Revised: HEAVY METAL – A Music Moment In Time

Addendum: see end of post

As most of you know Northerntruthseeker and I collaborate on many subjects and various topics between our two blogs.  Of late, he’s referred to my long absence which began late in 2012 due to a horrendous and unfortunate misunderstanding with Mark Glenn.

Plus I was overly saturated with these gloomy dark issues to the point I could not look at one more burnt infant in Palestine, or white phosphorus bombs dropping on people’s homes, the unnecessary police brutality occurring in my own country, and finally, if I heard one more lie coming from Washington I thought I would have a meltdown.  I had to walk away before I began to sound completely paranoid and delusional.

What had happened?  I lost focus, but more importantly, balance in my life.  When a normal person continues to live inside another world especially a dark one, and believe me, it’s like being in an alternate reality, it feels as though your sanity winces and wanes like it’s going to vanish.

Now that I’ve recovered I’m working on the “balance” issue so that I don’t revert to the dark places in my head.

Image logo changed as subject is not associated with the 1981 film HEAVY METAL.

Image logo changed as subject is not associated with the 1981 film HEAVY METAL.

One of the ways I’ve always regained my emotional stability was through music (from rock to classical) depending on my mood.  Of course, being a child of the 60’s, then coming of age in the 70’s, my heart belongs to hard rock-n-roll and heavy metal.  Now before you completely go, HUH, let me tell you why and why I still love this music today.

In my very humble opinion, rock music evolved into it’s finest form after the Punk movement died away in the early 1980’s with the arrival of the heavy metal “hair” bands.  The bands were 90% white with more crypto-Jews than I ever knew of, like Steven Tyler of Aerosmith and Getty Lee of Rush being two that come to mind.  The list is endless.

What made these bands so extremely fascinating and compelling, especially to girls, was their raw energy.  99% of the bands were comprised of young men so in essence that’s some heavy duty testosterone strutting all over Coliseum arenas throughout America and Europe.  It was the metaphorical equivalent of wannabe sex on steroids if you can extrapolate from that.  These young energetic men using their talents to sing and play an instrument were basically ‘making love’ on stage to every women in the audience.  And that’s why girls and even grown women began fainting when Elvis Presley first appeared.  The primal emotions being generated from R&R shows were completely overwhelming to their central nervous system, which left them incapable of processing their reactions.

Talking to NTS the other day, it dawned on me why I managed to escape all the pitfalls from being in the rock-n-roll world from the age of 17, and it was due to a stable, sound upbringing by a whole, loving family.  It rooted my reality squarely on the ground, plus I was really good at saying NO.  Even with low self-esteem I had a sense of self.  I had to care about myself because I knew that no one else would.  Needless to say, the seduction was enticing, yet my resolve did not waver.  I refused to bow down or give in to intimidation.  So, I saw the R&R world for what it really was; a massive entertainment, propaganda campaign for a never ending stream of female groupies, and various politicians in Washington.

The other reason I came out of that extraordinary era unscathed was because my best friend and I were part of the 0.001% that never used illegal drugs.  We went to at least 100 concerts to enjoy the raw power, talent and energy that emulated from each band’s stage as they all were completely different in sound and visual scope.  Those phenomenal experiences resulted from a clear, thinking mind, not one dazed and confused.

The rock world suffered from a barrage of negative publicity due to latent rumors of satanic lyrics, devil worship and sexual antics.  I was aware of many improper escapades from personal and family involvement, and through close acquaintances in more high profiled bands, meaning famous.  My brother was a very talented piano player touring the east coast 20 years with his band before retiring 10 years ago.  Then I made a terrible mistake marrying a handsome guitar player from a local band which produced my only child.  Although, I was surrounded by some of the downside of the local music industry in Memphis, I never participated in the destructive force that resulted from massive egos and drug-induced insecurities.

Ultimately, the higher Jewish power base in America was poised to destroy heavy metal forever.  The music industry was about to take a very drastic turn being usurped by a darker racial influence due to Washington’s plans to open the immigration floodgates in the late 1990’s once again.  And since heavy metal was primarily dominated by white Anglo-Saxon males that sang meaningful lyrics about life and love, heartache and sorrow most with drug addled brains, they had to go.  Enter the Rap/Hip-Hop scene that changed music and music television – forever.  Even if you were not a student of metal music you will understand my conveyance shortly.

With the advent of heavy metal music in the 1980’s new, virile gods exploded on the national and international scene.  And yes, they were considered ‘gods’ in every respect, yet some bands were not well known depending on where fans lived.  Living in the Bible-belt, I am now firmly convinced that was the reason several bands never toured some of the inland southern states such as Tennessee and Arkansas.  For instance, lesser well known British bands never made it to the south, it just wasn’t feasible and I’m sure they worried that there were not enough fans to fill an arena.  One of those bands was “The Cult.”

Still together, The Cult are a British rock band formed in 1983. They gained a dedicated following in Britain in the mid-1980s as a post-punk band with singles such as “She Sells Sanctuary“, before breaking mainstream in the United States in the late 1980s as a hard rock band with singles such as “Love Removal Machine” and “Fire Woman“. The band fuse a “heavy metal revivalist” sound with the “pseudo-mysticism … of The Doors [and] the guitar-orchestrations of Led Zeppelin … while adding touches of post-punk goth rock”.  Since their earliest form in Bradford during 1981, the band have had various line-ups; the longest-serving members are vocalist Ian Astbury and guitarist Billy Duffy, the band’s two songwriters.

So, with no further a due, I present two YouTube videos (sorry, both contain ads) from the heady, heavy metal days of MTV where you could get your ‘god’ fix every few minutes.  If I had a ‘drug of choice’ this band definitely would be my dime-bag.

The Cult – She Sells Sanctuary (music video) HD

Note: Don’t be fooled by the goofy attire on lead singer Ian Astbury, he’s no Freddie Mercury (former Queen frontman who died of AIDS), he’s very much a heterosexual. 

The Cult – Wild Flower


“Wild Flower”

Hey you
You’re a wild honey child
I’m out of control
Every time you are near me
I’m a wolf child, baby
And I’m howlin’ for you
My heart beats faster, hrrrr
Hey hey, and it’s overpowered, wow

I’m a wolf child, girl
Howlin’ for you
Wild flower
Star of my dreams
The most beautiful thing, yeah

Yeah you
Sweet sensation of a nation
Oh, my soul
You’re a perfect creation
You’re an angel, baby
And I’m cryin’ for you
My heart beats faster, hrrrr
Yea hey, and I’m overpowered

I’m a wolf child, girl
Howlin’ for you
Wild flower
Star of my dreams
The most beautiful thing
Wild flower
I love you every hour
Wild flower
Burning down the night
Set the world alight, yeah

Wild flower
I’m a wolf child, girl
Howlin’ for you
Wild flower
You’re the star of my dreams
Most beautiful thing
Wild flower
I love you every hour
Wild flower
I love you every hour

Crazy ’bout you, yeah
Crazy ’bout you, girl
Crazy ’bout you, yeah
Crazy ’bout
Crazy ’bout you, yeah


Now, if a man said these words to me every day – can you say, heaven!  Those days have past but this music is timeless and enduring and still has so much to give in return.

Heavy metal still provides balance in my life.  I use it while working out, and for general listening especially in the car and yes – still loud.  So many memories flood my brain it’s like a rush.

The biggest problem R&R and Heavy Metal music had was that very few could understand what the songs were attempting to inspire or provoke – forever lost in translation.

Long live Heavy Metal.


Addendum: I want to add one more video to demonstrate The Cult’s transformation from post Punk Rock to full blown Heavy Metal.

The song on the video is the sensual Sweet Soul Sister from the late 80’s.  You’ll notice the difference in sound, immediately.  It’s a hard, driving pulse of percussion and soulful rhythm.  To me, that is the raw energy of ‘man calling out to woman’.  The song is a celebration of the process of life – procreation.  Makes perfect sense that the Jewish agenda couldn’t let this powerful musical genre evolve any further because it interferes with their plans to homosexualize and androgenize the American culture where the production of life ceases and the only thing left is self-gratification.

The generation before me and those raised on a completely different music genre will fail to understand my passionate feelings on this topic.  We, each, are born into a specific time where we’re shaped and moulded by that culture and its social norms.  What defined us in our youth eventually returns at different stages of life with an even more perceptible impact and hopefully greater understanding.


The Cult – Sweet Soul Sister

4 thoughts on “Revised: HEAVY METAL – A Music Moment In Time

  1. Yes, I read it… But I just figured I would pounce on the big “Heavy Metal” symbol from THAT movie that you have in the article! THAT is why I brought up the movie “Heavy Metal”…….

    Of course, I grew up on heavy metal music just like yourself…. And yes… I too was first introduced to Sammy Hagar when he was lead vocalist in Montrose… “Bad Motor Scooter” comes to mind and was one of the first metal songs that I fell in love with in the 70’s…

    I fully agree with the fact that the Jewish power elite has done their job in trying to destroy Heavy Metal music… Sadly, many of the children today have had their brains turned to mush by the crap music that they listen to today.

    BTW…. One of my favorite Cult song has always been “Fire Woman”…… But “Sweet Soul Sister” fits this article well…..

  2. Further to last comment… The words to one of my Blue Oyster Cult favorites.. Veteran Of the Psychic wars…

    You see me now a veteran of a thousand psychic wars
    I’ve been living on the edge so long
    Where the winds of limbo roar
    And I’m young enough to look at
    And far too old to see
    All the scars are on the inside
    I’m not sure if there’s anything left of me

    Don’t let these shakes go on
    It’s time we had a break from it
    It’s time we had some leave
    We’ve been living in the flames
    We’ve been eating up our brains
    Oh, please don’t let theses shakes go on

    You ask me why I’m weary, why I can’t speak to you
    You blame me for my silence
    Say it’s time I changed and grew
    But the war’s still going on dear
    And there’s no end that I know
    And I can’t say if we’re ever…
    I can’t say if we’re ever gonna to be free

    Don’t let these shakes go on
    It’s time we had a break from it
    It’s time we had some leave
    We’ve been living in the flames
    We’ve been eating out our brains
    Oh, please don’t let theses shakes go on

    You see me now a veteran of a thousand psychic wars
    My energy’s spent at last
    And my armor is destroyed
    I have used up all my weapons and I’m helpless and bereaved
    Wounds are all I’m made of
    Did I hear you say that this is victory?

    Don’t let these shakes go on
    It’s time we had a break from it
    Send me to the rear
    Where the tides of madness swell
    And been sliding into hell
    Oh, please don’t let shakes go on
    Don’t let these shakes go on
    Don’t let these shakes go on

    Like I said.. No band writes like this today… and woefully missing from today’s “music”

  3. Amazing that you brought up the classic and CANADIAN produced animated movie.. “Heavy Metal”… It was one, and still is, of my favorites of all time…

    Many Canadian actors in this movie… which combined a lot of science fiction, sexual imagery, with much tongue in cheek comedy……

    I do recall my days in college, listening again and again to this movie’s soundtrack… But it was not “The Cult” that made that soundtrack great.. But a variety of great songs by artists such as Sammy Hagar, Cheap Trick, and the BLUE OYSTER CULT….

    “Veteran of the Psychic wars” by Blue Oyster Cult comes to mind.. and to me it was something that I still remember to this day……The words are very haunting….

    Yes, like you…I still look at this time and the peak of heavy metal music as the true apex of rock and roll….. Now you turn on the Jew run media and listen to the crap songs, and they all pale in comparison…

    I also don’t mind music by “The Cult”…. “She Sells Sanctuary” is still a classic.. But my taste in 80’s metal is more along the line of bands like “Queensryche”……. Now there is a band with some really great music!


    • Um, actually, the movie HEAVY METAL is not what the article is about; it’s about ‘heavy metal’ rock music from the 1980’s time period.

      NTS, didn’t you read it? Shame on you.

      Well then, maybe, I should have focused more on Sammy Hagar and the band Montrose. Remember Ronnie Montrose? Now there was a viking rock god if there ever was. However, Montrose was huge the decade before in the mid to late 70’s.

      And yes, I also was a huge Queensryche fan myself.

      Read the article, hon.

      And like I indicated in my email if my opinion on this issue rumples a few feathers, well then, they can bite me.

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