“FEDERALIZED” Dallas Sheriff’s Dept. Lies About Assault On Peaceful Protestors

Sheriff’s spokesperson completely distorts the truth

Kit Daniels
November 23, 2013

The spokesperson for the Dallas Co., Texas sheriff completely distorted details on the department’s violent attack against peaceful demonstrators by stating that deputies ordered the crowd to move and disperse when no such order was given prior to yesterday’s assault.

Carmen Castro, spokeswoman for Sheriff Lupe Valdez, told the Dallas Morning News that the deputies violently charged the free speech demonstrators because they were crowding “not only private citizens who were attempting to pay their respects but also equipment that was in place for the event.”

She further stated that the demonstrators was forcibly moved back after they “refused to obey.”

Yet the deputies gave no such orders to the crowd prior to their assault. As the beginning of our own footage shows, they marched to the front of the crowd with the intent to attack and nothing else.

Before the attack, the crowd had been waiting outside the event space of Dealey Plaza, which the City of Dallas promised to open to the public at 2:30pm.

Mainstream media outlets were also covering for the sheriff’s dept. by spinning the circumstances surrounding the assault.

The article in the Dallas Morning News further stated that the deputies shoved the crowd down the street because they “decided they’d had enough.”

Local police, however, are effectively federalized during special events, taking orders from federal agencies such as the DHS. The deputies didn’t decide anything.

In fact, when we questioned one of the deputies after the assault, he said that he was just acting on orders from above.

After the attack, an Infowars.com reader e-mailed a local Dallas news station to ask why there was hardly any coverage on it.

The news spokesperson completely spun the story, suggesting that the police are “allowed” to keep people out of a “restricted area” and that the protestors were “trying to get into” an event where a ticket was required.

The area was not “restricted.” It was a public street OUTSIDE of a barricaded area.

What’s more, the Dallas Police provided the protestors access to the area where they were attacked. At no time were any barricades breached or removed.

This is a textbook example of government officials and media outlets working hand-in-hand to distort the truth and cover up criminality.

Source: http://www.infowars.com/dallas-sheriffs-dept-lies-about-assault-on-peaceful-protestors/

WW~Notes: Although AJ, for those aware, always raises awareness levels on whether or not he is reporting the truth, he seems to be spot on with what happened in Dallas last Friday (11/22/13).  Plus I listened to his Coast to Coast interview with John B. Wells last night and he never deviated from what was reported in previous InfoWars communications on this event.  I also did an internet search and found nothing reported at other news sites.  Maybe, I didn’t type in the correct search parameters.  Nonetheless, I think it quite odd.   

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  1. What is missing is an understanding of the Constitution–and courage to say, “Sir, NO SIR!” to police superiors who give unconstitutional orders.

    How many of these police were reluctant to do what they were ordered to do? What percentage know that the Warren Commission report is a cover-up…and police are being used to keep the big lie in place?

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