Donations –

With the launch of the new blog that I hoped would happen before now, I briefly indicated that I would begin accepting donations.

With the loss of the domain a lot of people will be lost as I’ve just recently discovered since they will not be able to find the site.  Because I was not able to update the domain in a timely manner the cost is $108.00 versus the $26.00 I paid last year.  WordPress is charging an $80.00 late fee.  I had no idea!

The domain is only the beginning of costs associated with this type of blog.  I want to continue to provide my readers with the quality they have come to expect from this site. 

Additionally, if this is to be my only profession for the time being, frankly folks, I need financial support.  My unemployment ended in March last year and things have been very tight financially.  Unfortunately, it is only becoming worse with the huge increase in the cost of living here in the U.S.

I believe these kind of donations are still tax deductible. 

If you would like to make a donation please email me at

Thank you,