Update from Whitewraithe~: DOWNLOAD THIS VIDEO NOW!!

YouTube is systematically removing all of Zion Crime Factory’s and Dr. William Pierce’s videos because the jewish/zionist controlled media does not want you to see or hear this information. Zion Crime Factory and Dr. Pierce are two of the most dedicated truthtellers worth listening to.

To subscribers – I suggest you download the video once you receive this message before YT removes this one!

2 thoughts on “Update from Whitewraithe~: DOWNLOAD THIS VIDEO NOW!!

  1. I belive the ancient Hebrew translators of the Holy Scriptures from the Greek ‘really did a number’ on the Goyim of the world with their terms ‘God’s Chosen.,’

  2. Pretty good video. Nothing new here, but like so many other truths the people will never find out about it unless they do some research on their own.Sadly, the narrators use of the Greek word “Gentile” is as useless here as it is in the Holy Bible! The word Gentile as was the word “JEW” were add to our Bibles in 1830. Why would a Greek word be used in an English translation of a Greek text? They were not able to translate it? CONFUSION and distortion, but primarily DECEPTION! And so as I say to my Preacher, I say to the narrator, You may as well give your entire presentation in Greek!

    Also he said, “I am not a fan of Religion” and neither am I, and I know the deference between Faith and Religion!

    I know, I KNOW! …”The Bible was written by “JEWS” to enslave us “gentiles”!… That is incorrect! If one READS the Bible with the reading comprehension skills of an eighth grader, they would find that the Blessings and Promises that God placed on Jacob (who was named Israel) do not now, nor have they EVER described the “JEWS” nor, any people of “color”. ALL of those Blessing are found in one Race of people and that is WHITE people!

    AND then with further study, “they” will see that Esau/EDOM are clearly described as today’s
    Zionist “JEWS” and with that PROOF in the hands and MINDS of the WORLD, those EDOMITES would be left without their GREATEST LIE! That they are Gods “Chosen”! And for what I think should be ample proof that what I have said is true, GOOGLE “Christin Identity, Col. Jack Mohr The Serpent Seed, etc. and you will find that the ADL and the SPLC are the loudest critics of the “Identity Movement”

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