The Jew Menace: Killing the world, right before our eyes



By John Kaminski

It simply is no longer enough to point out the crimes against humanity by the corrupt U.S. government without specifying those behind the scenes pulling the strings on all these atrocities.

Without attaching the word “Jew” to every crime and every lie the U.S. government tells its own people, most writers are actually doing the work of the Jews by covering up the Jew roots of all these destructive acts undermining the freedom and health of everyone in the world, simply by not mentioning the word “Jew” in their stories.

Investigative reports about politics or medicine or practically any other subject that don’t mention the word “Jew” are essentially meaningless, because they don’t address the root cause of the problems, and subsequently do nothing to solve the problem being written about. In fact, these stories are worse than meaningless. They are deliberately deceitful, because they conceal the evil force that has created all these problems in the first place, destabilizing every country in the world for the purposes of profit and control, as well as enjoying perverse pleasure from the pain they inflict on others.

The U.S. government is now an entirely Jew operation. The more intelligent observers among us know that it has been throughout the 20th century. From Homeland Security to the American Federation of Teachers, from both major political parties to the cabal of kosher killers on Wall Street, they are all run by Jews.

The future of America is now certain. If you are not a Jew, or deemed suitable to be a slave of the Jews, you simply will not be allowed to survive.

Presidents and senators have long been surrounded by Jew operatives directing their paid patsies to produce profits for the paymasters and pain for the populace. In fact, more than pain. What we are seeing now is a mass murder plot the likes of which the world has never seen, a multi-front extermination program that has the enthusiastic approval of the U.S. government.

And not only is it succeeding, the vast majority of its victims are applauding it, and clamoring for more, while staunchly defending the psycho actors who are busy killing them.

While mainstream news items such as the war on Syria are totally twisting the facts to make it seem that Syria’s leader is gassing his own people, numerous other eminently more credible reports reports have proven that the Jew-driven U.S. is paying the opposition and providing the poison weapons for the rebels to use, then blaming these gas attacks on the Syrian government and the very people they are being used against.

It’s the same formula Jews in Israel use to explain why they have to kill Palestinian children, who are the victims and not the terrorists the Jewish mainstream media labels them. Now we see the same thing happening in America, where defenders of the Constitution opposing government lies used to kill innocent people are termed criminals, instead of the principled patriots they actually are.

This is the typical media fluff formula that has sabotaged the whole world. Combined with the steady dumbing down of our educations, the kosher perps get away with crimes that — because they control the courts and the cops and the legal profession — they falsely insist are legal, and laugh at our stupidity for blindly accepting these cynical betrayals.

Obama’s executive order that he could kill anyone he wants to is the most egregious of these, a brazen, serial killer move that barely elicited a peep of protest from the dimwitted Americans more interested in tractor pulls and Wet T-shirt Contests.

This is also the way that all the U.S. wars have started. Despite the overwhelming opposition of the American populace, which has never wanted any of them, the wars were staged, millions of people died, and nothing really changed as new wars continue to be manufactured.

This perversion of publicity and justice is sponsored by Israel and the Jew murderers who run the war machine, who include the Queen of England and the slimy series of thoughtless perverts in the U.S. White House. It has already been noted that Prince William, Kate and Little George, the future monarchs of England, all have have Jew blood in them. Except for the two who were assassinated, every American president since Theodore Roosevelt, except for Kennedy, has been controlled by Jews.

But the twisting of the world’s political news and cramming it into everybody’s TV -addled brains is NOT the most dangerous part of what can only be called the kosher destruction of humanity for profitable purposes.

Nor is the presumptive emptying of the bank accounts of everyone in the world by supremely insane Ponzi schemes such as counting derivative investments as assets and running up multi trillion dollar deficits, assuring a majority of the world’s population will starve to death in the very near future . . . if the myriad other tentacles of this monstrous assault on humanity don’t kill them first.

Nor is the flooding of the world with debilitating radiation that guarantees 90 percent of the world’s babies birthed in its path (which is the entire planet) will be born defective if not dead, and that the living will see their lives drastically shortened by thyroid and other cancers.

Nor is the monopolization of the world’s food supply by a Jew slave trading and weapons making company named Monsanto guaranteeing the debilitation and death of all who consume their poisoned products, and also rendering the land itself incapable of growing healthful vegetation.

Nor is the fouling of the skies with life-choking aluminum that radically interrupts the nurturing rays of the Sun from fueling the photosynthetic processes on which the birds and the bees and every other living thing depend upon to get the nutrients they need to sustain their survival.

Nor is the introduction of homosexuality to preschoolers, who have no concept of such matters until years later. This premature ejaculation of perverted prurience into the minds of impressionable toddlers not only feeds the rape machine that is the hidden hobby at the highest levels of rich and powerful world politics, but it forever ruins the chances of all these children to raise healthy families, as marital relationships based on unnatural sex are known to not last, but devolve into infidelity and violence that casts its self-destructive shadow onto subsequent generations in tragic cycles of abuse and betrayal, thereby decaying the family structures that hold free societies together.

Nor is the fact that control of the all the world’s information has fallen into the hands of the Jew Ray Kurzweil, new intelligence chief at Google, who believes that in a very short period of time, every living person will receive their information from a central source, and that source will of course be Jewish, which essentially is already the case. Kurzweil also believes that human consciousness will soon be downloaded into indestructible technological bodies that will live forever, and of course, these creations will be totally Jewish.

But no! None of these reasons are main obstacle to your continued survival.

The real problem is your own doctor


The real reason — and cause of your imminent and impending death, already working its way through your own clogged blood vessels and deteriorating cells — is your own doctor, who has signed on in spades to the Jewish murder plan by uncritically accepting what he has been taught in medical school, which has been radically revised to suppress and outlaw the most effective formulas for healthy living. Instead the vast majority of mainstream doctors divert their objectives to selfish pursuits, not to mention mass murder by injection.

Every doctor gets a bonus from the pharmaceutical companies for every pill he or she pushes. Wonder no longer why the American Medical Association, a Jew operation from its earliest tawdry beginnings, wants to ban all vitamins, supplements and practical non-pharmaceutical remedies to maintain your own health.

Or why they have nothing to say about GMOs or glyphosate, the poison in Monsanto’s Roundup herbicide which has totally toxified America’s food supply.

It’s because they want to kill you, after first taking as much of your money as they can, and getting fabulously wealthy in the process, which is a philosophy about as Jewish as you can get.

Just think about what doctors are doing to us. They don’t try to cure us; they merely replace one disease with another, which does not eliminate illness, but only replaces one malady with another for which they can charge an arm and a leg as they rot your brains and poison your body. This philosophy comes right out of the Talmud.

Think of the deliberately false cures they’ve profited from over time — mercury fillings guaranteed to trigger diseases; approval of fluoride in water supplies which dulls our brains into semi-consciousness; radiation and chemotherapy for cancer treatments that kill us slowly while the medical professionals drain our wallets and bankrupt the middle class; causes of cancer in Salk’s famous polio vaccine which weren’t discovered until decades later; their deliberate inventions of AIDS, Alzheimer’s, Asperger’s and autism; and most recently the demon drug known as Gardasil, now recommended for all children despite its stupendous track record of killing young girls or sterilizing them for life.

And now they’re even suggesting boys should take Gardasil, which makes no sense at all, but the majority of sheeple are too comatose to notice. Yet another nominee for medical scam of the century. <>

This is prima facie evidence of the dumbing down of the American population to permit this obvious sham medicine to be inserted into millions of American girls and boys, only to see fertility destroyed and illnesses savage a very large percentage of them — even as the inventor of Gardasil has admitted it doesn’t work, and only makes children sick.

Don’t even get me started on other vaccines, which most people accept without thinking, and do serious long term damage to themselves.

The cholesterol hoax


Because I’m an old geezer with heart issues, my own personal pet atrocity which mainstream doctors across the board push before anything else these days is the use of statins, which depletes the body’s cholesterol. The one substance the body needs to fight off disease and remain healthy has been targeted by doctors and Big Pharma to INCREASE the incidents of distress and disease, which means more money for them. They tell you that you need to keep your “bad” cholesterol as low as possible, when in fact low cholesterol makes you more susceptible to a whole raft of diseases and debilities.

This is the top priority of the medical profession — to reduce your body’s defenses and make you sicker more seriously and more often. It goes without saying that that the medical profession, hospitals and the American Medical Association have long been dominated by Jews.

Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride, a frequent contributor to Dr. Mercola’s website and author of “Put Your Heart in Your Mouth,” calls the myth that what you eat affects your heart “the greatest scientific deception of this century” (although there is a lot of competition for this dishonor, because that’s really all the allopathic medical community ever creates — scientific deceptions to keep you dependent on their malevolent ministrations).

Now the push is on to get everybody over 50 years of age taking statins to lower their cholesterol, as the Jewish media repeat the lies created by the selective skewing of falsified test data and AMA propaganda. <>

The fact is, as Dr. Campbell-McBride explains it, is that, especially in older people, lowered cholesterol levels INCREASE the risk of heart attack and stroke, rather than reduce them. “The idea that saturated fats cause heart disease is completely wrong, but the statement has been ‘published’ so many times that it is very difficult to convince people otherwise . . .”, she writes. “Readers should be aware of the unscientific nature of claims used to support it and see it as little more than a pernicious bum steer . . .”

Dozens of authoritative quotes from established medical experts follow Campbell-McBride’s own conclusion that the diet-heart hypothesis and this insane rush to lower everyone’s cholesterol is nothing by an urban myth eagerly utilized by doctors focused on their own profitability.

From Dr. Edward Pinckney, author of “The Cholesterol Myths” (2000): “If you have come to believe that you can ward off death from heart disease by altering the amount of cholesterol in your blood, whether by diet or by drugs, you are following a regime that still has no basis in fact. Rather, you as a consumer have been taken in by certain commercial interests and health groups who are more interested in your money than your life.”

Among Campbell-McBride’s many conclusion that statins are a widespread conspiracy aimed at fleecing the public and ruining their health. “In fact,” she writes, “the majority of studies show that men, just like women, die more from heart disease if they have low cholesterol levels. And yet doctors are busy prescribing cholesterol-lowering medication to millions of men around the world.”

And . . . “In Russia, low cholesterol has been shown to be associated with an increased risk of heart disease.”

About the use of labels –

This particular essay does not attempt to address the question of whether the portion of this anti-human, anti-life agenda practiced by the vast majority of mainstream physicians applies to all Jews, almost all Jews, some Jews, or merely a few Jews. I only know that in my experience all the Jews I’ve seen write or heard speak have never challenged the murderous Talmudic teachings of Judaism.

However, I would defend specific use of the word “Jew” to describe all these nasty practices as correct, as attempts by others to use the adjectives “Zionist” or “Communist” or “anarchist” or “neocon” are simply ruses used by Jews to distance themselves from the crimes of their non-spiritual brethren through the use of deceptive synonyms, thereby avoiding their own personal responsibility for this macabre spectrum of colossal crimes against humanity.

After all, the same semantic argument could (and should) be used against Americans, or Russians, or Chinese, or any nationality responsible for deceptive or criminal behavior. I therefore leave it up to the reader to decide if my characterizations are accurate, and if you want to call them Talmudists, or Illuminists, Shabbeatean Frankists, or subversive Marrano maniacs, that is entirely your choice. I only know that I am not interested in using synonyms that serve as camouflage for diabolical practices that in my opinion are best categorized as falling under the rubric of the well-known term “Jew”.

Writers who employ term “Zionist” when they are actually referring to insane Talmudic Jews are actually helping Jew criminals maintain their cover, and avoid responsibility for all the anti-social, hateful behavior mentioned above. If you think I’m wrong about this, be sure and let me know where I could find such a Jew, who could candidly speak about Israeli brutality and its avoidance of worldwide law codes accepted by everyone else, who could admit to the tragic hoax of the Holocaust and continuing torture of the innocent Germans, who could candidly explain the immoral code evident in the Kol Nidre oath that has compelled them to deceive everyone in the world and ravage country after country with their conscienceless fast buck operations with absolutely no regard for the rights and needs of others.

Sad to say I don’t think anyone could find a single Jew who could admit to all these travesties, but hopeful soul that I am, I still cling to the hope that possibly one or two could be turned up with a diligent worldwide search.

I repeat, it simply is no longer enough to point out the crimes against humanity by the U.S. government without specifying who behind the scenes is pulling the strings on all these atrocities.

Writers who fail to explain this distinction are actually making it easier for the Jews to destabilize and destroy societies like the U.S. by demoralizing their citizens, who then focus their wrath on the well-publicized puppets of the Jews like presidents, prime ministers and other potentates, who are only following the totalitarian orders of their Hebrew puppet masters cleverly hiding behind their paid-off bankers and politicians.

And now the next generation is being lured into these false analyses as generations before them have been deceived, leading to the endless string of World Wars that have several deformed humanity and made quadrillions of dollars in evil profits for the Jew menace.

All because people are afraid to use the word Jew in their descriptions of all these crimes that are being committed.

Today, a college degree signifies a dupe who has been properly trained in the dark art of mastering a nonessential task in order to divert their attention from the No. 1 problem of the world, and the one which threatens their lives and their families most profoundly, the Jew destabilization of reality.

What they’ve done to the schools and education, gradually reducing the curriculum to subjects only fit for beasts of burden, is perhaps the greatest tragedy the world have ever seen, robotizing the population.

Therefore, my heartfelt recommendation is to never trust a story that does not include the word Jew in the explanation of the crime against humanity being discussed, for that is the essence of the Judaic philosophy, to commit crimes for profit against not only against humanity, but against all life.

Those who continue to write stories without mentioning the Jewish roots of all these problems might as well put their heads between their knees and kiss their butts goodbye, because they are only helping the evil force that has intimidated them into not using their real name, which renders these cowardly writers incapable of identifying the true criminals of the world with absolute certainty.

You can oppose the Jews, or try to make a deal with them, but the only issue up for debate will be the method of your death, prematurely. And this is where the world is now, because of your personal failure to use the word Jew when describing what has gone wrong with our rapidly deteriorating world.


Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride, MD, MMedSci (neurology), MMedSci (nutrition), “Put Your Heart in Your Mouth,” (2007), order from International Nutrition Inc. <>

See also “Doctors” Behind Syrian Chemical Weapons Claims are Aiding Terrorists for other stirring news about the medical ethics of doctors.

John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.

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    As the Jew puppet-masters orchestrate the next chapter in the black history of Gentile self-abasement, WW3 let nobody be in any doubt that these people set their face against human progress thousands of years ago.

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