Launch of new blog forthcoming

The initial idea for the new blog became an unrealistic notion after another perusal of The Vigilent Citizen’s blog.  This individual is doing an outstanding service for the people outing Hollywood’s degenerate propaganda and debauchery, as well as, the music industry’s satanic subliminal messages.  Plus the website is beautifully laid out, user friendly, and richly endowed with educational links, current news, esoteric knowledge and social connections.  I couldn’t surpass this person’s excellent achievement on this subject with my very best attempt.

As a result, I have again altered my course and finally arrived on a topic that will allow me the opportunity to contribute earnest and intelligent discourse on Gentile humanity’s plight relative to our survival as a species.  It will not be a daily diatribe on the j-e-w-i-s-h issue, and this sect of society will no longer be referred to as “j-e-w-s.”  Instead, I created a new phrase for my personal description of this vile tribe; “The Counterfeit Cabbal” or TCC.  The only change was the spelling of ‘cabal’ to the earlier medieval latin ‘cabbal’.  This sequence of words, I believe, is a more appropriate definition considering that they are, in reality, imposters.  Hopefully, this definitive change will remain far below the j-e-w radar without attracting the hasbara trolls and their oxymoronic ‘antisemitic’ dogma.

More than 90% of the new blog’s content will be written by ‘yours truly’, and also include personal anecdotes, excerpts from other authors, and the usual source links.  For this reason and to my sincere regret I will begin accepting monetary donations, as I still remain unemployed regardless of the diligent effort put forth at securing gainful employment in the real world.

In the past, several readers indicated their desire to donate to Pragmatic Witness, but due to the sensitive subject matter I felt that too bright a spotlight may be shown on myself and that was not a result I was prepared to manage.  Although, to my surprise and with sincere appreciation, a few loyal readers who also are predominate members of the truth movement, generously contributed to my personal welfare over the past year.  I can truthfully indicate that without their donations my personal financial struggle would have been far more difficult.  Moreover, their kindness and generosity to a virtual stranger is conclusive proof that good, morally decent people still reside in the world.  I am eternally grateful to these individuals and blessed by their noble deeds.

To conclude, the new blog’s main focal point is America; her issues and interests but mainly her internal conflicts.  But, instead of the incessant ranting that I’m prone to, I will once again offer challenging ideas in reference to personal choices, civil options and national solutions to our mutual problem(s), that hopefully, will achieve the necessary impact to initiate and ignite the change desperately needed in American society.

This new blog will be my best work yet coalescing everything I now know and learned over the course of nine years into a knowledge power base, that is accessable, rational, pragmatic, but moreover, comprehensible for every person.

Stay tuned….