Massive Jewish Celebrations in Boston & New York on the evening of Sept. 11, 2001

Of the hundreds of articles read over the course of 12 years since 9/11, this mind-blowing, bombshell from Jim Stone’s Freelance was a total shock.  Here is the small paragraph that I would have missed had I not been looking too closely.

I would also like to add – I had friends out in Boston and New York when the 911 attacks happened, and they said that the Jewish communities in those two cities had large areas where the streets were sectioned off and massive celebrations were held on the evening of September 11. It was not just the five dancing Israelis, the entire Jewish community erupted in celebration after the success of the attacks. The videos of the celebrating arabs that the Jews aired in the ziopress were actually shot three years earlier and were stock footage of Eid festivals. Those videos threw America into a rage, but when it comes to winning with a lie, the Bolshevik/Khazar/Ashkenazi/filth mongering “Zionist” Jews are as filthy as it gets. I feel sorry for the likes of Mike Rivero, Aaron Russo, and Henry Makow for having to bear the weight of a lot of well aimed hatred for Jews overall when those three are obviously innocent. I can’t imagine good ol Aaron celebrating 911 with the rest of the boys.

What does this say about these ‘aliens’ who live amongst us?  And they are, no doubt, ALIEN!  Jews might as well be from another dimension.  I’ve seen hatred in some of its most vile incarnations, but this is beyond anything I’ve ever seen or heard of in the real world.  American Jews celebrating the deaths of nearly 3000 citizens in their host country is a repugnant act of unimaginable hate and prejudice.

Thankfully, I’ve known very few jews in my lifetime, although, I’ve been forced to work for them because, hell – they own everything.  Even before I knew the truth, I never trusted them.  And it will be a cold day in a very real hell before I ever again entertain the thought of giving them the benefit of doubt.

And one last thought: if they are God’s chosen, then it’s obvious their ‘god’ is insane.


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