Northerntruthseeker Rant For Sunday, June 23rd, 2013

It is now Sunday, and it is time again for my weekly rant…

Yes, I have been semi- “Missing In Action” the last while…. I have been spending more time lately taking care of personal and family business, and working at getting myself into better shape..  I have long been a proponent of the idea that a “Healthy body makes for a healthy mind”… With that, this blog has fallen a bit by the wayside, and there have been fewer articles lately… But like I have said before, I am not quitting… I have never been a quitter, and I will continue to be around for quite some time to come….

Yesterday, I spent an hour talking to my good friend and colleague, Whitewraithe, who of course writes the Pragmatic Witness blog (, and I figured I would let her fans know here that she is very much alive and kicking… She has been suffering from a lot of stress and depression the last while, which has led to her having severe health issues.  She has not posted an article at her blog for a while as a result…. I have again asked her not to quit, and she has informed me that she does not want to quit, but wants to take her blog in a different direction.   I will always support her in her endeavors, and I do hope for the best for her….

When I look at the diabolical people behind what ails this planet right now, I have always been asking myself… How can anyone of good conscience do such horrible things to their fellow human beings?   I have long been puzzled by the mentality of these monstrous criminals, due to the fact that I have long believed that human beings are wired basically for good, and then I started thinking.. Maybe I have been wrong all along and human beings are not wired for good at all…It does appear that many are actually wired for personal selfishness, greed, and immorality….. Is this the true nature of the human psyche?

When I look upon the Jewish problem, and see that the majority are involved directly or indirectly in the crimes against the rest of humanity, I am indeed troubled…. How can anyone go through an entire lifetime with such hatred for their fellow man?  How is it that these people can somehow consider themselves as superior to others?   To me, we are all human beings, flesh and blood, and with our physical and mental weaknesses.  I have long said that the key to humanity is for each to work towards the benefit of everyone, and not towards the selfishness of the few…This is why I do look at Judaism, which teaches selfishness, greed, and immorality as a whole, as a detriment of all mankind, and should rightfully find itself in the trashcans of history!

This last week, I saw some very interesting articles that I never covered in previous articles, but I will discuss a few here in this rant…. For example, a commentator asked me to look into the article that was out this week about several Jews in upstate New York who were working on an “X-ray gun” to take out the people who were against the criminal state of Israel.   When I read the article, I thought about how these guys could even possibly build such a device and from what I do know about X-ray machines, and how they operate…I laughed… The energy requirements for such a gun, and the makeup of such a device, would make it as deadly to the operator as to its intended victim.     The bottom line is that if such a device were built, it would irradiate the operator as badly as its intended target.   Maybe sometime in the future such a device could be built, but at present it is still out of the present scientific realm…… This is why I do not give much credence to this article at all….

Then there was a new article released last week about a Jewish man named Joe Corry who has suddenly had memories of his “exploits” in World War II, and has been writing them in his new “memoirs”…. I read the article about this clown, and I wondered why anyone could possibly believe his shoddy lies… This guy claims he watched the British landings on D-day from houses along the beach…. That alone was an impossibility, considering the Germans rightfully moved all the tenants of these homes out months before the D-Day landings, and these homes were then occupied with German soldiers…Then there was his outlandish claims that he met and RESCUED (!) Dr. Robert Oppenheimer, one of the scientists behind the Manhattan Project, in Holland when the British pushed into that country in 1945…. That alone was a laugher considering that Dr. Oppenheimer was in the United States at the time working on the Manhattan Project, and absolutely nowhere near Holland…. Then there are other absolutely ridiculous claims that he assassinated a Nazi Scientist using a “crossbow”, and even attached limpet mines to U-boats…. But the real kicker was his “seeing experimental Nazi extermination camps” during his time in Holland…. What we have here is another Jewish LIAR who is out to try to sucker money out of the “Goyim”…. But what troubles me is how in the hell the Jewish community itself can actually condone this clown’s outright lies!…. But we already know that the Jews are all for suckering the Goyim with their lies… We have seen the Elie Wiesel lies already for too long…..

Now for the story of the week… The assassination of Journalist, Michael Hastings, on an interstate highway just outside of Los Angeles… And yes, lets stop kidding ourselves here… That was an assassination….. Michael Hastings was already exposing the criminality of the US Government and was going to reveal even more when Government agents took him out……I for one have never ever seen a Mercedes Benz explode the way his vehicle did, and to find engine parts a few hundred feet away from the explosion is the tell tale sign of a preplanned and prepositioned explosive charge on his vehicle… In my discussion with Whitewraithe yesterday, I said to her that I can guarantee Hastings was already dead, but they needed to create the “accident” to get rid of the body….. Remote controlled vehicles are easily done, and having it hit a tree at 100MPH and then explode conveniently gets rid of the body….This should be a warning to anyone who wants to turn whistle-blower to watch their steps very carefully….

Of course we have the continuing exposure of the United States NSA operation of surveillance of every American citizen…. I have already said in previous rants that they have been doing it now for decades, and that every computer program in existence today has a built in back door that allows agents to view what we are watching, listening to, and even posting in articles such as this.    I was indeed startled this last week when several Government officials said that they saw no problem with people being watched if there is nothing for them to hide…. That is just sick and not the point… True freedom means that individuals can make decisions and do what they want without the watchful eye of “big brother”…. To watch peoples’ every action is just another form of a tyrannical dictatorship.

Of course, this illegal surveillance is indeed going on here in Canada as well…. The criminal Harper government can deny it all they want, but Canadians are not that stupid (at least I hope), and are well aware that what is happening in America is reflected here in Canada as well…..I will state it again, any unwarranted surveillance of people is pure tyranny and criminality.   People have to wake the hell up and put a stop to it immediately.

I am truly troubled by the American people sitting idly by and just watching as their government moves arms, and men, to the borders of Syria for their planned attack on that innocent nation.   We are indeed watching Iraq 2003 all over again, and using the same lies now as then…. But the evidence is clear that the Syrian government has not or will never use chemical weapons on its own citizens.   Common sense, everyone…. Assad has the love and support of his people, so why in the hell would he even think about turning such weapons on them?

We all know by now that the US and Israel that have been funding the so called “rebels” are the perpetrators of this chemical weapon scheme.   The facts are clear that Assad’s Government forces are wiping out these criminals and murderers in every battle across Syria, and that the “rebel resistance” is rapidly disappearing now.   The only way to save these criminals is for direct US/Israeli intervention, and the criminals in the US government and the criminal state of Israel are wanting that intervention via the lie of chemical weapons…… Again, people have to wake the hell up and put a stop to it immediately…

I did put out an important article just a few days ago that should finally put the fraud of the need for seasonal “flu shots” out of its misery.    I have had an uphill fight for the last few years in trying to tell people who I see lined up at Pharmacies to receive their “free flu shots” to stop what they are doing… I have suffered from ridicule and even outright threats of harm in trying to convey the message that “flu shots” absolutely do NOT work……  I only ask people to look at all of the evidence that I and others have presented to show the proof of the fraud of vaccinations…. That article from Activist Post that I posted just vindicates my actions and my efforts….. I again ask everyone to absolutely refuse to take any vaccinations, period…. You are far better off by eating properly, getting proper rest, exercise, and taking supplements…. These can boost your immune system far better than poisoning it through the fraud of vaccines…

I saw an article the other day that shows how the Rothschilds and their cronies have been manipulating the Gold Markets and have been behind the wild fluctuations in Gold pricing the last while…. I really need to ask why nobody sees the obvious here… These criminal Jews have indeed been manipulating the price of Gold for their own benefit…. Their plans have always been to fully control every ounce of Gold in the world, and once they reach that phase of their plans…Destroy the world economies…. Once those economies are ruined, they will of course offer their “solution” which will be a Gold based currency…. But of course, since they control all the Gold that this new currency will be based upon, they will attain their sick twisted goal of being masters of all humanity…Control the Gold and they will control the world!

I see that many writers in the alternative media are focusing in on the TWA flight 800 disaster of July 17th, 1996 saying that government officials are lying about the cause of the crash being an electrical fault… Here it is in a nutshell… TWA flight 800 was indeed shot down by an Aegis cruiser launched surface to air heat seeking missile….. The US government has been lying its ass off for close to 17 years now and have been unwilling to accept the fact that they are fully responsible for this shoot down.   What should happen after all these years is for the US Government to finally admit their mistake, compensate the victims’ families for that mistake, and suffer the consequences of losing the trust of the people.  Their avoidance of telling the truth now will only make it much worse for them in the future….

I was reading an interesting article (link) by Stephen Lendman the other day about a “secret” US military base being built in Israel that turns out to be an ICBM missile base…. I am puzzled by this action by the US government in helping the Israelis develop intercontinental ballistic missiles, simply because these criminally insane Jews would indeed use these missile on American cities if they were ever in crisis according to their insane “Sampson Option”…. Does anyone else see the madness here in helping these lunatics build ICBMs that will be used on American cities????   Am I missing something here?  Is the American government really this stupid or are they just showing how much the Jews are in total control?

Well, I guess that is it for the major stuff today… But in closing, I will fire off a few last minute tidbits…. I see that the criminals behind the Global Warming fraud are definitely not giving up, and in fact the Barry Soetoro regime will announce its Global Warming plans as early as this coming Tuesday.  I sure hope people in America are ready for new fraud Carbon taxation!……And speaking of the fraud of global warming, this is turning out to be one of the coldest and wettest summers here in decades.   It has indeed been raining heavily here, but not as bad as what just hit Calgary Alberta!  All this rain and flooding are signs of definite Global Cooling which I and others have predicted for years….There have been a few reports trickling out of Japan over the last few weeks about the long term damage from the Fukushima disaster.  It appears that thousands are now definitely dying from radiation exposure, but the world is not paying any attention to this horrible disaster against humanity.  Again, wars for Israel come first!…Another report surfaced this last week about Jewish organ trafficking, this time in Costa Rica.  These ghouls never seem to quit their lust for Gentile organs, do they?…..If anyone has any doubts that professional sports are fixed, then they need to look at the NBA finals between the Miami Heat and San Antonio Spurs as a prime example.   Jewish owners and Jewish commissioners fixing sports for money? Who would have thought?…..And finally, the part a lot have been waiting for; My weekly love of America’s sweethearts, the Kardashians!  I have received some complaints that I have been coming down too hard on these trollop skank whores, and that I should look at other examples of American lowlife such as Madonna.  Yes, Madonna is one scary looking skeleton, and she is a warped thinking Kaballist. But her heyday of skankiness was decades ago…..Until America wakes up and turns off the mind warping of these so called “reality shows”, then my shots at this sheer stupidity will continue….And for those who do not like what I have to say, you can always turn to crap sites such as Infowars for more mind numbing entertainment…..

More to come


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  1. I think it would be good for White Wraithe to take her blog to a spiritual place… to explore what the religious and governments have been keeping from us. That is the place we all need to wind up at… the news can’t be trusted… religion can’t be trusted… we can put faith in ourselves and find our own strengths.

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