are now inter­con­nected – the CIA to the FBI, the FBI to local police – a rela­tion­ship which will make a tran­si­tion to mar­tial law that much easier.

We may very well be one ter­rorist attack away from seeing armed forces on our streets – and the Amer­ican people may not put up much resis­tance. According to a recent study, a greater per­centage of Amer­i­cans are now willing to sac­ri­fice their civil lib­er­ties in order to feel safer in the wake of the failed crotch bomber’s attack on Christmas Day.

We are plagued by a fal­tering economy and a mon­strous finan­cial deficit that threatens to bank­rupt us. Our national debt is more than $12 tril­lion (which trans­lates to more than $110,000 per tax­payer), and is expected to nearly double to $20 tril­lion by 2015. The unem­ploy­ment rate is over 10% and growing, with more than 15 mil­lion Amer­i­cans out of work and many more forced to sub­sist on low-paying or part-time jobs. The number of U.S. house­holds on the verge of losing their homes soared by nearly 15% in the first half of last year alone. The number of chil­dren living in poverty is on the rise (18% in 2007).

As his­tory illus­trates, author­i­tarian regimes assume more and more power in trou­bled finan­cial times.

Our rep­re­sen­ta­tives in the White House and Con­gress bear little resem­blance to those they have been elected to rep­re­sent. Many of our politi­cians live like kings. Chauf­feured around in lim­ou­sines, flying in pri­vate jets and eating gourmet meals, all paid for by the Amer­ican tax­payer, they are far removed from those they rep­re­sent. What’s more, they con­tinue to spend money we don’t have on pork-laden stim­ulus pack­ages while run­ning up a huge deficit and leaving the Amer­ican tax­payers to foot the bill. And while our rep­re­sen­ta­tives may engage in a show of par­tisan bick­ering, the Wash­ington elite – that is, the Pres­i­dent and Con­gress – moves for­ward with what­ever it wants, paying little heed to the will of the people.

We are embroiled in global wars against ene­mies that seem to attack from nowhere. Our armed forces are pushed to their limit, spread around the globe and under con­stant fire. The amount of money spent on the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq is nearing $1 tril­lion and is esti­mated to total some­where in the vicinity of $3 tril­lion before it’s all over. That does not take into account the rav­aged coun­tries that we occupy, the thou­sands of inno­cent civil­ians killed (including women and chil­dren), or the thou­sands of Amer­ican sol­diers who have been killed or irreparably injured or who are com­mit­ting sui­cide at an alarming rate. Nor does it take into account the fam­i­lies of the 1.8 mil­lion Amer­i­cans who have served or are cur­rently serving tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan.

America’s place in the world is also under­going a drastic shift, with China slated to emerge as the top economy over the next decade. Given the extent to which we are finan­cially beholden to China, their influ­ence over how our gov­ern­ment car­ries out its affairs, as well as how it deals with its cit­i­zens, cannot be dis­counted. As of July 2009, China owned $800.5 bil­lion of our debt – that’s 45% of our total (for­eign) debt – making them the largest for­eign holder of U.S. for­eign debt. Little wonder, then, that the Obama admin­is­tra­tion has kow­towed to China, hes­i­tant to overtly chal­lenge them on crit­ical issues such as human rights. The most recent example of this can be seen in the Obama administration’s ini­tial reluc­tance to con­front the Chi­nese gov­ern­ment over its reported cyber­at­tacks on Google and other Amer­ican tech­nology companies.

As national bor­ders dis­solve in the face of spreading glob­al­iza­tion, the like­li­hood increases that our Con­sti­tu­tion, which is the supreme law of America, will be sub­verted in favor of inter­na­tional laws. What that means is that our Con­sti­tu­tion will come increas­ingly under attack.

The cor­po­rate media, increas­ingly acting as a mouth­piece for gov­ern­mental pro­pa­ganda, no longer serves a pri­mary func­tion as watch­dogs, guarding against encroach­ments of our rights. Instead, much of the main­stream media has given itself over to mind­less, celebrity-driven news, which bodes ill for our country. It doesn’t matter whether you’re talking about tabloid news, enter­tain­ment news or legit­i­mate news shows, there’s very little dif­fer­ence between them any­more. Unfor­tu­nately, most Amer­i­cans have bought into the notion that what­ever the media hap­pens to report is impor­tant and rel­e­vant.

In the process, Amer­i­cans have largely lost the ability to ask ques­tions and think ana­lyt­i­cally. Indeed, most cit­i­zens have little, if any, knowl­edge about their rights or how their gov­ern­ment even works. For example, a national poll found that less than one per­cent of adults could name the five free­doms pro­tected in the First Amendment.

Finally, I have never seen a country more spir­i­tu­ally beaten down than the United States. We have lost our moral com­pass. A growing number of our young people now see no meaning or pur­pose in life. And we no longer have a sense of right and wrong or a way to hold the gov­ern­ment account­able. We have for­gotten that the essen­tial premise of the Amer­ican gov­ern­mental scheme, as set forth in the Dec­la­ra­tion of Inde­pen­dence, is that if the gov­ern­ment will not be account­able to the people, then it must cer­tainly be account­able to the “Creator.”

But what if the gov­ern­ment is not account­able to the people or the Creator?

As Thomas Jef­ferson writes in the Dec­la­ra­tion, it is then the right of “the People to alter or abolish it” and form a new government.

Con­sti­tu­tional attorney and author John W. White­head is founder
and pres­i­dent of The Ruther­ford Insti­tute. He can be con­tacted at Infor­ma­tion about the Insti­tute is avail­able


List Reveals Who Benefited In The AIG Bailout

A key question at the heart of the controversial bailout of AIG is just how much money the government lost. The Federal Reserve and Treasury Department have worked to keep that number secret and to conceal who was on the winning end.

An unredacted document obtained by the Huffington Post list the damage in detail. Goldman Sachs alone, for instance, got $14 billion in government money for assets worth $6 billion at the time — a de facto $8 billion subsidy, courtesy of taxpayers.

The list was produced as part of a congressional investigation led by the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee into the federal bailout of AIG.

The Federal Reserve Bank of New York, then led by now-Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner, purchased a slew of souring assets from the world’s biggest banks for 100 cents on the dollar in November and December 2008. A scathing report by a government watchdog held Geithner responsible for the overpayments.

The New York Fed initially pressured AIG to keep the list hidden from investors, regulators and the public. When it was eventually filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission, the SEC allowed the Fed and AIG to keep the details secret. A heavily-redacted version was made public last March.

The document is part of 250,000 pages of internal documents on the AIG deliberations subpoenaed by the oversight committee. It lists the toxic mortgage bonds that banks insured through AIG.

Those insurance contracts, called credit default swaps, are what the New York Fed ultimately took off AIG’s books, paying the banks 100 cents on the dollar for toxic mortgage bonds — home mortgages that were bundled together and securitized. The banks could never have gotten anywhere near such a generous deal on the open market, so the move served essentially as a direct subsidy to those banks from taxpayers.

Up until now, taxpayers had no way to know exactly what they owned. They knew they owned a certain amount of assets, but none of the details: which bundles of mortgages it purchased from AIG; how the banks were valuing those mortgages; how much collateral they had demanded from AIG on those securities; or which bank bundled those mortgages into securities.

Rep. Darrell Issa of California, the top ranking Republican on the oversight committee, told HuffPost that he was not persuaded by government and Fed arguments that the transactions should be kept secret.

“Just because the government happens to own the bonds, which means–by the way, they don’t have to be sold at all until they are worth what we want them to be worth — that somehow they have to be kept a secret,” Issa said during a break in today’s AIG oversight hearing, where Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner testified about his role in the bailout as then-head of the New York Fed.

The troubled insurer tried to publicly disclose these details in December 2008 before being thwarted by the Geithner-led New York Fed. A month later Geithner left to head the Treasury Department.

Issa said that the public had a right to see the document. “I mean, think about it: What the government owns it can keep as long as it wants. It would be like saying you can’t appraise federal land. Why? It is one of those things that’s outrageous. We know we paid a hundred percent for them. We know who got the money. This document shows who ultimately were the beneficiaries. And we believe since that they’ve asked to have it locked up until 2018 — and nobody today defended that — that it’s time to release that,” Issa said.

A government audit this month found that as of Sept. 30, 2009, the Treasury Department was expecting a $30 billion loss on its TARP-related AIG investment. The value of the securities could ultimately rise, though.

“The way the AIG bailout was engineered was to specifically benefit Goldman Sachs and its trading partners,” said Janet Tavakoli, a Chicago-based derivatives expert and founder of Tavakoli Structured Finance. “Goldman’s past and present officers used crony capitalism to put their own interests ahead of the public.”

The nation’s fifth-largest bank by assets ultimately got $14 billion through what members of Congress are calling a “backdoor bailout” of the world’s biggest banks.

“The suppression of the details of the [credit default swap] trades protected Goldman Sachs and its trading partners,” said Tavakoli, who’s examined Goldman’s credit default swap arrangements with AIG. “The $182 billion bailout overall kept AIG alive, and its trading partners, including Goldman Sachs, benefited from the funds made available to the securities lending transactions and other subsequent trading transactions.”

At the time the document was prepared, Goldman’s $14 billion in souring derivatives had a market value of just $6 billion. Goldman had more than $8 billion in collateral from AIG to protect it from losses, meaning it was still about $6 billion short.

But more than $2 billion of those collateral payments came from AIG after it was bailed out on Sept. 16 of that year, according to a Nov. 2008 presentation prepared for the New York Fed that was released this week. So that $2 billion was made possible partly due to taxpayer assistance.

Combined with the $6 billion deficit it faced in the face value of those securities, Goldman Sachs ultimately received about $8 billion from taxpayers via AIG. Goldman posted a $1.3 billion profit for 2008.

Despite the Fed’s protestations that full disclosure would harm AIG — and thus the taxpayer — the financial blog Naked Capitalism has largely pieced together many of the key details using public sources — and traders who were interested in buying the bonds from the government would easily have access to the rest.

HuffPost published the unredacted document at 2:47 p.m. ET. One minute earlier AIG shares were trading at about $24.59. It closed the day at $24.91.

The document also includes detailed information about the transactions involved. The document, a Schedule A Shortfall Agreement, can be viewed here.

AIG Sched a


U.S. Army Invades Haiti – Turns away Relief/Aid Flights from other nations

Haiti Earthquake Aid, or Army Occupation – Al Jazeera TV Reports

Every country richer than Haiti is trying to help, but only the American government is sending armed occupation forces. Karachi-based charity worker, Abdul Sattar Edhi, pledged cash as former US president George Bush suggested. Food rots and cash disappears without any traceable accountability. Pakistan has also pledged to send other relief items. Other Muslim and Arab countries are also sending cash. Most countries are helping in any way they can, a lot more than what six billion people see, hear or read in the anti-Muslim media. Many Muslim-Arab states and charities gave America billions of dollars after the recent Katrina hurricane. Many other Muslim countries provided aid relief, including: Indonesia, Turkey, Iran, Morocco, Jordan, Islam Relief USA/UK, Muslim Aid, etc. But, by a remarkable coincidence, Muslims countries, where the US imposed and sustained despots with an occupation army, have donated almost nothing!!!

Photo of the Day: STRANGLED TO DEATH


Graham Hancock: Turning Orthodox Archeology On Its Head

Graham Hancock

Graham Hancock has long been a favorite researcher/explorer simply because he pursues the unresolved questions still open for debate on the origins of civilization, that most other archeologists claim are unimportant.  I dare say that this fact is due to numerous elderly academic egos, not to mention, decades of established facts in textbooks the world over.

Graham is not an archeologist, but instead a journalist and a sincerely objective one, which some, like myself, appreciate mainly because of his determination to prove that there is an extraordinary amount of pre-history missing, or, possibly being withheld regarding civilization’s true origins.

The enemy remains heavily entrenched at the gate even in matters on history and science.  Remember, the goal is to guard the truth not just on their political agenda but in all matters relating to human history, etc.  That is why an objective, truth oriented researcher like Graham Hancock remains partially in the background.  He has commented on a few programs for the History Channel, National Geographic and Discovery networks in the past, however, I do not recall this particular program being aired in the states.  I urge everyone to become familiar with Graham, his books and his message.  Whether or not he is aware of his importance remains to be seen. WW~

Graham’s introduction to UNDERWORLD – Flooded Kingdoms of the Ice Age and accompanying videos.

17,000 years ago and 7000 years ago, at the end of the last Ice Age, terrible things happened to the world our ancestors lived in. Great ice caps over northern Europe and north America melted down, huge floods ripped across the earth, sea-level rose by more than 100 meters, and about 25 million square kilometers of formerly habitable lands were swallowed up by the waves.  Marine archaeology has been possible as a scholarly discipline for about 50 years – since the introduction of scuba. In that time, according to Nick Flemming, the doyen of British marine archaeology, only 500 submerged sites have been found worldwide containing the remains of any form of man-made structure or of neolithic artifacts. Of these sites only 100 – that’s 100 in the whole world! – are more than 3000 years old.

This is not because of a shortage of potential sites. It is at least partly because a large share of the limited funds available for marine archaeology goes into the discovery and excavation of shipwrecks. This leaves a shortage of diving archaeologists interested in underwater structures and a shortage of money to pay for the extremely expensive business of searching – possibly fruitlessly – for very ancient, eroded, silt-covered ruins at great depths under water.  Moreover, with the recent exception of Bob Ballard’s survey of the Black Sea for the National Geographic Society, marine archaeology has simply not concerned itself with the possibility that the post-glacial floods might in any way be connected to the problem of the rise of civilisations. (

In 1997 a chain of mountains almost 2000 kilometers long and more than 3000 meters high was discovered in the South Pacific. Nobody ever knew the mountains were there before because they are under water – as, in fact, is 70 per cent of the earth’s surface. Marine archaeologists — who are looking for targets much smaller than mountain-ranges under the sea — can therefore be forgiven for finding just 100 submerged sites more than 3000 years old in the past half century. Even at the crude mapping level, it is one of the absurdities of scientific priorities that we now have a better map of the surface of Venus than we do of the 225 million square kilometers of our own planet’s sea-floor.

On land it is obvious that archaeology still has much more work to do before it can honestly claim to have fully understood (rather than merely theorized about) the process by which the great civilisations of ancient history arose. Vast areas of the earth’s surface – the Sahara Desert, for example (which was green for 4000 years at the end of the Ice Age) – have hardly benefited from the attentions of archaeologists at all. And even in countries like Egypt which have been intensively excavated for more than a century new discoveries can still be made that call established views and chronologies into question.

In December 2000 excavations at Abydos in Upper Egypt by a University of Pennsylvania/University of New York team demonstrated that the intriguing religious practise of boat burial – for example the so-called solar boat of Khufu buried on the south side of the Great Pyramid of Giza – is very likely to have predynastic origins. A fleet of 14 boats found buried at Abydos a decade ago were originally assigned to the mortuary complex of Pharaoh Khasekhemwy of the Second Dynasty (circa 2675 BC). However, after thoroughly examining one of the boats (a sophisticated narrow-prowed “sewn” boat about 23 metres long made of wooden planks lashed together with rope), the excavators now believe that “the ships were buried some centuries before Khasekhemwy’s enclosure was built. The fleet may have been intended for use in the afterlife of a much earlier pharaoh, perhaps even Aha [circa 2920 BC], the First Dynasty ruler of Egypt…” (

If this is the case, since the boat-burials at Abydos are far from being the work of beginners, then it seems obvious that the practise — and the entire wonderful religious apparatus that goes with it — must predate the First Dynasty. But by how much? Nobody knows. Another interesting development also announced in December 2000 was the discovery of a group of very unusual ancient tombs at Elkab in Upper Egypt. The Elkab tombs are thought to date to the Second Dynasty, although the site itself has yielded evidence of continuous occupation from 8000 years ago until about 2000 years ago. The tombs are circular stone structures (with diameters of 18 to 20 meters) which in two cases were carefully arranged around large natural boulders. They have been compared with the Neolithic funeral mounds of Europe and, as the Belgian excavators admit, are of a type “thus far unknown in Egypt”. (

So much then for the archaeologists having the whole picture about the evolution and development of any civilisation – even ancient Egypt which has been the subject of more archaeological investigation than any other. But now let’s remember as well that along continental margins and around islands across the world an area bigger than the Unites States of America was inundated at the end of the Ice Age: 3 million square kilometers (an area the size of India) was submerged around Greater Australia alone; another 3 million square kilometers went under around South-East Asia; the Florida, Yucatan and Grand Bahama Banks were fully-exposed off the Gulf of Mexico; huge areas of land were swallowed up in the Mediterranean, the Black Sea, the North Sea and the Atlantic, etc, etc, etc – the list really does goes on and on.

In my view the possibility of a serious “black hole” in scientific knowledge about recent prehistory is plausible, reasonable and worthy of consideration. I therefore propose that the conclusions of modern archaeology regarding the origins and early evolution of human civilisation should be treated as provisional until a comprehensive, global, marine-archaeological survey of continental shelves down to depths of at least 120 meters has been undertaken.

– Graham Hancock

UNDERWORLD – Flooded Kingdoms of the Ice Age: Part 1

UNDERWORLD – Flooded Kingdoms of the Ice Age: Part 2

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AL-QAEDA: Created by the Jewish Agency – Operation under Israeli Mossad

A lesson in history for the ages.


Geriatric Humor: Don’t Bungee Jump Naked!

Jeanne Robertson, award-winning humorist, professional speaker. Check Jeanne Robertson out on iTunes: This video clip is from Jeanne’s DVD Flat Out Funny! Jeanne is on Sirius & XM Radio. Jeanne’s official website

We all need to laugh especially during these stressful times, so please enjoy.


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4.1 Million Jobs Lost in 2009 – Networks Fail to Criticize Obama Despite Most Jobs Lost Annually Since 1940

Reporters omit failure of stimulus, problems counting jobs created or saved from many jobs stories.

The national unemployment rate rests at 10 percent after 85,000 more jobs were lost in December, while the number of people too discouraged to look for work increased by 642,000. CNBC’s Steve Liesman called those figures “absolutely devastating.”

Yet the network news media refused to hold President Barack Obama responsible for the losses since the jobs release Jan. 8. Obama has been in office for a full year and made a number of “extravagant” promises regarding job growth, yet network news reports remained uncritical with the exception of Sunday talk shows.

That’s a sharp contrast to the treatment of Republican administrations’ jobs data. In those cases, the networks were determined to present a negative picture – even when times were good.

Anchor Brian Williams began the Dec. 2, 2005 “Nightly News” with a strong note of caution: “Rebound: A slew of good news about jobs and the economy, but are there warning signs ahead?” That’s how he prefaced a report about 215,000 new jobs.

Throughout 2005, the networks emphasized layoffs instead of the 2 million new jobs created that year under President George W. Bush. Now in 2009, Obama has presided over the most job losses in a single year since 1940 and some in the media tried to remain cheerful.

CNN’s Susan Lisovicz actually cited the 4,000 jobs created in Nov. 2009 as “glimmers of hope” Jan. 8, the same day Christine Romans called 10 percent unemployment “uncomfortable for many people.”

“Ten percent unemployment is just something that is not sustainable in a healthy economy. That’s just the bottom line there. But the pace of job loss over the past year has slowed pretty dramatically, and frankly, Heidi, even by the month of November last year we saw some job creation,” Romans said during the 10 a.m. hour.

With the exception of a single CBS mention, the networks’ job reports also failed to inform their viewers that 2009 had the highest yearly job losses on record (more than 4.1 million). And when Katie Couric did address the historic nature of the job losses, she underreported the number of jobs lost in 2009 by 700,000.

Many of those network stories also failed to admit that the stimulus package hadn’t created jobs. A recent Associated Press analysis of the “shovel-ready” construction part of the stimulus found almost no impact on job creation at the local level.

“The effect was so small, one economist compared it to trying to move the Empire State Building by pushing against it,” AP wrote.

Obama Says Stimulus Created Jobs, Networks Fail to Contradict

Obama made grandiose claims that his $787 stimulus package would halt rising unemployment, preventing it from climbing above 8 percent. During the campaign he also promised to “save or create” 3-4 million jobs.

But even with the 10 percent unemployment rate as evidence of the stimulus’ failure, many in the news media have given Obama a pass, refusing to criticize billions wasted on stimulus and some have even continued to support his plan to create jobs by spending even more taxpayer money.

Only one story on the networks reported the AP’s findings about the “failure” of the $20 billion stimulus money spent on roads and bridges to create jobs.

NBC’s “Today” even repeated the White House call for targeted spending on jobs. On Jan. 11, Jim Cramer supported the notion saying, “If we don’t get more stimulus, we will not have more jobs.”

Ironically, Cramer admitted that so far the stimulus package hadn’t created jobs. The White House claimed on Jan. 12 that the stimulus had “created to saved” between 1.7 million and 2 million jobs.

But the Washington Post’s Jan. 13 article about those saved or created jobs buried a very significant detail in the middle of that story: “Separately, the White House has announced a change in the way those reports tally jobs, a response to critics that could make the reports more reliable but make it more difficult to gauge the stimulus’s impact over time.”

Where’s the outrage over this change in accounting methods? Certainly the networks wouldn’t have put up with this under the Bush or Reagan administrations.

AP reported that it is “impossible to quantify exactly what effect the stimulus has had on job creation.” So the administration can claim it created or saved any number of jobs because there will be no way to prove or disprove it.

Just counting the jobs is becoming a challenge according to AP, which said: “Those who receive stimulus money can now credit jobs to the program even if they were never in jeopardy of being lost, according to new rules outlined by the White House’s Office of Management and Budget.”

Downplaying the ‘Bad News’

Although the networks were somewhat downbeat using terms like “disappointed” and “less than stellar” after the jobs report came out Jan. 8, most reporters did not portray 10 percent unemployment as a terrible tragedy.

Only one report mentioned that over a half million people were so discouraged in December they dropped out of the workforce, while several mentioned the 17.3 percent “real unemployment” rate.

NBC’s Savannah Guthrie reported Jan. 8 “they [White House] tried to put the best face on it here, but there’s no question this unemployment report is a disappointment.”

“Disappointment” understated the pain felt by many as 4.1 million jobs disappeared during Obama’s first year in office.

In 1982, when unemployment was slightly lower the networks quoted vicious political attacks on Ronald Reagan and showed footage of people living out of trucks under a bridge.

Network reports showed desperation, sadness and tragedy as a result of rising joblessness in 1982. NBC pictured lines of people waiting outside a food bank and interviewed crisis counselors in Seattle on May 7.

More callers talk of despair and even suicide,” Don Oliver reported that night, before interviewing Jim and Pam Smalls. Oliver called them “victims of unemployment depression and anger,” because Pam had to seek help from a battered woman’s shelter.

Nothing like that appeared in the network jobs reports following the Jan. 8 release. In fact, during 2009 the networks found a man “doing backflips” after he was rehired by his company.

Journalists on ABC, CBS and NBC constantly praised Obama for trying to stop rising unemployment in 2009, even as he failed. Month after month they tried to find the “good news” or signs of a turnaround.

The networks have been talking about the economic recovery, but even the economy is recovering as the White House and some journalists claim, it may not feel like one to many people.

According to BusinessWeek, the “misery index” (the sum of unemployment and inflation rates) is at 11.8 percent. That is the highest since May 1991.

“The last time the U.S. misery index was this high, in the early 1990s, gains in consumer prices accounted for almost half its reading. Today inflation makes up less than a fifth of the measure,” BusinessWeek wrote.

By Julia A. Seymour
Business & Media Institute


In numbers – 4,100,000 jobs lost!!!  So, why isn’t anyone counting?

Laws Governing People Exist In An Imaginary Reality

It’ a Fiction!

The world's rulers only have the power that we gave them!

(Editor’s Note: I don’t pretend to understand this information but many people I respect have been saying similar things. I welcome additional explanations from informed readers.)

by Rob Hay
Tax Resistor


What if I told you, you did not live in a country, nor do you have a true name, a true birth date and you did not have to file taxes or follow any laws?  As many of you scoff, stop for a moment and examine these facts.

If you look at the definitions of your Country/State/Province/City etc. you will find in the Constitution or the Interpretations Act that they are not  legally defined as being on the earth.  Canada, for example,is defined as the land under the water according to the Interpretations Act section 35(1), “Canada”, for greater certainty, includes the internal waters of Canada and the territorial sea of Canada;

Nowhere in any act will you find any mention of the earth.  To further this, Canada is a Corporation registered on the Security Exchange Commission in Washington D.C.  Here is the link:


Simply put, we live on a planet we call earth and not in Countries.  In fact Countries are not land under the real system of law, they are imaginary Seas, upon which Admiralty Law  applies and the NAMES you use are imaginary ships floating on the Sea, where Piracy reigns as the system of Commerce, between your and all the other imaginary ships.

But because you are not imaginary, they have to give you a play piece in the game. This is called a PERSON and its attributes are a NAME and BIRTH DATE.  The Game is rigged from the start. The pirates simply set up laws and wait for you to break one so that they can plunder your wealth and freedom.

A name is an imaginary thing you are given, typically when you were born.  However, a name is simply hearsay; you do not know what your true name is, no one does.  The other attribute of a person, a Birth Date, is hearsay because no one can say when exactly the Universe was created and making use of an event such as Jesus’ Death, hence A.D., is only hearsay.  Further Jesus was Crucified and died in the spring during Passover so the Calendar should actually start its new year in the spring.

What they have done is to overlay an imaginary world over the earth and make you believe that it is real, when in fact it is simply fiction.  So if you do not exist in their imaginary world, how is it that you must follow their laws and pay taxes?  You are not responsible for paying taxes and following their laws, and their laws even say so!  Again using Canada for example:

The BNA Act Section 2 dealt with the Succession of the Queen heirs ruling over Canada.  It was removed from the Act in 1897.  When Queen Victoria died in 1901, all executive power seized in Canada as per Section 9 states all executive power is vested in the Queen.  It is reported that two days after the Queen died the Bankers in The City of London, claimed salvage rights on the ship adrift at sea called Canada.

The UK Parliament did nothing to stop them.  The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms section 32 states that the application of the Charter only applies to Government and Section 52 of the Constitutional Act 1982, states that all laws in Canada must be compared against the Charter or they have no force or effect.  Thus all laws in Canada only apply to the Government, I am paraphrasing this for brevity, look it up!  This is because the Bankers own Canada and the Queen has nothing to do with Canada as there was no succession of power put into the Constitution.

This is only the tip of the iceberg in terms of Canada.  For the USA, the Constitution there starts off with, “We the People…”  Pick up any law dictionary and see if it defines people as human beings, persons or men and women created by God. It doesn’t. It is so ambiguous it is ridiculous.

All laws only apply to PERSONS.  If you open the King James Bible and look in Genesis Chapter 1, you will see very clearly that God did not create us as persons.  None of the US State Constitutions define any State as being on the earth and neither does the USA Constitution describe the USA being on the earth.  It is all imaginary.

Now for those of you who still think that law applies to you , take a look at the address of the court house and the documents that come from the court house.

You will notice that especially in Canada that they change the province name to a two letter abbreviation and in all cases they leave Canada off the address.

Look up the Address for the Supreme Court of Canada; they left Canada out of the address.

This is because the Courts are the Bankers Courts and not the People’s courts.  The laws have no executive power behind them from the people.  Executive power means the ability to enforce and make law.  So yes, since Queen Victoria died, all laws made since in Canada have no executive power or state authority behind them.

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There is a solution.

Robert Hay (<>) graduated in Telecommunication Engineering Technology from the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology in Edmonton. From there, he dedicated 5 years of his life to learning the spiritual healing arts and discovered a completely different take on life.
He became quite concerned over massive injustices and began to fight back over paying taxes. He discovered that all laws reside within a fiction. After spending a few years gathering information and successfully preventing the Tax Man from taking him to court over unpaid taxes, he wrote a book called, The Extortion System of the Ruling Elite. It is a free download off his website.

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