Northerntruthseeker Rant For Sunday, June 30th, 2913

It is now Sunday, June 30th, 2013, and it is time for my weekly rant of what I see is wrong and sometimes right in this world…

First things first… I want to wish all of my fellow Canadians a Happy Canada Day tomorrow, July 1st, 2013.   It is supposed to be a day to celebrate being Canadian… But considering what I have seen from the criminal Harper regime in Ottawa over the last while, there is little here to be truly happy about…

Yes, the province of Alberta has just endured one of the worse floods in their history, with much of Calgary and surrounding communities inundated and destroyed by flood waters.  But what just came across the news the last few days definitely raised my own eye brows… It does appear that while the waters in the community of High River, Alberta were receding, the criminal Harper federal government sent in their Royal Canadian Mounted Police (thugs) RCMP officials to go illegally into High River homes, and illegally and without warrants seize any firearms they came across…. This is not only illegal search and seizure, but shows that the Harper government is indeed working on confiscating Canadian firearms just as badly as the Soetoro administration in Washington is.  Sadly, most Canadians are unaware of this criminal action by their own government, while they sit back and try to enjoy this long weekend…

So, again, Happy Canada Day, my fellow Canadians… Enjoy your barbeques, your beaches, your cottages, while this once free nation goes to hell along the same path that the once great United States is taking…

I have indeed been watching the news reports over the last while about this Edward Snowden character and how he has valuable information about the illegal activities of the criminal NSA in America.   It does appear that he is continuing to be on the run as the US is indeed doing a global search for him to have him “captured” (most probably killed) for his knowledge and to be brought back to America to face trial….

I do wonder what Edward Snowden does know that he is so wanted by the criminal Soetoro administration?  And I am troubled by one important fact that many have overlooked… If this man has indeed information that could damage or destroy the Soetoro administration and bring down the criminal NSA as well… Then why the HELL has he not already come forward to any news organization on this planet and spilled his guts about what he knows… It would not only be one of the biggest news reports of the century, but would also clear his conscience of his involvement…. But we have instead his continuing run from US officials, and his unwillingness to clear his soul… That does give credibility to those who think that he is nothing more than a diversion and is being used by these criminals as just another cog in their ongoing war against humanity through their art of deception… If it was me, and I knew everything that Snowden supposedly knows, I would be telling EVERYONE in a heartbeat….

Of course the bigger issue is still the NSA itself, and its continuing spying on the American public with impunity.  I am deeply troubled that more Americans are not up in arms about this serious criminality against their freedoms and liberties…. But of course we have a United States now that is nothing more than a ghost of its previous greatness, where most of the public has been heavily drugged and chemicalized to where their minds are nothing more than mush now… And of course just as in my last article, they have allowed their nation to be run by psychotic thugs, murderers, and lunatics…..It is shocking to see how far the mighty have now fallen…

Of course the NSA scandal is just one diversion of the American public’s attention while the Soetoro regime continues criminal actions all over the world…. One major action by the Soetoro regime is of course their continuing buildup to war against the innocent nation of Syria on behalf of their criminal masters in Tel Aviv…. Few have noticed this week as the US has begun to send a contingency of US troops to Egypt, and has continued to ship more men and equipment to nations bordering Syria, and primarily Jordan under the recent fake “military exercise”… It will only be a matter of time now before these criminals try to impose their “no fly zone” over the innocent nation of Syria, before they openly invade that nation which could happen as soon as this August.

Of course the US and Israel are trying to speed up their plans for an attack on Syria, because the good guys, which are the Syrian government forces under Assad, have been winning their war against the murderous US/Israeli bought and paid for mercenaries, and are at the point now that so called “rebel” resistance in Syria itself has been basically wiped out… The Syrian government forces have now cleaned out major centers such as Homs, and Aleppo, of these criminal and psychotic murderers and are definitely on their way to making Syria “rebel” free…. The US and Israel now have to act fast, or their criminal operations with these thugs will vanish….

Another issue that has happened this last week that had little fanfare was the Soetoro regime pushing their Carbon Tax legislation under the phony Global Warming scam, on the American public.  I read a report where Soetoro himself is now passing himself off as a magician, claiming that his Global Warming scam push can somehow control the world’s temperatures…. This is such a laugher, and yet the American people that have already been so dumbed down and drugged up will probably swallow this BS without much opposition…..

I need not state again that man made Global Warming is pure bunk…. This planet’s climate is not affected by man made pollutants as these criminals behind the scam claim… And it is time for people to wake the hell up and realize that Carbon Dioxide is NOT this horrific “Greenhouse Gas” as the scam artists continue to claim… Carbon Dioxide is in fact a coolant, and a necessity for life on this planet.   The more CO2, the more plant life on this planet thrives… And considering the damage we have done to forrests and to plants already, a little more CO2 is not a bad thing at all!

Of course while world attention has been purposely diverted elsewhere by the Jew controlled media, we see the new reports of new Israeli “settlements” being built at an even more accelerated and alarming rate than ever before…. The facts are clear and people need to understand this clearly… Israel does not want peace with the Palestinians, because they want ALL of Palestine for themselves… People may not like my saying that the Palestinians have no choice now other than to fight, or be wiped out completely…. It is either resist the evil Israeli oppressors, or be exterminated… If I had that kind of choice to make, I know what my decision would definitely be!

And we see the continuing collapse of the US economy that has been also put on the sidelines with the continuing Snowden scandal…. It is absolutely sickening to see a supposedly rich nation, such as America, have so many people living on the streets and some 50+ million now living exclusively on food stamps just to survive…. It has been absolutely sad to watch during my last trips to the United States how much poverty there is, and I do wonder how the American public can continue to allow parasitic thieves and criminals that constitute some 2% of their population continue to control over 95% of the nation’s wealth, and allow so many Americans to suffer horribly.   Again, I put the blame on the brainwashing and drugging up of the American people… The question is always how long they will allow this travesty to continue before some positive action is taken …..

And of course we have been watching the collapse of Gold and Silver prices all over the planet… But this is by design and is being used to strike fear into people to sell off their physical metals…. Again, I do say that people should not give into these false fears, because the criminals themselves have long manipulated these markets and that they have some diabolical plans behind this Gold/Silver price implosion… Hang on to your metals, and do not give into unwarranted fear….

Yes, I have been very busy these last few weeks, trying to take care of personal business, family concerns, and other important issues… The result has been to allow this blog and my reports to slide a bit…..And on top of that, I will be taking a vacation break very soon, but will inform everyone when that happens….. People must understand that I am not giving up on doing this blog at all… I look at this as being my outlet for letting my feelings about what I see is wrong in this world come out, rather than keeping them bottled up…..

Well, I guess that is it for right now… I will of course close with a few parting tidbits….. With everything going so wrong in America right now, I wonder why the hell the people have not tried to have Soetoro impeached or put up on charges for his actions against US citizens?  Are the American people that much of a lost cause?…..I see there is a call for replacement of the failing Euro as a currency for the failed European Union.  I say the heck with that, and that all nations must dissolve that failed Rothschild experiment and go their own ways….No new reports from Fukushima Japan, which does indeed worry me.  Again, do the wars for Israel and NSA corruption matter more than people dying?…..My friend, Whitewraithe who writes Pragmatic Witness is still out there and kicking, and will be on Deanna Spingola’s show on Republic Broadcasting ( this Friday, July 5th, at 11am CDT.  I would like everyone to tune in because it will be a great show.  Maybe someday, Deanna will have me on as well.  Someday…… NHL Hockey season is now over, finally, and I am going through withdrawals now as a hockey loving Canadian.   Just 3 more months before it starts all over again.  Some people say all professional sports are fixed, but we all need an outlet…… And finally, news about everyone’s favorite American skank family and distraction from all that ails America, the Kardashians!  It does appear that princess and primary skank Kim has named her baby “North”, making her daughter’s full name “North West”.  How original, and to me an insult to anyone living in the Northwestern United States and Canada.  I can guarantee that her next child (heaven forbid) will be named “South”, and will give everyone in the southwestern United States something definite they can be proud of…. Yes, maybe its time for me to stop taking shots at the Kardashians and instead look at other American crap reality families… Nahhhhhh….

More to come