Update: Heads up – this is a first!

internet piracyLooking for a new music video internet channel; I came across Mevio.com through Ixquick, which is supposed to be a private internet browser.

YouTube’s ads are driving me quite insane.

So, I click on the link to Mevio and this message came back:

Sorry, but your IP address is blocked from viewing mevio.com due to suspicious activity.

What the hell???  Suspicious activity; like what?

Is it the alternative news websites I frequent?

I cannot even imagine what can of worms I just opened.

Obviously, this is some form of censorship, and I can only guess I’ve shown up on another list somewhere.


Postscript:  Well, it seems my ISP has probably been flagged for “internet piracy.”  In the course of 17 years on the internet I think I’ve downloaded maybe 50 songs from YouTube and that’s only been in the past few years.  But, I don’t download movies and have never even bothered with Torrents.  This is so bloody ridiculous. 

Here are the articles from PCMag back in 2011 on what the entertainment industry will eventually do regarding internet piracy.

ISP Piracy Warnings: What You Need to Know

ISP Copyright Alerts: Your Questions Answered