Dire Warnings from Christopher Jon Bjerknes to the Gentiles

WW~Notes: For over seven years, I’ve reposted dozens of articles from Bjerknes due to his eloquent knowledge of the Jews’ plans for the rest of humanity.  For those new to PW search the archives and the ‘Static Knowledge’ sidebar for his essays.

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We Have Had Seven Years to Prevent This, and You Still Aren’t Doing Anything to Fight Back

The Jews are worried that peace might break out in the Middle East. I warned that they are desperate to start a war with Iran, because their puppet Ahmadinejad is now out of office and the Iranians want peace. This is why the Jews are now taking outrageous and extremely risky steps to wipe out Syria and lure Iran into a war.

The Jews first had the Chinese put pressure on North Korea to threaten the USA with nuclear attack. The Jews then launched another nuclear attack on America by needlessly dumping massive amounts of radioactive materials into the Pacific, which is destined for our shores. Only then did the American government succumb to Jewish demands to attack Syria. I believe our politicians were threatened with scores of Fukushimas in America if they failed to oblige the Jewish demand that America attack Syria and war against Iran.

I warned that the Jews wanted to destroy Syria and Iran, back in 2006 and every chance I have had since then. I warned that they would instigate a series of revolutions in Islamic countries. I warned that Russia and China would do nothing to protect Islam. I warned that they would clear their flight paths to Iran by destroying Syrian air defenses, and that Turkey would be their number one ally in the destruction of Arab and Persian Islam.

I warned that the Jews would again start beheading Middle Eastern Christians in a WW I redux to inflame Christians against Islam, while doing nothing but murdering Christians. I directly, repeatedly and loudly told Middle Eastern Christians that this was coming and in return received only highly publicized smear campaigns against me by Middle Eastern Christians and their Jewish allies, death threats and broken promises. The leaders of these ill fated people want these wars from which they profit as they exploit their own people and all others. They never do anything for us or anyone else but the Jews with whom they are in bed. They forever beg for our help but only to draw us into war against Islam, just as they help the Jews inflame Islam against us. They never help us other than to lure us into war against Islam against our interests. They use their own helpless people as bait for more and endless war. It was an Armenian, James Aratoon Malcolm, who devised the scheme to murder millions more Whites in WW I by blackmailing President Wilson through the Jew Brandeis in exchange for the Zionist Balfour Declaration. Malcolm was in bed with the Rothschilds and Sassouns and betrayed Armenians, Muslims, Americans and Europeans to death and destruction for the sake of the Jews.

Middle Eastern Christians will again be used to bait us into death. They have never helped us and did not heed our warnings, nor did they ever help themselves other than to solicit our support as they publicly defamed us. Their leaders are leeches on our societies, just as they exploit their own good peoples. The only people their leaders ever help as they perpetually beg and loot, are themselves and their Jewish bedmates.

We must now focus on saving ourselves and concentrate on White interests. We should be in the streets demanding that the USA NOT attack Syria. We should be screaming at every corner that the Jews are destroying us and all human life. We should stop fighting other peoples’ fights and start fighting our own.

Are any of you yet ready to help me do this?

I have spent years preparing for what I knew, and warned the World, was coming. I had to abandon my writing for this effort. I may soon have time to begin writing every day again, but I will not stick my neck out for people who will not help themselves, let alone me.

If We Do Not Stop Them, the Jews Will Kill Us All and I Quote:

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Over the years, I have documented several passages in the Old Testament, Talmud and Cabalah, which the jews interpret to mean that the jews’ messiah will exterminate the human race. I have found yet another express statement of the jews’ intent to genocide the human race in Isaac Myer’s Qabbalah of 1888, on page 437, which states in the relevant passage,

“The Coming of the Messiah, Death of All the then Living, and of the New Kingdom. “It is written: ‘I kill and I make alive.’ (Deut. xxxii, 39.) That means: Till now death has been from Sith-rah a’h-rak the other side, but from now on ‘I kill and I make alive,’ that is, in that time (when the Messiah comes) all those who have not tasted the taste of death will die through Him, and He will revivify them at once. Why is this? Because nothing whatever of that pollution (the pollution of sin) shall remain in the world, and there will be a new world made by the Holy, Blessed be He!””

The jews believe that the blood of Adam, which is both male and female, is tainted by Samael (Satan) and by Lilith. Therefore, the jews believe that man, who is god below, must be destroyed to recreate man in man’s image above, that of god.

The jews used to always pray to the East. The jews believe that the left half of man is female and evil. The left half of a man faces North when the man faces East. The jews associate the North, as in Europe, with evil. This is yet another reason why the jews seek to first genocide Europeans in their quest to kill off the human race.

Add to that the destruction of the temple by the Romans, the desecration of the temple by the Greeks and Romans, etc. The jews also associate the European man with Christianity and they loathe Christianity because it pretends to their throne as the tree of life and image of Adam. At the same time, the jews created and sponsor Christianity as the Esau to soldier and slave for the jews, and as a means to kill off the 70/71 gods of the nations, the Goyim, so as to leave the pagans with no supernatural protection and as a means to kill off the Elohim which compete with the jews’ gods. The jews believe that by tricking the Goyim into abandoning their native gods, the jews kill off those gods in the heavens, as below, so above.

Genocide is the core goal and belief of Judaism. The jews desire to kill everything that lives, man, animals, goy gods and the guardian angels whom the jews believe attend every created being. The jews promote genetically modified organisms because they believe this separates living beings from their guardian angels leaving life ripe for the jews’ harvest of genocidal death.

We must petition the US Congress to stop the jews from destroying Syria. The jews will not stop at slaughtering Syrians. The jews will not stop killing until we stop them, or they have destroyed all life to make way for a new world of their murderous myth making.

The jews are a deadly poison to all that lives. Call the Congress. Write the Congress. Speak directly to the Congress. Do it now, before we all die. Do it today and tomorrow and the day after, until we stop the jews.