End of an era

Revised: 4/3/13

Since 2004, I have written numerous essays on the deplorable state of post 9/11 America across three blogging platforms, and while very few of them will ever achieve any high level status in the alternative media I did manage to accomplish my goal which was to wake up a few people.  Unfortunately, it wasn’t hundreds of thousands, definitely not millions – but a few.  And those few people depending on who they were may be all that was needed to affect future changes.

However, it is time to quietly exit this stage and return to the real world.  I have to admit that I finally understand the rantings of those who accused bloggers like myself of being “keyboard commandos.”  The truth is they were right.  There is only so much a political blogger can relay in the virtual world of cyberspace.  The real changes are made in the tangible world of our human reality.

I am also exhausted with the lies, duplicity and vanity of several leaders within the alleged “truth movement.”  It became painfully obvious that their intentions were not the same as mine.  I did not crave attention or notoriety nor did I want to profit from this endeavor.  My goal to speak the truth, no matter how painful, was from an honest and noble perspective.  Vane personalities and varying religious ideologies took root instead, which in my humble opinion should be utterly eradicated from this picture; the “christian identity” phase being the last straw.

Whether Christian, Jew or Muslim has no bearing on rational, pragmatic opinions regarding the truth of 9/11, American austerity, or the in-calculable damage wrought by the Jewish banker barons on a world they hold hostage.  Religious “cliques” serve to keep the downtrodden masses in line and the affluent elite under cover.  It’s humanity’s last crutch to continue being irresponsible and unaccountable.  We no longer have to wonder why stars appear in the night sky, or shutter from unknown sounds in the wilderness.  Science, technology and logic explain 99% of mankind’s questions in the modern age.  Yet, the fact that over half of the world’s entire population continue to believe in an invisible, supernatural entity they call God, YWYH or Allah is staggering.  The world did not end in 2012 and there was no “apocalypse.”  Yet, the religious among us still wait.

During this journey I lost my faith in the god of the bible.  I probably lost it some time ago but was unwilling to admit the truth to myself.  I took away from that empty experience the concepts of Christ’s teaching which are love, compassion, honesty and truth.  Today I no longer feel alone or believe that and unending torture in some mythical hell awaits me.  I’ve already been there for most of my life, since I now believe the mind creates its own hell due to crisis, insecurity, trauma or any other number of reasons.  Hell is on earth not a pit down below it.  All one has to do is just look around.  You will find it everywhere.  The realization of my awakening is that I will be ostracized from general society should my current religious views become apparent especially being a native southerner.  It is further remarkable that I will be forced to conceal my true beliefs to pacify those around me lest I be psychologically tarred and feathered.

I’ve succumbed to the fact that I am out of time, and definitely in the wrong time.  Logic, rationale, pragmatism and common sense cease to exist in the present day.  It’s as though these ancient forms of consciousness fled into the ether or the white noise of an alternate universe.  The world has regressed back to the “burning times” but instead of accusations of witchcraft, the label of ‘terrorist’ is hurled at those apart from the mental majority who believe Muslims were responsible for 9/11.  Fear and insanity once again rule, tightly enveloping America and the world with no end in the foreseeable future.  In essence, we have not progressed very far from the “dark ages” after all.

My plans at the moment are to become gainfully employed as soon as is possible.  I would go to work tomorrow if a job were available.  At some future point I will blog again but not in this kind of alternative political arena.  I want to return to my first love which is entertainment; mostly film and television.  I am more familiar with that topic than any other which I disclosed in an early essay.  Today it is highly politicized and Judaised.  I am confidant that I can make a substantial contribution in exposing underlying agendas and revealing hidden messages that I see very clearly and intuitively with what I now know.

For the time being the blog will be left in place on WordPress until they make the decision to delete it.  I will not be adding any further material, although, Northerntruthseeker may at some point at his discretion.  Furthermore, the domain [pragmaticwitness.com] expired and will not be renewed.  The site will serve as and educational tool for future truth seekers on history and the first decade of the 21st century.

To all, I wish you peace and long life.  Farewell.


14 thoughts on “End of an era

  1. Wraithe…. You know where to find me at any time…..

    And you know that my blog is always open for you to post or comment at any time…

    I honestly did not want you to give up on this fight… You know that….. But I am standing behind your decision…

    I posted this farewell at my blog for others to see…..


    • Well, as I tried to explain to one of my readers earlier – I AM NOT GIVING UP – just shifting focus to another area in the fight to speak the truth.

      As you know, NTS, I’ve given everything, literally, that I was able to. Mostly hours upon hours of time, money, heart and soul. I’m proud that I didn’t do this half-assed. Now it will be my legacy to this area of the truth movement.

      The blog is being left as is and you have full autonomy to add future posts should you so desire.

      Moving on is not a metaphor for “giving up” or throwing in the towel.

      They can’t get rid of me that easily.

      And neither can you.

      • I am happy that you are refocusing on other material…. I guess the idea of moving on as meaning giving up has crossed many minds….. My sincerest apologies for mixing them up myself…

        You know it is hard to get rid of me…… LOL

  2. You are a decent soul, this i am fairly confident about… you deserve a life of your own. I am honored to know you… somehow, i don’t think i will ever un-know you. You have helped me so much in navigating this path… thank you.

    On another note:

    What we all don’t know is really a bitch……..

    In have not posted this to my web site yet… but there are some key elements that have been removed from the Angle-ish language… (and others inserted… the J and the Z) what i believe is the thorny crown of Jewsus and the feminine aspects of Yowway…

    the Yogh is one of them…….
    from here: http://english.stackexchange.com/questions/58470/ye-olde-english-alphabet-question-any-other-letters-lost-besides-thorn-edh-an

    yoȝ, yogh (Ȝ, ȝ)

    This letter was not in Old English at all, but rather is from Middle English. Unicode 1.0 was confused about the difference between ezh and yogh, a distinction carefully maintained by the Oxford English Dictionary. Here are the current Unicode code points and names for these letters:

    x (latin capital letter ezh – 01B7)
    * Middle English, Scots
    x (latin small letter ezh – 0292)
    x (latin small letter insular g – 1D79)
    * African, Skolt Sami
    * lowercase is 0292
    x (latin capital letter yogh – 021C)
    x (cyrillic capital letter abkhasian dze – 04E0)
    = dram
    * voiced postalveolar fricative
    * mistakenly named yogh in Unicode 1.0
    * uppercase is 01B7
    * Skolt Sami
    x (latin small letter yogh – 021D)
    x (cyrillic small letter abkhasian dze – 04E1)
    x (ounce sign – 2125)
    x (alchemical symbol for half dram – 1F772)

    In its article on ezh, Wikipedia says:

    In Unicode 1.0, the character was unified with the unrelated character yogh (Ȝ ȝ), which was not correctly added to Unicode until Unicode 3.0. Historically, ezh is derived from Latin z, while yogh is derived from Latin g. The characters do look very similar, and do not appear alongside each other in any alphabet. To better differentiate between the two, the Oxford University Press and the Early English Text Society extend the uppermost tip of the ‘yogh’ into a little curvature upward.

    The definitive treatise on the yogh–ezh confusion is this one by Michael Everson entitled “On the derivation of YOGH and EZH”.








    Of particular interest:


    God bless and godspeed….


    • Thank you so much, Wanda.

      As long as the internet remains open we can stay in touch.

      Very interesting information you’ve included.

  3. I hate to see you go. I have many of the same problems you have, including the religion thing. I have been ostracized from churches due to my Universalist leanings.

    But Wanda is correct. We are making some strides and your work is instrumental.

    The CI folks and other “half-truthers” (as our friend Digger puts it) are either being played for fools or are intentional misinformationalists. Some have a honest approach, but they sin (miss the mark).

    You have done a good job in pointing some out. But I believe more and more are seeing them on their own and stay away.

    Also, I hate the fact that we live so close and never met. Maybe personal interaction with someone like-minded would help.

    When you get your new blog up and running, why don’t you send a notice out to those of us who would want to visit and read?

    • Your support is most appreciated, B’Man.

      The CI nuts, crypto-Jews, disinformationalists and misinformationalists and downright nasty individuals sucked the very life out of me and it’s time to get that life back. It reminds me of what life would be like as a homicide detective or in a drug crime squad unit. To be effective one must be at the top of their game, but they don’t usually last long. I’ve given nine years of my life to exposing the fraud and corruption, compounded by lies from purported truthers and so on. But frankly, I no longer have the luxury to sit in front of a PC screen exposing them.

      Those that came after me can now take up the mantle in exposing these cretins. I’m done.

      • Hows about this: if you ever want to share something with the movement, you can always use my place.

        I recently was made an offer for work in your town. If everything goes well, I would like to meet you someday.

        But if not (and I would understand), I look forward to your new digs!

      • Of course, I would be honored to meet you and glad to show you around our small city.

        And if you know anyone in Jackson that I could talk to about a job I would be forever in your debt and most grateful.

        Email me at oubliette@rock.com to discuss further.

  4. Oh… don’t give up White Wraithe… we are almost there. I am not duplicitous… and there are many out here who are not either. Change the quality of your focus… it will help. Stay with us. You change nothing by bailing… you change everything by staying.

    • Dear Wanda, my statement was not directed at my readers. Christ – I hope that will not be misconstrued now. My opinion is in regard to fellow colleagues.

      And I’m not bailing, I’m moving on. I’ve said all there is to say, and now I feel like I’m preaching to a choir. No one really cares anyway. I also am changing my focus – back to the real world and hopefully, employment.

      Read carefully, I am planning a new kind of blog.

      You can always email – anytime.

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