David Paulides: new third book ‘Missing 411 North America And Beyond’

WW~Notes:  This is an update to my updated blog post 8/21/2012 on the missing person’s cases, mostly children, in North America that have never been solved or even recognized by various federal agencies.

Below is the interview transcript of Paulides’ March 2013 nterview with Jeffery Pritchett from The Church of Mabus.  

MISSING4114Never has there been a series of books been written that contain such an urgency to raise awareness. This book is the third in the series entitled “Missing 411 North America And Beyond, stories of people who have disappeared in remote locations of North America and five other countries.” Missing people are vanishing without a trace. Imagine a family going through such an ordeal and not having any answers to what has happened to their loved ones. David Paulides tackles this subject like an old school detective to find answers to a mystery that must be solved. This is my fourth time interviewing and reviewing David about his series of books entitled Missing 411. Two times on Examiner and once on my radio show The Church Of Mabus. Now the fourth time has approached and I ask your help by getting involved and sharing this interview where you can. I plead for you to do so for the sake of all these lost people. Now here is the interview. Presenting.

1. Missing 411 North America and Beyond is the third book in the series subtitled Stories of people who have disappeared in remote locations of North America and five other countries. Please David tell us what this third book’s prime motivation is and what’s different.

DP: This third book was never planned, it evolved. Once the “Missing 411” books were in circulation, I started to receive hundreds of emails, many explaining incidents that matched the profile of what was in the books. We received news on many cases we had never been aware of. Information about older cases are sometimes very difficult to find, readers assisted our researchers in developing additional clusters of missing people and presented us with missing people in other countries that matched the profile. This book offers much more clarity to the issue and continues where the other two books ended.

2. What other five countries are we talking about here where people are missing? And are the cases similar as the ones from the American region?

DP: The scope of the missing books deals with a specific profile of missing people that has never been identified or discussed. These cases involve people who have disappeared in rural area and many have the following issues associated with their disappearance: A) Tracking dogs cannot pickup a scent B) People are found missing clothing or shoes C) Once found, the victim cannot remember what happened E) They are located in areas that don’t make sense F) People disappear with their dogs G) The person disappears in the afternoon H) Berries are somehow associated with the disappearance I) When found the person is semi-conscious or unconscious J) The individual is part of a cluster of missing people. K) Water/swamps are associated at some level with the disappearance L) Weather turns bad after the disappearance.

All of the cases in every “Missing-411” are surrounded with many of these elements that are described above. If the case did not meet the profile, it would not be included in the books. The first books dealt with the United States and Canada, this new book has stories of societal beliefs and missing people from Australia, England, France, Iceland and Indonesia.

3. Has there been any progress in solving these cases or changes to help us understand what the heck is going on since your crusade to help these missing people? I know you have raised awareness which is great indeed but figuring it out and stopping it is the ultimate solution. I see Whitley Strieber left a great blurb on the back which I have to agree with highly.

DP: If we are going to assist in solving cases we first need to understand the phenomena. I believe we are getting closer to deciphering the complexities of these disappearances but are far from a full understanding. This past summer I was invited to be a speaker at the National Association of Search and Rescue Professionals (NASAR) at their annual convention in Lake Tahoe. I presented the findings in the books and the consistencies among the cases; the response from the audience was overwhelming. There were searchers from around the world and many stated that they had experienced much of the phenomena I described, yet felt it had to be such an isolated occurrence that they didn’t put much thought or energy into understanding why it may be occurring. There was a very long line of people that wanted to discuss the book. In short, I think that single presentation in front of the one of the largest search and rescue organizations in the world opened many eyes to what is happening in the field.

4. Are National Parks and agencies still sweeping it under the rug or have any changed their tune?

DP: The National Park Service (NPS) has a large federally training group of law enforcement officers and Special Agents whose sole responsibility is investigating crime and missing persons in our national parks and monuments. These individuals do not clean campsites and empty garbage cans; these are highly trained professionals that sometimes have better training then many officers from small cities across the U.S. They know how to investigate incidents. If they do get a very complex case, they call the FBI.

As I have explained many times in the past, the NPS has stated in response to our Freedom of Information Act Requests, they DO NOT have any lists of missing people (that vanished inside their system) at their national headquarters or at individual parks or monuments. They stated that they were in the process of developing a new computer system to track criminal incidents and missing people, that was four years ago and still nothing has been implemented.

The public needs to understand that tracking missing people is not rocket science. It does not take massive computers; in fact, all you need is a clipboard and binder paper. Divide the paper into sections, date, time, location, name, and disposition. You keep the clipboard on the wall of the park supervisor’s office and add or delete cases as they evolve. This is not complicated, expensive or time consuming. One of our investigators has been head of a major public law enforcement agency in the United States and has contributed significantly to the “Missing-411” series. Upon notification that the NPS does not track missing people, has no ledgers and wanted to charge us $34,000 to establish a list of missing people from Yosemite and also charge us $1.4 million dollars for a list of missing people from their system, this investigator made a truly enlightened statement. He stated that the small amount of public ridicule and scrutiny that NPS is going to take from the release of these books must be nothing compared to what they would face if they released the missing person data, or they’d release the information.

I would like to state that the rank and file NPS employee is a great individual who has no knowledge of what we are presenting, treat them like gold. It is the administrators inside the Department of Interior and NPS that establish policy and understand the missing person issue.

5. What can we do to help the family’s of these missing people and to get involved? One way I know is just by getting the word out. But what about for the average Joe? What can they do?

DP: I know that many families and searchers are astonished to know how many cases mimic each other in relationship to their facts. It would be our wish that every family that enters the wilderness with small children understands what can happen and how quickly children can vanish, sometimes permanently. Hikers who enter the wilderness should always carry a personal locator beacon and should always hike in pairs. If you are comfortable with firearms, carry one.

6. Would you share one of the cases with us from the book that you find to be the most peculiar or strangest? Perhaps from another country?

DP: Every case in the “Missing-411 books are peculiar, that’s why they were written. One of the more recent and highly unusual cases occurred in South Carolina in 2011 and is a case that’s highlighted in the new book. Before I advise an audience about the facts behind a story, I always ask them to remember back when they had young children. In this story the boy was 21 months old. I ask the readers to remember back when they were around a child that young. How well could they toddle and how far could they walk. How quickly could they get out of your view? How much stamina does a 21-month old child have? In this incident the boy was in his residence with the family dog and his mother. She left the room momentarily and somehow the boy and the dog got outside. There was a large open field surrounding the residence before reaching thick woods. The mother realized that her son and the dog were gone and ran outside to check the yard. The boy and the dog were not only in the yard, they weren’t anywhere in sight. The mother called the sheriff and searchers started to arrive in mass. By late in the afternoon, the weather started to change to rain. Searchers continued to walk the surrounding property and found nothing that first night.

The first morning of the search, a sheriff’s deputy and a natural resource officer were in kayaks on a river two miles from the victims residence, they were just two of hundreds looking for the boy. A search helicopter was flying above the river looking for a body and had just flown over the kayakers. The two law enforcement officers were paddling upstream from the area of the residence and just turned a corner in the river when they made an amazing find. It was 2:30pm when they looked at a sandbar in the middle of the river. They found the missing boy alive lying on his back in the middle of the sand. They immediately called the helicopter back to the scene to pickup the boy and take him to his residence. The pilot confirmed that he had just flown over that section of river and the boy WAS NOT on the sandbar, minutes later he’s lying there.

There are many confusing aspects to this case. How the boy got away from his residence so quickly is not understood. How a 21 month old can manage to go through thick woods, enter the river and arrive at a sandbar in the middle of the river, the million-dollar question. Why didn’t the boy respond to hundreds of searchers that were in the woods that first night? The boy did not suffer from hypothermia even though the weather had been in the low 40’s with rain. The boy’s dog did reappear at the residence. This is one of three cases where very small children have disappeared from the interior of a residence while with the family dog. Each case is equally fascinating.

7. Joseph Wood Jr. was an Eagle Scout and I see in your book you mention that his case bothers you a lot. Could you go into this further?

DP: Joseph Wood Jr. was an editor for a New York Newspaper. He was a brilliant man with many accomplishments during his life, one being an Eagle Scout in the Boy Scouts. Joseph is part of a new cluster of missing people that is identified in the new book, National Mount Rainier National Park, Washington.

Joe was attending a conference in Seattle and decided to drive to the park to bird watch. He was hiking a well-established trail and walked up to a fellow bird watcher and engaged him in conversation. They spoke about the birds they had seen and about Joe’s trail ahead. The man walked back to the parking lot and Joe continued up the trail. That was the last time anyone ever saw Joseph Wood Jr.

A Boy Scout trains on how to live and survive in the outdoors. Only a very small number of Boy Scouts become Eagle Scouts, it’s a very select group that has shown extreme proficiency in learning their lessons. This is the first Eagle Scout I have ever documented that met the criteria of this study. Remember, Joe was on an established trail on a clear day, spoke to a fellow hiker and completely vanished. There was an extensive search, nothing of Joe’s was ever found. Joseph’s old newspaper had made statements questioning if Joseph may have been abducted, a familiar theory that continues to come up with many of the cases that are chronicled.

I did file a Freedom of Information Act Request to review the complete NPS file on Joseph Wood Jr. I did eventually get it. There was never a scent that was found by canines. There were never any tracks found. Joseph was not suicidal and there was no indication of an animal attack. Joseph Wood Jr. vanished.

8. What is this about children vanishing with canines? Would you share a story about that? I would think a canine would help protect more so depending on the situation. Then blood hounds of course have trouble tracking anything to do with these cases.

DP: There are an inordinate amount of children that disappear with dogs. I have chronicled these in each of the three books. Refer to question six for specific details on one case.

The one consistency with these cases is that both the child and canine vanish simultaneously, but rarely are they found together. The dog does come home in most instances, but not always. The natural indication would be to believe that there would be a scent trail for Bloodhounds to track. 99% of the time Bloodhounds never finds a scent trail in these cases.

9. Any other scenarios where the victims are found conscious or semi-conscious in these cases that are strange and have they said anything else about what happened or remembering anything?

DP: In the vast majority of the cases that are chronicled, if people are found, they are located unconscious or semi-conscious and many times in areas that were previously searched. In The vast majority of these incidents, the people are so young they cannot speak or they have a disability that prohibits them from speaking, or they can’t remember what happened. In the rare incident where they do remember facts, they are baffling.

10. A lot of people comment and read your books and say they terrify them and they have every reason to be. I mean even when I walk my dog through trails around here. I get the creeps. But these books most assuredly aren’t about scaring everyone. Its about finding a solution. Yet it remains a mystery as to what the freak is happening. Will there ever come a time when perhaps will know what it is happening to these people? I understand your stance for the family’s sake. Its just frustrating when you this is happening and you don’t know why and God knows it has to be for the families. Any developments on the mystery of it at all you can share?

DP: In the perfect world we would like to hold a private conference where the victims that have lived through these incidents come together, share their stories and understand they have commonality. We believe that hypnosis of many of these people would reveal what exactly happened. We have been warned by missing person groups to be cautious in our approach to these individuals as many don’t want to be contacted and others may be offended that their stories are being told. If these victims contacted us, we would work with them to make this event happen.

11. What are you up to next David book wise or projects wise or events wise and any last departing words? Always a pleasure to work and help you with this. Please share any links and where to purchase the book. This will be our 4th interview together. Proud of the fact. Thanks.

DP: Everyday brings us closer to understanding these phenomena. Trust us when we say that there is linkage amongst the cases. We’ve been contacted from an individual in Europe that is putting together a database of the disappearances and is attempting to find global and astronomical events that may coincide with the events. We have continued to read everything that is possibly related to these cases, many have opened our eyes very wide. We’ve heard no less then eight hypothesis from people, many of these are dozens of pages long and some seem credible. We will continue to research the cases and bring you the latest events in the future. Continue to follow us at www.canammissing.com

The book can be purchased at www.canammissing.com

Source: http://www.examiner.com/article/david-paulides-on-the-new-third-book-missing-411-north-america-and-beyond