The Only Game In Town

WW~Notes: Alex Jones and Infowars are always at the top of the pyramid when major breaking events occur.  Although, Jones and his sources refuse to report the tribe’s probable involvement,  they do report a considerable amount of factual information.  So, again, I am forced to refer to their reports when they’re the only game in town. 

Jones made this video only a few hours ago, around 4:00 a.m. this morning to report the shootout in Boston.


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      • Hello W.W.

        I thought I would share with you some recent research on the subject of “that tribe’

        Israel Jacob Yuval
        TWO Nations in Your Womb:Perceptions of Jews and Christians in Late Antiquity and the Middle Ages

        Page 14 CH. 1 introduction

        …”Iranaeus’s typological move is clearly continued by the Church Fathers of the third century- Cyprian, Origen, and Tertullian. The Christians countered the Jewish equation: Jacob = Jews, Esau = Rome, with the opposite equation: Jacob = Christian, Esau = Jews. It is noteworthy that these parallel systems of identification emerged at the same time”… P 15 …” What led Jews in the second century C.E. (A.D.) to consider Rome a “brother?” What did such a kinship have to do with the dreary Destruction of Jerusalem and the Temple?”…

        AND I still say that the Catholic Church was created by Edom. All of its Pagan “traditions” go back to NIMROD, and as I pointed out at my site EDOM usurped Nimrod’s one world rule! And the Catholic Church sought to destroy all that opposed its rule that held to the true faith! AS I also pointed out Jesus and all that lived there in HIS day knew that EDOM was in control of Jerusalem just as they are today!



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      • Those are very interesting correlations.

        Regarding posts and links, go into your settings at the Dashboard under ‘reading and writing’ to double check what is marked.

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        Good luck.

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