The world has one less Rothschild today!

Leopold de Rothschild has died aged 84

84-year-old Leopold de Rothschild died on April 19, 2012 but the news has now been brought forth today – he’s called a lover of steam trains, classical music and a philanthropist. Oh, and he had a “distinguished career” in finance. Lol, wow, buying media is nice, isn’t it? Even when you’re dead you look like a good guy because no one dares to poop on a Rothschild. Unfortunately, the matrix is beginning to end, and we’re realizing the emperor has no clothes.

Rothschild was one of the partners of his family’s bank, NM Rothschild & Sons, which means he plotted lots of really underhanded shit. Where? You ask, well let’s look further:

He sat as a director of the Court of the Bank of England from 1970 to 1983. The Directors of the Court of the Bank of England direct monetary policy and runs the affairs of the bank – you’ll find out that England, particularly London, basically runs the bullshit economies of the world at some point down the road after all this Federal Reserve business unwinds. Essentially, this dead Rothschild helped run the global finance scam.

After his part in directly managing global affairs for his committee of fail and evil, Rothschild then decided to move his operations to Latin America, where I’m sure he caused plenty of havoc through “banking”. Rothschild was “heavily involved in establishing or re-establishing Rothschild’s Latin American offices, especially Mexico, Brazil . . . and Chile”.  Makes sense – nothing like plenty of cheap labor and incredibly rich natural resources to extract.

Oh, and he somehow managed to convince countries to give the Rothschild’s about 30% of Earth’s land. Using the “World Conservation Bank”, Edmond Leopold de Rothschild managed to convince third world countries to hand over their debt to the bank in exchange for land.

So ends the life of Edmond Leopold de Rothschild, philanthropist, lover of music and globalist hell bent on stealing resources and killing people with debt slavery. The world misses you.

Leopold David de Rothschild was born in London on May 12 1927, the fourth and youngest child and second son of Lionel Nathan de Rothschild, and a great-great-grandson of Nathan Mayer Rothschild, who established the English branch of the family, and the bank, in the early years of the 19th century. Leo, as he was always known, was brought up mostly at Exbury House, on the estate his father had acquired in late 1918, which is bounded by the New Forest, The Solent and the Beaulieu river. It was there that his father created the 250-acre woodland garden, famous for its rhododendrons and azaleas.

One of his earliest memories was of the visit of King George V and Queen Mary in 1931: told to bow to the King – “who has a beard” – he duly bowed to everybody who might fit the description till His Majesty kindly stopped him with: “You carry on doing that my boy, and you’ll be sick!”

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this was kept quiet for a month..dont know why..he was near the top of the pyramid in hell..

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  1. I will tell you why the announcement was late coming. His estates executors have been in the City of Westminister Coroners argueing his death was a result of abestos poisoning, contracted whilst serving in the Royal Navy in the 1940’s. Why is this relevant? – Under English law you are exempt from paying inheritance tax on your estate if it can be proved death was caused whilst serving your country.

    How much was this guy worth?, because the UK Inland Revenue ain’t gonna get their 40%!

  2. Don’t hate the lost souls. Give them only love.

    In the meantime, we can help each other get out from under their tyranny. But spread the message with love, it may go farther that way.

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