The Jewish Mass Murderers of 9-11

Larry Silverstein and his henchmen.

Larry Silverstein and his henchmen.

There is nothing to celebrate or to find memorable in 9-11: only the blood of the innocent is worthy of remembrance. All that blood was, ultimately, drawn by Zionist Jews. Let anyone prove otherwise.

The people behind who perpetrated 9-11 are genocidal mass murderers. This is true without exception. Because of their acts millions of innocents have been grotesquely murdered, blamed for an act never done by them but, rather, perpetrated by their enemies who are also the great enemies of humankind: Zionist Jews.

All such Jews should be dealt with decisively. They must be thoroughly crushed. Their power base must be cut-off and destroyed. They must be clearly and categorically identified and dealt with for their brutal, murderous acts. These Zionist hostile ones, these brutes beyond comprehension, are maliciously murdering people, while destroying the infrastructure of the whole world, all for their own wicked gains.

How much more blood will the maniacal, murderous, terminally rabid Zionist Jews draw before the whole world descends upon them, smiting them into oblivion?

As a consequence of their vile act on Sept. 11, 2001, how many people were slaughtered? How many miserably wounded? How many tortured and imprisoned? How many raped and defiled? How many racially profiled and hurled with insults? How many driven from their homes, displaced even to another land? Is it not a number far to great to count?

Like any criminal act it is crucial to identify the key criminals, the ones who plotted and then carried out the crime. Yet, then, with a wretched act of this scale not only must the hit men be identified but also those who are truly behind them, the high priests of this murderous act, the great ones who conceived it and carried it through.

Now, it must be said that despite his known involvement in the murder of innocents regarding 9-11 Bush was a minor player, if any. He was never fully privy to the plot, that is he likely did not know that the towers would be precisely detonated at that time nor by whom.

So, to put the blame on the Bush White House for the systematic destruction of the WTC complex – and to blame it exclusively for the resultant injuries and murders – is a distraction. It is a distraction, because it deflects from identifying the real culprits behind this act, which are Zionist Jews.

Since the 1970s the Jews have been plotting to take down the WTC. Rockefeller attempted to do so, legally, in 2000 through controlled demolition. However, his scheme was denied by the New Jersey authorities for fear of asbestos contamination. The top 40-some floors were fully tainted by the substance, turning the buildings into veritable albatrosses. In their terminally wicked style the Zionists sought to achieve all their plots at once: take down the hated buildings, which were financial sinks, while create the guise for murderous wars in the Middle East.

Yes, in fact, it is the these Jews who are the proven culprits. Increasingly, this is becoming known. Now, it is time to take this a step further and name this wretched murderers, those who have drawn vast blood on the face of the earth and who have never been held accountable.

It is clear that these Jews are the culprits. Blowing up two of the tallest buildings in the world, murdering people, injuring others, destroying infrastructure, spreading deadly poisonous material in the air, volatilizing asbestos: and yet these individuals are never named and dealt with?

Of note, all the key agents of the Port Authority are culprits. So are all the top political officials of New York State. So are all those who operate the key Zionist organizations of American: all of them, without exception.

Too, the New York-PA-New Jersey-based Jewish mob was a heavy player, as are the associated financial criminals, those in particular involved in the Enron scandal, whose crime were just to be revealed and whose prosecution went down into the dust with the records for the SEC filings, all in WTC-7.

Thus, here is a partial list of the names of these criminal associates, all of whom are now identified as genocidal murderers, many of whom may well be deemed war criminals.

Top American-European 9-11 criminal agents

David Rockefeller and the various elements of the Rockefeller cabal

Nicholas Rockefeller

The Rothschild cabal, including Edouard de Rothschild

Edgar F. Bronfman

Henry Kissinger

Walter Annenberg

Sheldon Adelson

Steven Wynn

Ronald Lauder (of Estee-Lauder, Jewish National Fund; good reason to boycott Estee-Lauder products)

Michael Bloomberg

Larry Silverstein

Frank Lowy

Bob Asher

Arlen Spector

Joseph Lieberman

Israeli criminals with known involvement in the destruction of the WTC and resultant murders

Ehud Barack

Ehud Olmert

Bibi Netanyahu

Ariel Sharon

Efraim Halevy (former director, the Mossad)

Reuven Azar

Tzipi Livni (so-called Israeli Foreign Minister)

Jacob Perry (former director, Shin Bet)

Avigdor Lieberman

Meir Dagan (former director, the Mossad)

Shabtai Shavit (former Israeli espionage chief)

Ilan Mizrahi

Martin Van Crevald

Shagl Mofaz

Yitzak Shamir

Shimon Perez

Known Mossad agents who were directly involved

Jules and Gedeon Naudet (the lying, thieving Zionist moles who did the documentary, 911 and when revealed, went underground)

Oded Ellner

Omer Marmari

Paul Kurzberg (Dancing Israeli)

Sivan Kurzberg (Dancing Israeli)

Yaron Shmuel (Dancing Israeli)


Note: on Israeli TV these murderous moles claimed that they were merely there to “document” the event, meaning at a minimum, like other elements of world Jewry, they knew the buildings were coming down. Not true: these men are demolition experts and were involved in the destruction of the buildings. Wearing bedouin-like clothing their job was to implicate Arabs and Muslims, even Palestinians, as the perpetrators.

Dominic Suter (Panel truck bomb coordinator)

Jack Abramoff

Salvador Gerson Sunke (attemped bombing of Mexican Congress)

Sar ben Zui

Rahm Emanuel

Ayelet Reisler

Ron Katar

Moshe Elmakias

Legum Yochai

Michael Calmanovic

Hanan Serfaty

Marine Glikman

Yassa Ben-Ari

Irit Stopper

American Jews deeply involved in the crime

Stephen Freedman

Lewis M. Eisenberg

Larry Silverstein

Jacob Ezra Merkin

Michael ‘Junk Bond’ Milikin

Abe Foxman

Michael Gross

Madeline Albright

George Cohen Tenet (a major Zionist infiltrator and key player in the murders)

Paul Wolfowitz (another key mole involved in vast murder and mayhem)

Douglas Feith (rabid Zionist mole, terminally wretched Israeli-Firster)

David Epstein

Fred Kagan

William Kristol

Robert Zoelik

Richard Perle

Jean Kirkpatrick

Caspar Weinberger

Dov Zakheim (Pentagon embezzler and filthy rabbi infiltrator)


James Woosely (Mossad inflitrator of the CIA)

Ken Adelman

Donald Kagan

Paul Bremer

John Bolton

Abram Shulsky

Elliot Cohen

Alvin Berstein

Daniel Pipes (terminally rabid Zionist agent)

David Wurmser

Joshua Bolton

Marc Grossman

Normon Podhoretz

Ari Fleischer

Richard Haas

Non-Jews or Jewish assets with involvement and culpability

George W. Bush, Jr.

John Ashcroft (now a lobbyist for Israeli arms dealer, a rabid Zionist Christian)

Donald Rumsfeld (a key architect of the murderous wars which were a consequence of the Jewish 9-11)

Dick Cheney (Zionist asset; key coordinator of torture and mass murder)

Colin Powell

Condolezza Rice

Alex Jones (predicted 9-11 on July 25, 2001, and, therefore, is a Zionist agent)

Gov. George Pataki

Newt Gingrich

Tony Blair

Zionist media moguls with direct involvement

Steve Rosen (AIPAC)

Keith Weissman (AIPAC)

Phillip Zelikow (cover-up agent)

Maurice Greenberg (AIG)

Michael Chertoff

Michael Mukasey

Alvin Hellerstein

Lev L. Dassen

Ted and Barbara Olson

Rupert Murdoch

Sumner Redstone

Mortimer Zuckerman

Brad Grey

Leslie Moones (CBS)

Jeff Zucker (NBC)

Neil Shapiro (NBC)

Jeff Gaspin

David Westin (ABC)

Mel Karmazin (CBS)

Peter Chernin (NewsCorp)

Harry Sloan (MGM)

Barry Meyer (Warner)

Marty Peretz (New Republic)

Arthur O. Sulzberger (New York Times)

Terry Semel (Yahoo)

Sameul Newhouse, Jr.

Donald Newhouse

Lawrence Kirshbaum (AOL)Z

Andrew Lack (NBC)

Gerald Levin (Time-Warner; CNN)

List source: from the forthcoming book, It’s Worse Than You Think – The Shameful Fraud and Deceit of 9-11, K. Khaleel.

It can be clearly seen that the destruction of the WTC complex and the murder of some of the people within the complex and on the exterior was strictly a Zionist plot and that the key players were all a part of secretive Jewish cliques. Even so, this is merely a partial list of the murderers. Anyone who knows any others who are key perpetrators and moles of this wretched act, an act that led to the stripping of the freedoms of Americans, destruction of their economy, as ell as the global economy, and world-wide prolonged, murderous wars: do contact the author with documentation and those names will be added to the list.

For instance, this list doesn’t include the various agents on the ground who were responsible for creating the hoax of plane strikes and Islamic terror. These hoaxers include Michael Hezarkhani, the Israeli of apparent Iranian descent who made one of the most crucial fake videos of a plane strike, plus Luke Cremin, Evan Fairbanks, Clifton (Steurer) Cloud, Moshe Bursuker, Robert Clark, Robert Fisch, Jennifer Spell, Sean Adair, Naka Nathaniel, and Park Foreman.

Clearly, from this rather extensive list of names the scope of the Zionist conspiracy is revealed.

Let these wretched Zionists prove otherwise. All are involved in 911 and its consequences, which is the mass slaughter of the innocent, the destruction of entire countries, the displacement of countless people, the pollution of the lands of the earth with depleted uranium, the causing of, therefore, great misery on the earth through stillbirths and countless mutations, countless birth defects for which the victims and the families must suffer endlessly. Torture, rape, murder, maiming, destruction of infrastructure: all perpetrated by the named Zionist agents and their collaborators.

See them continue their murderous campaign with their push for the attack on Syria. See them as they seek to draw endless amounts of blood. They are vile, true Satans, just like their father, the devil himself.

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  1. G.W. Bush and Rockerfellers Crypto JEWS?

    I was DEEP in the ‘rabbit hole’ awhile back and ‘jumped a rabbit’ Where I was researching info on the JEWISHNESS™ of of the Rockefellers. Don’t be surprised at what you will find! The entire N.W.O. plot has it’s roots in the EDOM/CAIN conspiracy! CRYPTO JEWS are everywhere! You just have to look. You can see them by their ‘fruits’ and their actions.

    That word “JEW” is what EDOM hides behind….

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  3. Just excellent WW. So glad you’re back in fighting form. This is up to your typical high standard, so comprehensive too.

    Thanks NTS for posting this.

  4. I remember reading some time ago that Dominic Suter was threatening people with legal action if they accused him of involvement in 9/11. They pulled an article at Wake Up From Your Slumber because of the threats. When I went back later it was gone.

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