“Shelter in place” is final tyranny

ShelterinplaceThe biggest Nazi victory to come out of the Boston bombing is “shelter in place”, a Kim Jong fantasy I am not certain even he would get away with.

Deeze posted the following to the forum:

9-year-old killed in Valley Springs; manhunt for suspect under way

VALLEY SPRINGS — A manhunt in Valley Springs led to a shelter in place order following the death of a 9-year-old child.

Multiple law enforcement agencies combed the area Saturday afternoon for a suspect believed to be armed and dangerous, described as a white or Latino male, with longer gray hair, 6 feet tall with a muscular build, last seen wearing a black long-sleeved shirt and blue pants.

Residents in the area were advised via reverse 911 and Nixle mass notification system to lock their doors and report suspicious activity to the Calaveras County Sheriff’s Office.

My comment

“Shelter in place” is the final stage to total tyranny. With “shelter in place”, tyrants can make up any story and effectively imprison everyone within their homes without any prior notice. This is NOT a tolerable situation, seriously, that is beyond Kim Jong and is more like orders to stay inside in places like the world’s worst hell hole – Palestine.

Once they send a reverse 911, if you pick it up, they have a record that you know you were ordered to “shelter in place” and if you do not comply, what is the punishment? What happened to those who did not cooperate in Boston?

Unlike communist countries that have tried shelter in place in the past, America will not survive this. It will cause too many losses. Shelter in place works in ONE situation – a COMMUNIST situation where the government absorbs all losses. “Shelter in place” is expensive and can represent a total economic loss for the period of time it is ordered for any businesses in the lock down zone. If such losses are forced onto the people on a regular basis, as they likely will be if Americans allow it, businesses won’t survive it. Perhaps this could have the effect of being a back door method of destroying all competition to Wal Mart? At any rate, the fact that a single killing led to shelter in place orders so quickly on the heels of Boston proves beyond any doubt what Boston was really about – convincing people to go along with TOTAL TYRANNY, where a marshal law “shelter in place” lockdown can be issued for any reason at any time.

If you believe it is a good idea to allow government that much power to keep you safe, you might as well leave the country and seek out a third world hell hole (IF you could find a place other than Jewish occupied Palestine with a tyranny over it THAT BAD.) Expect to be hated when you arrive there to support your favorite regime – There is no place on earth that will love you, there is no place on earth with such spineless people. Even Kim Jong does not order actions so severe.

Take a look at Philadelphia’s “shelter in place” page. Here they talk about turning off heating and air conditioning and sealing off all cracks.

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