U.S. and Israeli ‘Rambo-Style’ Terrorists Detected in Syria

WW~Notes: Edited for reading purposes ony.

WW~Notes II: This article contains a plethora of mass speculation regarding the identity of the perpetrators responsible for the ongoing bloodshed in Syria. 


This post is an attempt to find some sensible explanation for the degree of brutality being committed against the Syrian people, which is reminiscent of the brutality committed against the people of Palestine by the Zionist mob.

Who really is responsible for the ruthless murder of the people of Syria?

After failing to do so for centuries, are the Syrian people really killing each other, dividing each other up by sects and then murdering and destroying each other? If so, why, now after countless centuries of refusing to do so?

No one doubts that people from primarily Muslim-inhabited countries are involved in the terrorist operations. Yet, who orchestrated it? Who is backing it, since, now, it has been confirmed that this is not an internal rebellion of the Syrian people fighting against their own government. Rather, the source for the intervention and slaughter is exterior to the country, and the evidence traces this source to and Israeli entity, along with its American lap-dog, the Obama White House.

Regardless, only zealots would brutally and senselessly murder people in cold-blood, whether military personnel or civilians. Who are these zealots? Are they really devout Muslims? Or, are they largely common criminals who are paid a hefty wage—mere mercenaries—to commit these crimes?

Only people with absolute disregard for humanity would do so, or, those who take pleasure in the taking of another person’s life. Or, the Zionists, who have a history of slaughtering innocents in vast numbers to achieve their wretched aims. Or, all of the above.

Could it really be fundamentalist Muslims? How? One of the fundamentals of Islam is to never shed blood, that is unless in retribution for a murder or in the defense of a person’s safety, or in legitimate warfare in the fight against aggression. To actually slaughter people for mere thrills or for pay: not only is this banned but it is the highest crime a human being can commit.

What about slaughtering a fellow Muslim? Completely prohibited: results in the permanent residence in hellfire.

What about killing people because of their religious affiliations? Banned, absolutely. A Muslim is commanded never to even enter a Christian or Jew’s house without authorization and never to steal or usurp such a one’s assets or religious devices.

What about surrounding a village of civilians and attacking it? This is banned to such a degree it is not worthy of mention.

What about the killing of innocents in warfare; it’s war, after all; there will be collateral damage. Even so, it is prohibited, that is according to the Prophet of Islam, “Do not kill (in battle) women and children or the elderly, and never kill religious scholars or clergymen.

What about the destruction of infrastructure, private property, public property, government facilities, and more? Prohibited, utterly.

What about the use of poison gas especially in desperate situations where the ‘resistance’ is losing miserably against the established army? Completely and categorically prohibited; no questions asked.

Then, too, what of the issue of violating women? Can women be used and abused, even raped, merely to gratify the sexual desires and passions of a rebel army? This is prohibited by Islam and is, if done, merely another form of adultery-fornication, which is punishable by extreme disciplinary action.

What about slaughtering people based strictly on their faith, for instance, if they are Christian or other and refuse to ‘convert’ to Islam? It is sworn by God Himself, a violation of the most extreme degree, where any basic reading of the Qur’aan proves the degree of this crime, that is “There shall be no compulsion—no force—in (matters of) religion.”

What about mutilation of corpses and cannibalism? It is absolutely banned on the battlefield directly and categorically by the Prophet Muhammad.

So, thus, the murderers of Syrians, most of whom are non-Syrian, are not by definition Muslims. Rather, they are anti-Muslims. So, again, who are they?

Are they actually foreign mercenaries or are they led by them? Surely, these terrorists work on behalf of both the Israeli entity and the American government. Another reason despite any of their ritual practices that in no way can they be actual Muslims.

The pictures will tell-all. Such individuals could hardly be human. Not only do they kill military and security personnel, but they also kill all kinds of people, not just by shooting a rocket or mortar at them but directly: in cold-blood and in some cases in the most ruthless, brutal way conceivable.

Who does this? America’s and Israel’s espionage agencies? The Death Squad element? These elements do have a history of this kind of brutality to create fear and oppression in the population, the purpose in part to cause the population to succumb to the mercenary army and halt all resistance.

For the Zionists it worked in Palestine, assisting these evil ones’ plot to finally conquer the region.

It is also being used in Syria, but, here, it is not entirely working.

Let’s examine the individuals who are perpetrating this bloodshed in such a vile, brutal manner. All of them must be analyzed: for the sake of humanity’s future.

The Times Of Israel, a great promoter of the terrorists’ activities, provided this picture, claiming it is a Syrian rebel in Aleppo.


Israeli news journals seemingly have better access to such imagery and corresponding stories than any other media outlets. Is this person really a Syrian, or is he a Mossad plant? Regardless, the photo is a set-up; note how the gun is hanging from the wall. The weapon appears to be brand-new and is likely American issue.

Whether an Israeli or a person from a Muslim country any killing such as this one has done is on the responsibility of the Israeli entity and the Americans, as well as the UK’s Cameron government, the sources for such weapons and ammo.

This, of course, is Chris Harroun, that last name meaning “Aaron,” who has been promoted by the Zionist-controlled media as some kind of good Samaritan Muslim convert who went to Syria to help the rebels’ cause. He is none other than a CIA-Mossad operative, no doubt about it, there to train the terrorists for the attempted conquest of Syria. There is nothing Muslim or Islamic about him.

Note, though, that as part of the fake he raised a beard. (<===WW~-have no idea what the author is attempting to convey in the previous sentence.) Also, he has been given leniency in the court case against him, no real charges, just a so-called plea bargain, where he is now, essentially, free.


Once again, Harroun is an American-paid mercenary agent who was in Syria with full cooperation of the Obama White House, in fact, under its control.

Now, for hard proof of Israeli and American mercenary moles in Syria there is this.


Who could possibly say these men are ‘Arabs’ or North Africans?


This is virtually 1000% confirmation that this man is an Israeli agent, either an Israeli resident or an American Zionist, dual national. He looks Israeli and it is stated here as so unless proven otherwise. Regardless, both these men are seemingly the leaders and trainers of this group of terrorists.


Make no mistake about it there is nothing Semitic or Arabic about this individual. Nor is he a Muslim or Islamist. This Israeli spy is busted as a cohort to a mass murderer and is guilty of war crimes. He must be hunted down and dealt with immediately.

His collaborator in crime with the baseball hat could either be another Israeli mole or could also be an American agent, a CIA spook. He could also be an IDF Mahyudi monster, but, again, he surely is not an Arab.


There is no doubt that some of the mercenary ‘rambos’ arise from various non-Western nations. Yet, still, how many of these groups of mercenaries are infested with Israeli and American agents? Note that some of these men have had their faces blurred out. Also, is the tall man with the long rifle a Syrian, North African, or possibly an Israeli?

Picture 325

Ultimate proof of Israeli and US State Department (Zionist, CFR and more) crimes

Hard evidence, though, of Rambo-style American-Israeli-source terrorists is found in the following image:

Picture 324

It is the Rambo incarnate himself, murderous and unabashed, displaying himself before the whole world, the commander and trainer of this motley crew of mercenary killers.


A cold-blooded American mercenary leading the pack, not a Muslim.

Look at the eyes, mere slits, cold and calculating. This man has no hesitation to commit murder, causing every conceivable great destruction and decimation in the land.

His forehead is small (low mentation), and his face is widest at the temples (propensity for destructiveness). Let him rot in hell for all the crimes he committed. Yet, who really is behind him? It is not merely the Israelis but it is also a number of America’s most powerful people:


It’s none other than that arch-Zionist apologist, crime syndicate politician and criminal fraudster John “the warmonger” McCain. These men have already been proven to be killers and also kidnappers, for instance, two of the pictured have been proven to have kidnapped some 12 Shiite pilgrims.

McCain and Obama want to provide material support, weapons, and also military strikes in support of the terrorists, because the “terrorrists are them.” In other words, many of the men on the ground leading the operation are spies and mercenaries put into this role by the U.S. government and, more secretively, by the Israeli cabal.

This is the ultimate proof that the carnage, devastation, and the absolute and brutal murder suffered by the Syrian people is an Israeli/American plot. It is also proof that much of the brutality, even the kind of inhumane slaughter—the war crimes, the assassination of captives, including captured soldiers—originates from the Israeli entity and the Obama government and that the ‘Arabs’ and ‘Muslims’ in the rebel ranks are merely a proxy militia. It is a militia created by the Israelis and aided and abetted by the Obama White House, which now has on its head the deaths of some 120,000 Syrians, brutally killed in such a monstrous degree, that it clearly establishes both McCain and Obama as war criminals.


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  1. While I agree with most of this article, I do have one BIG problem with it. The writer states that it is against Islam to rape women, yet this writer seems to forget what is taking place in Europe! White women being raped by Muslims because of their dress, etc.!
    Please do not try to tell me I am wrong! I did not just fall off the boat yesterday!

    US Army Vet
    Marc C. Daniele

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