Understandable Despondency


I think all of us at times go through lulls, feeling despondent and even depressed with all of this darkness. Why would we not? How could we not? After all we are looking a 99% of dark depressive news and material most of the time. At times we think to ourselves, Is there ever going to be some good news? Even when we do see some light, a dash of hope, it soon gets quashed by the darkness.

So please don’t feel alone, strange or isolated when you feel everyone around you (the sheople) are just having fun and you seem to be in this dark vacuum and not wanting to mix alongside these blue pills. You are not really alone, there are hundreds of thousands of us feeling this isolation, maybe even millions of us. It is tough being and thinking so differently. Having completely different priorities in life other than just having selfish fun. It’s almost surreal caring about what is happening to this world, when almost everyone around you doesn’t.

The purpose of highlighting these areas, even though they are negative, is to seep ourselves in the realities of what we have to face on a day to day level being awake. It is important to objectively face this reality. Like a doctor needs to evaluate the condition of a diseased patient, like a surveyor needs to access the deterioration of a neglected property and like a car mechanic needs to inspect a corroding dilapidated vehicle. This has to be done before any improvement, renovation and repairs can be made. This is realism, it is an honest appraisal and it is actually positive in the long run.

But also this will allow many of us to have an understanding why we naturally would feel very downbeat to say the least from time to time.

10 areas of this agenda which at times can make us quite despondent

1/. Viewing the hard kill

Just look at the material we have to view on our computer screens, and even in the main stream media. The maiming of sweet children, the innocents, the gory blood-stained clothing, the wailing of those who have lost loved ones, the fear, the tears. These never-ending wars, with the intensity of suffering of others – others out there. Our brothers and sisters. Such injustice to humankind.

Its bad enough just observing this as a blue pill, but tenfold as bad for those of us in the know. When we know this is all a deliberate destruction by International Jewry, by the dark force. We know these people are innocent and we feel so impotent to help them, amongst this web of deceit and mind control. These poor poor people – so much pain, so much unnecessary endless suffering. And deep in our hearts, we know this is on the menu for us at some point down the line.

And we’re not supposed to get down about this(?)

2/. Viewing the soft kill

And if the hard kill destruction wasn’t heavy enough a subject to deal with. We have an equally destructive attack in our own lives – soft kill of the goyim. Behind the facade of fun in the sun, the ice creams, the cinema, the music festivals; we are being slowly systematically murdered. There isn’t really another way of saying this. Perhaps eugenics, depopulation, but its gentle murder all the same. How many of us now know people, or have known people who have died of cancer, or other deadly diseases? Loved ones perished in this soft kill. It’s become the new norm. In fact it’s almost a bonus now to be half healthy. We are being poisoned in every conceivable way. And this is just packaged as modern living. And again we feel so impotent to stop it.

And we’re not supposed to get down about this(?)

3/. Sheople around us

Then we try to warn our fellow humankind; and what do they do? – CHOOSE to go into denial mode. Deny the blatant agenda, deny the organised corruption, deny that the people who are supposed to be looking after us have an intent to harm us. Willful ignorance and child-like naive trust in Big Brother. Big brother says everything is ok, so everything must be ok. We have to go about our lives mixing with these idiots. Listening to their insane selfish conversations. Listening to them laughing and giggling away in bars, restaurants and cafes over trivia, whilst the world around them is being destroyed.

And we’re not supposed to get down about this(?)

4/. Blue pill loved ones

And what is especially hurtful is to see our loved ones accepting this agenda. Accepting their subservience, accepting the kosher narrative from their gogglebox (TV) in the corner of their living rooms. Trusting their newspapers and repeating this garbage as if it’s their own thoughts. Likewise with their academia (indoctrination) that they have been fed. And to think they have to pay for this mind control. Our spouses/partners, our siblings, our children, our parents, our closest family members; watching all of them suffering, yet pretending to themselves they are not suffering and somehow things will just work out in the end. All of them ignoring or mocking our silly little conspiracy theories.

And we’re not supposed to get down about this(?)

5/. Demonization from the media

We have to put up with the JMSM mocking those of us who are awake. They’re crafty bastards because they don’t do it in an obvious way so that the blue pills will notice. It’s always covert. Through comedies and so-called documentaries. They are laughing at us. They are effectively saying “We know you know that we know you know – and we don’t care – ha ha ha.” They taunt us with indirect labels as terrorists, that we’re insane, that we’re ignorant, or even that we’re gullible conspiracy theorists. And that we insult the victims of these atrocities (which are really hoaxes). Such friggin hubris.

And we’re not supposed to get down about this(?)

6/. Legal threats

And for those of us who dare to stand up to the beast; we get threatened. We get penalized through fines, penalties, curfews, threats of incarceration, threats of being homeless, threats of losing our slave positions. Intimidation of freedoms and privacy. Watched, spied on, monitored, regulated, controlled. Big brother will just not put up with any awkward slaves. How dare we contest their narrative of events. How dare we challenge the system. How dare we demand freedom. How dare we protest their plans to destroy us.

And we’re not supposed to get down about this(?)

7/. Truther apathy

For those of us who are trying to do our bit; it sometimes feels we are the only ones who care – I mean really care. Yea sure we know people around us who are awake and sympathize with us and share all the links. But when it comes to doing something, on a regular basis, we feel so alone. This can be soul destroying; draining. As if we haven’t got enough to deal with, without having to constantly motivate others to try to prevent their own destruction.

But behind all their emotive rhetoric and well-meaning sound-bites, there doesn’t seem to be any drive in them. Like they don’t give f**k about their future. They’ld rather just have fun and enjoy their selfish sense gratifications.

They cannot really care, otherwise they would override their apathy and fear and just do. They would automatically just get on with fighting in this war. Nobody is asking them to do anything outstanding or dramatic, just lots of little on a regular basis. Regular leafleting, design and produce posters, create their own fliers, burn DVDs, attend demos to propagate real Truth, etc. There are a thousand things one can do. But in most cases it’s just moan, moan, moan and whizzing across scary links and lots of rhetoric on what they intend to do and what we should do.

And we’re not supposed to get down about this(?)

8/. Half-Truthers and shills

Then when we attend meet ups and demos we have to contend with the half-Truthers. The trusting long-term truthers who refuse to go beyond what their guru David Icke says. They express how irritated they get with the sheople around them for not waking up, but are equally dismissive when it comes to any information beyond the controlled opposition they loyally cling to. It’s insane. Yet more mind control.

And we’re not supposed to get down about this(?)

9/. Depravity and destruction

As with both hard kill and soft kill, we have to observe the carnage in this world. However this particular area specifically focuses on the immorality and deprivation we can now see in our society. The sexualization of our youth and even children. The filth which is now sneaking into the main stream media. The normalization of sexual trends away from nature. The zombie themes, the degrading of the human body, the trivialization of traditional values and culture. The MTV talk and culture seeping into our very lives. All this social engineering through predictive programming. Destruction of goodness, values, ethics, morals and a promotion of satanic/demonic driven cultures.

And we’re not supposed to get down about this(?)

10/. In-betweeners 

To me this is one of my most disheartening and frustrating areas of all. That the people in society who are supposed to be directly looking after us, who are being paid to protect us, are the actual ones who are enslaving and oppressing us on behalf of these criminals. Sheep controlling the sheep.

These in-betweeners: the police, the army, the council officials, the debt collectors, the traffic wardens, the plastic police (Community Support Officers), the social services. All mind-controlled sellouts. Double traitors in costumes. Every one of them have sold their souls to the dark side. They are our own stock, born and bread with us and living amongst us; yet have chosen mammon above ethics and common sense. Shame on you, you traitors.

And we’re not supposed to get down about this(?)


So for those of us who have chosen the red pill, these are the realities we are having to face on a daily basis. So please don’t beat yourself up if you are getting down about all of this. It’s all very well saying “Be positive” and having a stiff upper lip. But at some point we have to acknowledge that it is perfectly normal and natural to feel depressed by this harsh brutal reality. These ugly Truths and insanity are cumulatively going to bring us down from time to time.

You are not going mad – it’s just the madness around you.

However, we really have to try hard and not succumb to the darkness. Otherwise it’s killed us even before our deaths. We must not let this beast destroy our souls, our very spirit. This is ultimately what this war is about. An energy war attacking our very essence – our souls.

Try every trick in the book to defend yourself from potential depression and pessimism. Take weeks off at a time if necessary, treat yourself to a weekend break, have the occasional message, eat well, try to have some fun, do some exercises – especially a walk in nature, regular meditation and prayer. Confine in others who are awake. But most of all, try and connect up to a spiritual position. Tap into your inner strength within.

It is crucial that we try and not wash our sorrows and depression in additions of any form ……alcohol, weed, porn, gambling, junk food, etc. All of these will induce depression and make any depression worse. It will pertain to the darkness – remember this is all about energy in an energy war. Time to clean up and pure up.

One of the best ways of tackling despondency and potential defeatism is by taking action. Physically doing something in some small way to try to combat this beast; especially with others on a regular basis is an enormous antidote to any depression and feeling of lack of hope. It is very motivational and always gives you the knowledge that whatever happens – you know in your heart you did your bit.


WW~Notes: Digger has eloquently provided the primary reasons for my absence of late, these last months being the longest.  Being in this movement is akin to being infected by a lethal virus.  Chances for success, meaning long-term staying power, depend on how we absorb the lethal bacterial information.  Some will be able to fight it off, while others will succumb to its effects.  Unfortunately, I fell to the latter and was forced to retreat until I could build up an immunity, so to speak.  

2 thoughts on “Understandable Despondency

  1. Right on, were all with ya, “We must not let this beast destroy our souls, our very spirit”..
    I’d rather Die on my feet than Live on my knees for NWO…
    I just got permanently banned off 3 of the biggest well known name Conspiracy forums on the internet exposing NWO higher up secrets and truths of “TPTB” corruptions, they got to be NWO SCHILL FORUMS…
    I learned evil lurks in very unexpected places all around us, BEWARE!
    All Keepers of truth must remain Pure and Strong!

    Those who want to live let them Fight,
    and Those who do not want to fight deserve to DIE…… A. Hitler

    • Fully agree, and remember, to walk in the light of truth is to be alone…at least, at first.

      My only allies now are folks like you and many others through the internet.

      But I still live by “The x-Files” mantra – TRUST NO ONE.

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