Something UGLY is on the horizon recently produced a report about nuclear weapons being sent to the East Coast for shipment elsewhere and I believe it is absolutely real.

Nuclear weapons do not get shipped without a good reason. Shipping nukes is risky business, and the current nuke move involved weapons which have sat idle in storage for 30 years. It all happened in secret, with the people sending them out under orders to do so without a signature. They don’t know where they are ultimately going to, but one of the truck drivers said he was heading to the East Coast.


Israel’s Defence Ministry later said that it, along with a team of United States military advisers, had carried out a test-launch of a Sparrow missile. The Sparrow, which simulates the long-range missiles of Syria and Iran, is used for target practice by Israel’s US-backed anti-missile system, Arrow.

Complication: Israel fired on the U.S. Navy

Though Israel has managed to white-wash this right down the drain, calling it a “test”, I am going to call it like it really was. There is no doubt this was an aggressive move, because if it was not aggressive it would not have been en route to an American target, thus triggering the threat detection on one of the ships. Had this been a legitimate test, the ship would have been warned and would not have needed to rely on countermeasures to prevent a strike.

There is no doubt Israel wanted another U.S.S. liberty style false flag attack to blame on Assad and perhaps provide a reason for the U.S. to use those recently shipped nukes.

Something ugly is on the horizon. I can’t say what it is, but if the nukes are on the move, something very very ugly is coming, and Israel is working over time to make it happen. Nukes on the move, without a signature. Hmmmmmmmmm . . . . . Just perfect for an enormous nuclear false flag bombing run god knows where, or a surprise nuke attack on Iran. I doubt Iran though, because Turkey has already been equipped with over 50 U.S. nuclear warheads including the aircraft to deliver them, and has agreed to do so when asked. And when it comes to Iran, Israel has 500 more they will gladly donate to the weather. This was taken care of decades ago, there is nothing new to the story of Turkey agreeing to do the dirty nuclear work of destroying Iran for America, or Israel being capable of doing it many times over as well.

I have a little prediction here. Russia and China are not stupid, and neither is the American public. Too many people know what is going on now, and it really does not matter where those now secretly mobile American nukes go off, once the nuclear game has started out in the open, even if it begins in Chicago, the final nuclear target will be Israel. ALL the nuclear nations can maintain a viable nuclear deterrent after being struck and Israel will not be forgiven for bringing catastrophe to the world. People are now too wise and I don’t believe the ziopress propaganda will be able to spare the perpetrators.

Here is the infowars nuke report. This was in the rotation for only 20 hours before being pulled. If it vanishes I have it captured.