Revised Essay

Please take a moment to read my newly revised essay:

“Boston Marathon Bombing launches ‘new radical Islāmic threat’ according to mainstream media”

I am forever returning to my essays tweaking a sentence here and there, adding new or different images or write and extension.

Not really satisfied with my first attempt, I went back to the essay and made some positive changes re-writing entire paragraphs and adding new images throughout. 

This topic is still relevant in the mainstream, especially with the release of new information over the last few days like this article from Kurt Nimmo,  I don’t believe there is one word of truth in the article, but more importantly, the dumbed-down sheeple, do.  And this is where Truthers like myself step in and take control back from the gatekeeping controlled opposition.

Moreover, your opinion would be most appreciated.  If you think the essay is worth rating please give a thumbs up, or, thumbs down.  And if you really feel brave leave a comment and let me know your thoughts about the essay, or my writing style, etc.  It’s very important to decide if I should continue writing and expanding my mission in a new blog.  However, if everyone believes that I don’t have the qualities of at least a good writer, then I need to know.  I would welcome the gentile truth over a brown-nosed lie.

Thank you for your time and attention.


3 thoughts on “Revised Essay

  1. Great essay and the information given here is really appreciated. The essay is full of great information and every user will get much pleasure to read it. This kind of writings are very rare and personally I enjoyed it very much. I can say that this is one of the best essay

    I ever read. I thanks to the author for shearing such great post.

  2. Great essay, young lady…. So good in fact that I posted the revised version over at my blog….

    Glad to have you back and in fine form as usual…

    • I know I can always count on you regardless of the situation to keep me on my toes.

      Thanks, my dear friend.

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