Northerntruthseeker Rant For Sunday, June 9th, 2013

Sunday again, and it is indeed time for my usual insane rant……


Yes, yesterday was the 46th anniversary of Israel’s horrific and murderous attack on the USS Liberty.  That attack cost the lives of some 34 innocent sailors, and even now 46 years later, there is no justice at all for the victims and the survivors of this blatant act of war against the United States…


I am troubled by the fact that the majority of people have never heard of the USS Liberty attack of June 8th, 1967.  As I stated yesterday, when you tell people about this horrendous attack by the United States’ supposed “ally”, you do indeed in most cases get blank stares back at you, or you get the usual “I did not know about that?  Why is it not in any of the newspapers or on the news?” …  It has indeed been the fact that the Jewish control of the media and government that even now, 46 years later, that very few are even aware of the attack on the Liberty….  This is why we, in the alternative media, must do our best to keep the memory of this unprovoked attack by the criminally insane state of Israel alive until true justice is meted out to these criminals….


On to other matters… I have indeed been watching the happenings in Turkey with a lot of interest… Much like everyone else, I have so many questions about cause of this uprising, and the goals of the protestors… What is not told about Turkey is the Jewish control over that nation, and the grip that these criminals have had since the turn of the 20th century with the rise of the “Young Turk” (Jewish) movement that seized control over Turkey at a time when the Ottoman Empire was in full decline…. It was the seizure of Turkey under Ataturk and other crypto-Jews under the “Young Turk” movement at the beginning of the 20th century that turned Turkey into another Jewish controlled serfdom and led Turkey into disaster during World War I……


Many do not realize that Erdogan is nothing more than another US/Israeli stooge… He has controlled Turkey with an iron fist for over a decade, and the Turkish people have obviously had enough of his brutality… The initial uprising over the destruction of Gez park was just the tipping point and is just a small part of this uprising… Most Turks are sick and tired of what they are seeing happen to Turkey, and are well aware of the Jewish needs for their country to be a major base of operations against its neighbors, Syria and Iran… Most want no part of the criminal US and Israeli plans for using their country as a launching pad for assaults against these two innocent nations, and they are finally speaking out….


The problem for the US and Israel is that they cannot afford to lose Turkey in their blood lust for war against both Iran and Syria… Therefore they are doing everything necessary to assist their puppet, Erdogan, in his brutal suppression of the protestors… It has also been the job of the Jewish controlled media to keep as many reports about the real situation in Turkey under wraps, and to blind the world about the truth about this popular uprising…. It has again fallen upon the alternative media to try to put out the truth about what is happening in Turkey as the people try to free their nation from criminals….


Of course, while Turkey is in uprising, we still have the situation in Syria change over the last week…. The good guys, the Syrian government forces were able to push the murderous and criminal mercenary “rebels” out of several key towns, especially at Al-Qusair last week… The result has seen the US and Israel go absolutely wild with the Jewish control over the media calling the Syrian seizure of that key town a “humanitarian disaster” and to accuse the Syrian government of committing atrocities against its citizens (again)….  But wait a minute… Has it not been the so called “rebels” who have been committing acts of murder and slaughter against the Syrian civilians?   Like I said before, does anyone else see the hypocrisy in this?


It also seems now that the US is again trying to accuse the Syrian government of using chemical weapons, with the fraudulent reports this last week where new “evidence” has come out claiming that the Assad government forces have indeed used Sarin gas on its own civilians…. But again, does anyone else see the hypocrisy in this because the UN reports for the last few months have shown CLEARLY that it was the so called “rebels” who have been using chemical weapons, and not the Syrian army!   What has changed now?

The fact is that the UN is nothing more than an arm of US and Israeli interests, and I can guarantee that the UN observers who originally found nothing to link the Syrian army to the use of chemical weapons have either been told by their masters to “change” their original findings…..


The fact is, readers, that the Syrian government is indeed winning the war against the murderous and criminal mercenary army of “rebels”… Town after town is now falling to the Syrian army, and it does appear that without direct US/Israeli intervention soon, the Syrians will completely wipe out these murderers and free their nation….. This is why Israel is again upping the stakes by trying to provoke the Syrians to retaliate against their attacks over the Golan Heights…. We also see the new report that came out just yesterday that the Syrian forces have received the “green light” to retaliate against any Israeli aggression over Syrian territory.  This may only play into the criminal US/Israeli hands, because they could use the Syrian retaliation as their excuse to attack Syria itself….All to protect “poor little Israel”…..


Of course while the world’s attention has been focused on Syria and Turkey, there has been little attention paid to the actions of the criminal state of Israel, as they further accelerate their seizure of the land of Palestine and expel the Palestinians from more and more of their territory…. I see this last week that the criminal and insane government in Israel has stated clearly that they will NEVER allow the creation of an independent state of Palestine… But lets face the facts here…. These Jewish criminals have always wanted the entire region of Palestine, that they have absolutely no rights to, for themselves… These selfish monsters look upon the Palestinians as nothing more than a nuisance in their quest for more territory.   I have stated it before and I will state it again.. There is no alternative for the Palestinian people now other than to fight for their land.  Negotiations with the Zionist Jews is and always has been impossible… It is now fight and resist or become slaves and face permanent expulsion from their rightful land…


The push for war on Iran is also still full steam ahead for the criminal Israelis and their puppets in the US Government… This last week alone, the US Government passed new “sanctions” against Iran’s currency and even their auto industry…. Just like the previous week where they forced sanctions on Iran’s petroleum products, it appears that these monsters are trying to choke Iran into submission, or attempting to weaken Iran itself just before they launch their long planned assault on that innocent country.  


In other news, I am very concerned about the recent exposure of US Government and NSA spying on the American people by reading everything that people put out in all so called “social media” sites, as well as emails, and even Skype…. But lets face it, everyone… They have been doing this direct violation of everyones’ rights to privacy since the 1990’s when they built ECHELON which could listen into every telephone conversation taking place all over North America ( at least) … This latest program called “PRISM” is just a new and improved program, and just the next step after ECHELON…  The real question now becomes… What will the American people do about this clear violation of their rights? …. The answer is obviously not a heck of a lot…. The American people have been conditioned through years of watching their liberties and freedoms disappear with the Patriot Acts, the airport TSA gropings, and unlawful gun grabbing by their own government… So this latest act by their own criminal government to remove all privacy will probably continue with little opposition from the American SHEEP!  America has become a nation of sheep being definitely led to the slaughter… One other note about this PRISM program is this… WHY is that nobody wants to mention that this program, just like ECHELON before it, has been designed and built by Israel?   Just something to ponder…..


And…. I have long said that everyone, and I do mean EVERYONE, must never, ever, have a “Facebook” account…. .I have shown in many previous articles that this so called “Social Media” site is a fraud, and a massive data mining program for obtaining personal information from the SUCKERS who sign up for it…. That is bad enough, but more recent articles have now linked “Facebook” to this NSA PRISM program for spying on the public…. Well, if you consider that Zuckerberg himself is an Israeli operative, and both PRISM and “Facebook” are based on Israeli designs, I definitely would not put it past them….


One thing that has happened this last week with almost no fanfare ( purposely kept out of the news by the Jewish controlled media) is the big conference in Europe to discuss “Antisemitism” and to seek passage of new laws to stop “hatred” against the criminal Jews…. I have seen the reports coming out of this “conference” and I was disgusted… The Jewish controlled shills that attended this laughable conference went ahead and rubber stamped a whole bunch of new laws that they want their own nations to pass, including making any condemnation against Israel, or any exposure of Israeli criminality, punishable by being “antisemitic” and therefore a “Hate crime”….  Since when does exposure of a nation’s criminality (any nation) a “Hate Crime”?   There have also been the calls for anyone who claims there is a “Jewish world control conspiracy” (Which there is), as well as the Jews controlling all the world’s media outlets (Which they most certainly do) to also be punished by fines or jail time…..It does indeed appear that with the Jews now going for broke in their quest for world control, they want any opposition locked away….. Even though the declarations made in this conference are not binding or put into law by the nations that have signed its accords, it will only be a matter of time before they do……


I have been watching some of the mainstream media reports over the last while, and even though they continue to lie and cover up for many crimes committed by the United States, they can no longer hide the horrible corruption in the US Government itself…More and more we are watching the Barry Soetoro regime in Washington DC reel from new reports about corruption and scandals…. The latest NSA/PRISM scandal comes right on the heels of the “Benghazi-Gate” scandal, where the US tried to create a situation in Benghazi Libya, just before Soetoro’s re-selection in 2012 in a vain attempt to make him look more “Presidential”..But that obviously backfired, some innocent people lost their lives in that fiasco, and the criminal Soetoro got re-selected….I am still shocked that the American people have not called for Soetoro’s own head on a platter…. We must remember that most American people are purposely kept in the dark and have their minds hopelessly clouded by the chemicals in their own diets as well as the mind control exerted by their Talmud-Visions…..The United States itself is now  in a tailspin towards both economic collapse and becoming a police state, and most of its own citizens are nothing more than mutton chomping sheep!


I have had many strange comments over my posting of the lastest article by John Kaminski entitled: “Begging To Be Holocausted”, and I have safely assumed them to be from my “favorite fan club”, which are the usual JIDF and other Israeli agents that have been assigned to monitor this site…. I usually ignore them, or take my own shots at the commentators themselves… To me, JIDF agents are hysterical at times!  I have to laugh at their strange assertions about John himself being a “Nazi”… That term has lost its sting these days as more people research the truths about Germany, National Socialism, and even Adolf Hitler himself.   But try as they might, these agents of Israel have nothing else to fall back on, because everything that John Kaminski states in that article is absolutely true…. I of course am presently stuck in a country that has its Jewish control and its draconian “Hate Crime” laws, but I can hope that everyone looks at the evidence and comes to their own conclusions about that important part of our history….. The real truths about what happened during World War II must come out simply because people do deserve the truth and not lies!


In other news… My friend, Whitewraithe, has asked my to “simulcast” these rants from now on at her Pragmatic Witness website:, and I will oblige…. I also want everyone to take the time to look over her archives at  her previous site:   There is a wealth of information there that is a must read by everyone in their journey towards the truth……


Well… I guess that is enough for now… But I will close this rant with my usual last minute “tidbits”… So here goes nothing….. I see that the criminal John McCain is now back from his furlough into Syria to meet with the murderous rebels.  Someone told me the other day that John is saying that he was not aware that he was meeting with representatives of “Al Qaeda” (!) when he went to Syria.  Either the man is that stupid, or he is insane.  I am leaning towards the latter……. It looks like we will have the coldest summer here in Canada in over 50 years, and I do wonder:  Where are the Global Warming nutters when I need to curse and take shots at them?……No new news from Fukushima Japan?  That disaster is still going on, and TEPCO is indeed dumping the radioactive waste water from the failed cores into the Pacific Ocean.  Again, I see BILLIONS of dollars for wars for Israel, and not a pittance for this disaster that could still kill millions.  No hypocrisy here, right?………Another shooting, this time in Santa Monica California, that has left 6 (?) people dead.  I am waiting for more information before I call this one a “false flag” attack like all the previous ones. I do wonder why the lack of media attention like all the others?  Is it possible that this is a real shooting, and not like the contrived ones at Sandy Hook and Aurora, and therefore of little interest to the Jewish criminals?  I wonder….And finally, the news about America’s greatest family, the Kardashians!  I found out that a new season of these skanks and trollops has begun, and the media here claims it will be more “exciting” than all the previous ones.  Please, shoot me now!


More to come



2 thoughts on “Northerntruthseeker Rant For Sunday, June 9th, 2013

  1. We’re having a cold summer here in England too. Just slipped into a pair of Long Johns.

    I can also confirm that the bulk of the population here as in the US are now in a permanent state of infantalization. Most of my neighbours are educationally subnormal. Ironically that is the “norm”.

    Supposedly, we had another Islamist attack in London last month. A British soldier was decapitated in the street and the perpetrator was given airtime by the BBC. His hands drenched in blood he told the camera that this was revenge for the victims of NATO attacks in muslim lands.

    Pretty obviously the attack was carried out by the intelligence services for whom both “terrorists” were working. It was nothing more than MI5-sponsored street-theatre presentation with the object of stirring up Islamophobia to propel the flagging “War on Terror” hoax.

    Now the sheeple appear to have swallowed the official story in its entirety; just like they did with 911, Madrid, Mumbai,7/7 and other productions. The fascist organisations, BNP and EDL, are marching nationwide to voice their anti-muslim message. Naturally, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that both groups are replete with Mossad agent provocateur operatives.

    One thing, howver,has been left hanging in the balance. The “dead” soldier as far as can be ascertained has still not been buried.

    My sense is that they are still waiting for Crisis Actors (of Sandy Hook notoriety) to select the cast for the coming funeral episode of their “War on Terror” soap opera.

    Don’t the sheeple just love a soap opera!

  2. The LIberty attack like all the other Jewish crimes over centuries is taboo. Didn’t Voltaire tell us that if we were ever unsure about who ruled us all we had to do was to think which people we were never allowed to criticize? Ergo the Jews are our rulers!

    If it rates highly on the official media’s absentometer i.e. it’s not covered, then the Jews have committed another crime against humanity they would prefer us not to talk about.

    The current top rating on the absentometer is the events in Turkey. Having read Christopher Bjerknes’s richly sourced account of how on the eve of WW1 the Jews encouraged the genocide of the Ottoman Armenian population so that they (the Jews) could took over their monopoly as facilitators of state business, it didn’t take me long to work out that the Turkish population are by now quite restive about the prospect of their country being used as a forward base for the coming NATO attack on Syria.

    This is certainly not what I am hearing on the BBC. The Rothschild-controlled state media are reporting the disturbances in Turkey in absurdly vague terms that leave anyone who is actually keen to find out what is happening there absolutely none the wiser.

    The good (real) news from Syria is that the Western-sponsored AlCiada Islamists are taking a pasting. The Jewish central banker cartel (a.k.a. the Money Trust/Rothschild Octopus) will now have to go back to the drawing-board to work out how they can trick us into WW3.

    WW3 represents their last best hope of recovering the money they’ve lost and re-enslaving us in their debt peonage scam.

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