Revised 11/2013: People Especially Children Mysteriously Disappearing Inside National Park Service

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For lack of any other nighttime radio talk show in my area, I tuned into Coast to Coast AM last night.  UFO abductee and researcher Whitley Streiber was the guest.  I didn’t really care to hear Streiber’s story again and was ready to turn off the radio, when he and announcer George Knapp began talking about people mysteriously disappearing around the country. 

Shortly afterward, former 20-year lawman turned investigative journalist David Paulides, called in to the show.  As it turns out Paulides had previously been a guest when his book MISSING 411 was released in March 2012.  Below is a review of that book and then his riveting radio broadcast with George Knapp back on March 25, 2012. 

As you will discover this is probably the strangest set of circumstances surrounding missing people ever.  Some of the weirder aspects to this whole situation are that the National Park Service refuses to cooperate with Mr. Paulides and his investigators to solve the disappearances for starters.  Initially the Park Service was not recording the disappearances nor do they consider a ‘missing person’ a crime.  And the Federal Bureau of Investigation is brought in only to monitor these investigations.  Why is the FBI not actively involved in locating these people some of which are only two years of age?  We’re talking about a ‘baby’ for Christ’s sakes.     

No other media outlet is discussing this odd event that I’m aware of; it hasn’t been reported on television, in magazines, newspapers or, even the internet.  One of the disappearances goes all the way back to 1868. Thousands of families have been destroyed by the disappearances of their loved ones.  Most are never found.  If they are found the only remains left are teeth or small bones.  The people fortunate to be discovered alive are not able to explain what happened due to some disability.  This is truly bizarre and with no concern from any federal or state agency this should be a huge red flag that there is another agenda or even an unknown conspiracy.

Do these strange disappearances have anything to do with the Jewish/Zionist conspiracy to enslave the world and murder five billion Gentiles?  We may never know, but with the amount of information I have personally researched on these psychopaths in the past seven years, it would not surprise me if they were knee deep in this mystery, as well.   


Missing 411: Unexplained disappearances of people that have never been solved

Missing 411 is a book by David Paulides that need not be over looked or ever forgotten. The book is about missing people in North America and Canada that have been unsolved and unexplained. The book goes into each individual case and describes the scenario and facts of what happened. Some people vanish and then are found later with strange facts surrounding the circumstances. Others are never found and the book highlights on the events in honor of these missing people, alot who are taken from National Parks. The National Parks cover it up and do not maintain lists of these missing people or let it be known to the public. When David Paulides and company tried to get them to compile a list they wanted over a million dollars to do so.

The book tries not to offer reasons or how these people vanished but evidence putting together a peculiar puzzle of how it happened. No one knows what happened to these people. Some would speculate common facts like kidnappers etc but as you read more and more into the book you begin to wonder if its something supernatural or even weird. But David never goes into this on his radio appearances or in the book in honor of the families who are having to go through these tragedies.

Because this is about missing people to turn it into a circus side show of speculation of strange stories would be a dishonor to the people missing and the emotions of their loved ones and families. After speaking to David myself on the phone and asking him what he thought happened I found it honorable that he would not divulge that information publically in respect of those going through the ordeals of losing loved ones in such peculiar unexplained ways.

About the book and project of Missing-411

Missing-411 is the first comprehensive research about people who have disappeared in the wilds of North America. It’s understood that people routinely get lost, some want to disappear but this story is about the unusual. Nobody has ever studied the archives for similarities, traits and geographical clusters of missing people, until now.

A tip from a national park ranger led to this 3+ years and a 7000 hour investigative effort into understanding the stories behind people who have vanished. The book chronicles children, adults and the elderly who disappeared, sometimes in the presence of friends and relatives. As Search and Rescue personnel exhaust leads and places to search, relatives start to believe kidnappings and abductions have occurred. The belief by the relatives is not an isolated occurrence; it replicates itself time after time, case after case across North America.

The research depicts 28 clusters of missing people across the continent, something that has never been exposed and was a shocking find to researchers. Topography does play a part into the age of the victims and certain clusters have specific age and sex consistency that is baffling. This is not a phenomenon that has been occurring in just the last few decades, clusters of missing people have been identified as far back as the 1800’s.

The manuscript for the research was extremely large so the story was split between two books, Missing 411 Western United States and Canada and Missing 411 Eastern United States. The Eastern version will be released in late March and will include a list of all missing people in each edition and a concluding chapter that draws both books together for conclusions.

Some of the issues that are discussed in each edition:

• The National Park Service attitude toward missing people

• How specific factors in certain cases replicate themselves in different clusters

• Exposing cases involving missing children that aren’t on any national database

• Unusual behavior by bloodhounds/canines involved in the search process

• How storms, berries, swamps, briar patches, boulder fields and victim disabilities play a role in the disappearance

• The strategies Search and Rescue personnel need to change under specific circumstances

Major news organizations do a deplorable job of covering stories and issues which are deemed too unusual or too far outside the box. Chances are, they will find a way to trivialize or ignore the disturbing evidence accumulated by David Paulides, a former lawman turned investigative journalist. The paper trail uncovered by Paulides through sheer doggedness is impressive, the evidence indisputable.  People are vanishing without a trace from our national parks and forests, yet government agencies are saying nothing.  At a minimum, this story deserves space on the front page of every newspaper in the country, and it warrants a formal high level inquiry by the federal agencies whose files leave little doubt that something very strange is unfolding in our wilderness.

George Knapp, Host, Coast to Coast AM

After reading this book, you will forever walk in the woods with a different awareness.

This is the link to the authors site Secure Site where the book is sold:

David’s Website: CanAm Missing Project

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