A Simple Plan

Here is another outstanding essay from J. Bruce Campbell – WW

Here is a three-part plan to dismantle the police state and prevent martial law:

First part:  Neighborhood Watch;

Second part:  civilian police review boards;

Third part:  bring the military into the resistance.

We know that the brutal American police state is operating on orders from above and that those order-givers must be eliminated.  But the order-givers depend on traitors in the police and military to do their dirty work, and the former, the police, are the ones with whom we are confronted daily.  The police have been deliberately militarized to transition us into actual martial law so that when it’s declared we won’t be able to see the difference – at first.

This website has recommended that we all form Neighborhood Watch patrols, not so much to deter street crime – which they do – but to demonstrate that we can and will take care of ourselves and assume total responsibility for everything.  The real purpose is local intelligence, to be able to prowl around at all hours and discover any preparation or staging for a police or federal attack on us or our neighbors.  This requires, as we have done here in our valley, an oath to each other to come to the immediate armed aid of each and every NW member in the event of a home invasion or highway abduction of any of us.  This also requires that each family in Neighborhood Watch have radios on a common frequency so as not to depend on telephones, which can be switched off by the enforcers.  It’s Neighborhood Watch with a difference – an early warning of police and federal treachery.

NW must also be concerned with more pro-active forms of resistance to acts of martial law such as roadblocks, gun-grab home invasions and round-ups of civilians.  As iterated in other essays on this website, all of these and any other aggression by the military or militarized police must be crushed with overwhelming defense measures.

The second part of the plan is civilian police review boards to take control of rogue police departments that indulge in brutality and other forms of corruption.  These boards were resisted by conservatives back in the ‘60s due to the fear that liberals would weaken the police and prevent them from enforcing the law.  Just the opposite thing happened when the liberals were in charge of the police, as we see in the exaggerated example of the US Justice Department, the IRS, FBI and NSA, etc, under Barack Obama.

Police departments all over the country are allowing officers to execute citizens with virtually or literally no punishment.  The first step to abolishing corrupt police departments is for the local civilians to take control of them by constant agitation against corruption and the eventual seizing of the city and town power structure so as to have the authority to fire and/or jail the corrupt enforcers and replace them with honest people.  This is done by establishing civilian police review boards, an interim measure on the way to overthrowing the entire federalized police system that has seized the legal control of this country.

The main value of review boards is to show that the people are the boss, not these federalized and militarized cops, who need to be disarmed and their military equipment taken from them.  The logical goal of civilian review boards will be the realization that we really don’t need police – just an armed citizenry.  Everyone on the review board would of course be armed and ready to fight angry, corrupt cops.

Just today, we have reports of a female prisoner being repeatedly raped by a prison guard and the female warden tells her to get on birth control.  Another report:  a cop enters a workplace and orders a woman to get naked and when she refuses and runs to her office, he follows her and shoots her with a taser.  Obviously such criminals must be shot on sight, not disciplined by a review board.  But these and hundreds of horror stories demand that the police be brought under control.

Part three is the most proactive and aggressive (peaceful) action we can take, definitely the most radical idea I’ve presented.

Many of us have relatives or friends in the army or navy or marines or air force.  And many others have relatives or friends in the National Guard, which is actually a branch of the US Army.  Its whole name is “Army National Guard of the United States.”  (Does that sound like the militia to you?  Answer:  no.  It’s the army.)

We know that Obama intends to order these people to attack us.  The NDAA, the Military Commissions Act and even the Patriot Act will need the military to enforce them, which are acts of war against us.

Recent evidence, just from late October, was the video of four river gun boats, each with a mini-gun and five machine guns manned by Navy SEALs, patrolling the residential canals of Slidell, Louisiana.  This was a blatant act of military aggression against us all – not just the people of Slidell.  The SEALs knew they’d show up on YouTube within an hour or so.  Probably joked about the panic they’d be creating.

It’s easy to see that this sort of thing is going to increase and get worse and even deadly.  It cannot and must not be tolerated.  I must point out that such a murderous convoy would have to be engaged with semi-auto rifles by at least three good riflemen per boat, coordinated with radios to fire on single command, the four shooting teams extended the full length of the convoy.  Each boat has six gunners, a skipper and a mate.  Each skipper must be shot first so the boats can’t maneuver quickly, which is how immediate action drills are practiced.  (The idea is to get the mini-gun which is pointing forward into position to engage the ambush, so the skipper must be taken out first.)  The two side machine gunners on the ambush side must be shot at the same time to remove the nearest threat to the ambushers.  The mini-gunner and the other machine gunners must be shot as quickly as possible before they can possibly swing their guns around toward the ambush.  The three-rifle team should be able to kill all the terrorists in ten seconds or less.  These SOC-R river gun boats are much more heavily armed than the Vietnam river boats.  Obviously, an ambush with four machine guns would be preferable, but we actually have everything we need now to take out these boats.

Back to the peaceful part…

Now, we remember the 45 Questions – the infamous questionnaire developed at the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey back in 1994, which was asked of marines and soldiers.  The first forty-four questions had to do with foreign (UN) leadership of American personnel – would they take orders from foreign superior officers, with many variations of questions.  But Question 45 asked, “A law prohibiting the ownership of firearms has been passed and some Americans refuse to obey this law; would you be willing to fire on these Americans to disarm them?”

Reportedly about 43% answered that they would kill the Americans with guns.  That was almost twenty years ago and what with the anti-war revolt that’s building in today’s military, I suspect that this percentage of traitors in the military has gone down.  It probably went up following 9/11/01, but now, with twelve years of lies and betrayal and scores of thousands of casualties, I think it’s reasonable to think that our military personnel are pretty suspicious and cynical about the motives of their civilian leaders.  They see what happened to the members of SEAL Team 6, for example, who participated in the fake assassination of Bin Laden.  They were themselves assassinated.

They see what their leaders think of their elders – the veterans – as I pointed out in the previous essay, Communist America.  More and more are being “rated incompetent” for specious mental or physical reasons.  Third parties (strangers) are given legal power over them and their benefits and when that happens, they are automatically disarmed!  Senator Dianne Feinstein announced in the Senate in March that virtually all veterans possibly have PTSD and are therefore not legally permitted to have guns.

As I have said before, Feinstein gave us a priceless gift, which we must use, against her and her fellow totalitarians.

Paul Craig Roberts recently provided great insight into the thinking of what he called the Neo-Cons, who are American Jews and some Gentile running dogs.  He said that these closet totalitarians always dreamed of ruling the world but were prevented from doing so by the other superpower, the Soviet Union.  When the Soviet Union collapsed in 1991, the Neo-Cons began their takeover of the US government, mainly of the Republican Party, and began also to realize their dream of ruling the world by their control of the US military, by waging war against virtually the whole world.  The Neo-Cons have slaughtered several million people since their war against Islam began in 1991.

So I have a very radical and simple plan.  The idea is to bring everyone we know in all branches of the military into the resistance.  We’ve got about 60% of them to work with, according to Question 45.  60% or more of them are going to be loyal to the people and 40% or less are going to be disloyal and treacherous.  Loyalty to the people means eliminating the disloyal ones, in accordance with the oath they all took regarding protection against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

How the loyal ones will deal with the disloyal will be up to them, whether by reeducation or by execution – probably a combination of the two.  Obviously there are some degenerate traitors who must be executed since they can never be trusted.  Others are mainly ignorant or confused.  Our resistance colleagues in the military will know the difference.

Obama is reportedly replacing senior officers who flunk his litmus test (“Will you attack Americans to disarm them?”) with high-ranking traitors.  Now, more junior officers and non-coms are passing or failing the same test.  Anyone who flunks is a potential member of the resistance.

Let’s talk to our relatives and friends in the military and persuade them to join us.

Once military members do join our cause, it would be useful for them deliberately to pass the litmus test, to indicate they are willing to fire on Americans.  When the presidential order is given to attack, the members would then be in positions to counter-attack the disloyal members and eliminate them before they could bring about martial law.  They would receive total support from us civilian members of the resistance in the elimination of the civilian totalitarians in the government and above it.

The time is right for a radical plan of action against the de facto dictatorship we are under.  This plan is exactly what the totalitarians fear – a military revolt and counter-attack.  This is why Feinstein and her totalitarian colleagues are disarming the veterans, and why military bases such as the Navy Yard are disarmed by the prohibition on ammunition, and why ammunition itself is being monopolized by the government and probably destroyed.

We must all think big and take our places as the genuine leaders of this country – if only in self-defense.