America at War Against its’ Citizens

civilwar2Secret NSA Spying,  Perpetual Wars and Their Mongers, NDAA, Un-Patriot Acts, and a Congress Gone Wild Means America is at War Against We The People.

by Sami Jadallah

While Israel may send its drones over American cities and towns at the invitation of NSA and DHS, it is unlikely that the US government will use chemical weapons, napalm, Agent Orange or fire cruise missiles at cities like Gary, Youngstown, Oakland, Detroit and St. Louis.

America’s government need not send its army, it sends brigades of Wall Streeter’s, lobbyists, AIPAC, Harvard and Stanford MBA’s, the Fed, members of Congress, as its army in its wars against the American people.

Yes indeed, the American government, from presidents to Congress even the Supreme Court, have been waging relentless and frequent wars against the American people and been doing it for decades. Not so sure why Chief Justice Roberts deems corporations as citizens for election purposes, but not jailing its executives and boards when corporations commit crimes.

Let us go over some of these wars. I am sure we all know the War on Poverty that Lyndon Johnson announced in his State of the Union Address on January 8, 1964. Close to $800 billion have been spent on this war, a war with the intention to alleviate the poverty in America. Well, guess what? America is losing the war, the American people as taxpayers are losing the war and poverty is winning. After some 50 years the poverty line is around 19% and it is unlikely that we will see any improvement in our lifetime.

With an average of $35 billion a year being spent as part of the War on Poverty including some innovative names such as The Great Society, VISTA, Job Corps, Head Start, there are now according to 2012 figures some 43 million Americans living below the poverty line, including some 2.9 million children, with 1.5 million Americans living on less than $2 a day. What a shame, what failings.

Ah, we must now come to the War on Drugs, which seems our government is winning keeping this war on Americans, especially poor Americans going. Richard Nixon declared his War on Drugs back in 1971 and while the different drug fighting agencies and the military spends tens of billions, drugs continue to flow into the US and our prisons are filled almost to capacity. We are the number one jailor in the world with the highest percentage of an incarcerated population with over 2.3 million in jail, young blacks forming the highest percentage.

While our nation’s schools are run down and in desperate need of repairs and renewals, our national budget for prisons exceeds $60 billion annually, with some $5 billion allocated to building new prisons as part of the “privatization” programs giving private corporations the funds and the profits to the tune of $24,000 per prisoner. Just imagine if you and I as citizens have that kind of money to spend on our kids going to college rather than take a second mortgage. Drugs are winning, we citizens are losing and our government and its partners are winning. That is why our government keeps the Taliban’s Mexican/Columbian Drug Cartel going.

America’s wars against its citizens does not stop at poverty and drugs, it goes beyond that to affect some 45 million of uninsured Americans, with millions mainly in the poorest states such as West Virginia, Mississippi, Kentucky, an dNorth and South Carolina with hundreds of thousands of citizens unable to afford visiting a health or dental clinic in years. Yet their representatives in the House and Senate vote tens of billions in aid to Israel, a country that enjoys much better health care that most Americans. Yet citizens of these states keep returning them back to Congress, rather than demand diverting funds from Israel to clinics and schools at home.

Though we do not expect our government to unleash its arsenal of ballistic and cruise missiles or send in its F-15’s and F-16’s to attack us, that job is left to Congress, both Republicans and Democrat administrations, to the Federal Reserve, to Wall Street to the banks and insurance companies and the tens of thousands of greedy crooks within government and in the private sector, an arsenal more powerful than any thing the Pentagon has.

When the late President Ronald Reagan began his ambitious plans to “Privatize America” little he knew that his “privatization” is a declaration of war on the American people, as taxpayers and as shareholders. Imagine if our social security funds was handed over to these crooks on Wall Streets. The Great Depression will look like a financial recovery.

While the size of the Federal Government may have been reduced, the private sector took over many of the functions (you remember Edward Snowden the 30 year old guy, an employee of Booz Allen Hamilton, making $200,000 as a government subcontractor)? And while federal employees are subject to pay scales, the private sector was awarding managing directors of private companies doing the business of the Federal Government, tens of millions in salaries and bonuses and allowing the looting and fleecing of both the national treasury and the citizens.

No need to go back to the Great Depression, but we only need to go back the last 30 years or so and go over some of these campaigns against the American people. Government campaigns that robbed us of our savings, our pensions, our 401K’s, our shareholdings and investments in publicly traded companies, robbed us of the equity in our homes which for most Americans are the only true savings.

Now just imagine, a country like ours with the best and well known business schools such as Stanford, Chicago, Indiana, Michigan, Harvard, Northwestern graduating some of the best and brightest, why is it that our economy and finances are poorly managed, always take big hits and we suffer from so many periodic looting of our assets, the little we have? Perhaps those entrusted with managing our economy as bright as we think, are perhaps more stupid – indeed greedy. This could not happen without the Fed, Wall Street, Congress and the administration all-conspiring to wage War on Citizens, over and over and over.

We start with the Saving & Loan Association Crisis of 1980-1990 where 747 saving & loan’s went bust costing poor taxpayers over $341 Billion as if the loss of our savings in these banks was not enough. Bankers and real estate developers fleeced so many of us, fleeced so many banks certainly international investors like the Japanese who invested billions in golf courses and buildings only to get back a nickel on the dollar. This could not happen or take place without bankers being on the take with developers inflating the investments and the bankers inflating the loans for a kick back. It is that simple. This is the price of deregulation.

Then came the Junk Bond Crisis, where certain greedy bankers such as Drexel Burnham Lambert organized what is called “leveraged buyout” of well-known companies, simply looting them out of the cash they have and then make the stock worthless, then offer these stocks as “junk bonds” to another group of financial crooks.

Just think of the tens of millions of Americans, small time shareholders who lost the value of their shares, making the likes of Dennis Levine, Ivan Boesky, and Michael Milken multi billionaires. In 1983 over 1/3 of all corporate bonds issued were non-investment grade. Boards of directors of many companies instituted the “poison pill” or “self destruct” trying to prevent these greedy crooks from taking over of their companies. This crisis cost American taxpayers over $500 billion not to mention the trillions of shareholder’s assets that went up in smoke.

And now welcome to the age of the Internet and new technology. Promoters with registered “corporate names” with only a simple idea were able to raise tens of millions of dollars and where billions simply disappeared in what is known now as the “Internet Bubble” of 2003-2006. This reminds me of a similar and much earlier “bubble” in Kuwait in what is known, as “souk almanakh” were registered companies with only a P.O Box, no business, no staff, only a name and address, were traded for millions. The Kuwaiti government rich in funds was able to bail out thousands of investors who lost everything in this spectacular behavior of stupidity and greed.

When the crooks of Enron waged war on California, rigging electricity and energy prices, causing California to almost go bust, Bill Clinton and then Treasury Secretary Larry Summers, simply refused to even consider the legitimate claims of Californians that Enron was rigging the prices. Secretary Summers did not believe the millions of consumers, but he believed Enron.

Fortune Magazine named Enron “America’s Most Innovative Company” for 6 years in a row. Now I am sure you agree with me, these “financial analysts” of Wall Street and financial media do not know a damn thing. Same with accounting firms that simply signed on the dotted line without even doing what they were supposed to do, diligent auditing, as was the case with Arthur Anderson. Enron claimed revenues of over $100 billion in 2000,  when in fact the books were cooked.

Enron employees who trusted the management and in the audit company and in the Federal Government to protect their interests lost hundreds of millions in their 401K’s and of course their lifetime savings in company stocks that became worthless. Many simply lost everything, including their entire pension fund. Now I call that another war against the citizens and people of America. Do we not know what is the role of government if not to govern? Imagine if the Tea Party has its way, America will become the ‘Wild Wild West’ at the mercy of gun slinging Wall Street.

It seems that our “best and brightest” those guys who run our economy and finances are part of a private criminal enterprise called the “Federal Reserve” which is part of a bigger criminal financial mafia called the “Rothschilds” are not so smart, but in fact stupid and criminal.

The Auto Industry did not go down simply because Detroit produced bad cars, it went down because Wall Street was remotely managing Detroit just like it managed all of the major public corporations. Of course Detroit executives were arrogant, reckless and full of themselves (I hired one such executive and I lost over $2.5 million), who rather than manage the floors, were spending most of their days managing Wall Street “financial analyst” who with few sound bites on the evening and business news caused company stocks to lose hundreds of millions if not billions.

Wall Street, the same people who caused many companies to go bankrupt through looting, got over $80 billion in bailout money. Over 20,000 autoworkers lost their pensions as part of the bailout and this is only in one company, Delphi.

Timothy Geithner part of the network of Feds who took the country and the nation to bankruptcy sold GM stocks at a loss ($25) knowing that taxpayers will not get a cent unless the stocks are traded above $52 per share. The Auto Industry lost 40,000 jobs out of 60,000 union jobs, and shareholders like you and I got ZILCH. Only bondholders and big financial institutions and lenders like JP Morgan and Citibank got 100% of their investment. Steve Rattner the man appointed to manage the auto bailout grabbed pension funds to pay off Wall Street. These are the guys who are running our nation’s economy.

Of course the story is not finished until we reach the biggest of all wars, a nuclear war against the American people where tens of millions lost their homes, and lost billions in home equity. All this happened not while the government and Congress slept, all this happened in daylight with the former chairman of the Fed, Alan Greenspan, calling Wall Street’s schemes of fraud, lies and sub-primes “creative instruments.”  And this man is considered a brilliant banker. Questionable brilliance at best.

Policy makers in the White House and in Congress were “wining and dinning” raising hundreds of millions of dollars in campaign financing from Wall Street while Wall Street was doing what it does best, rob the American people. Imagine banks with their own hedge funds betting against their own clients. Hedge fund owners made billions while shareholders lost trillions. This is OK with our Congress.

Most if not all of these financial institutions were simply marketing worthless “financial instruments” to domestic and international buyers knowing full well they were worthless. Over $1.3 trillion in mortgages, with 7.5 million in the first lien in default and over 4 million in foreclosures.

Freddie Mac and Fannie May while paying their executive officers tens of millions in annual salaries and stocks were buying “financial instruments” that were worthless. It is a party of “you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours ”. Freddie Mac stocks that were traded above $60 became worth a few pennies. Yes, I am sure many of us lost tens of thousands of dollars in Freddie Mac stocks just like we lost in GM and many other companies.

Not so sure what you want to call all of these events.  Deliberate?  No accident?  Especially since they were of the making of Congress, and the administration in collusion with Wall Street. A few minutes ago, the news was out that Wells Fargo made over $5.2 billion in the last quarter, with Citibank making $4.2 billion. All the while, we the people paid for bailing out these banks, banks run and managed by stupid crooks and we as citizens continue to suffer from high unemployment, minimum wage, lost pensions, and loss of our lifetime savings.

I have no other name for all of this other than America’s War against its citizens. Love to hear your feedback. Till next time.


WW~Notes: Essay partially edited for reading purposes.

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