VIDEO Music Break: Iconic 80’s band “The Cult’s” new song – ELEMENTAL LIGHT

The Cult - 2012

Billy Duffy, Chris Wyse, Ian Astbury, John Tempesta

Yes – I’m still on a “The Cult” kick because their music has such depth and meaning.  This band really provided a lot for my generation to ponder that most young people today will never even know about.  The band is still writing and producing outstanding music that still speaks to the curious mind expanding consciousness and the perception of the world around us.

With all the pain, suffering and misery on a worldwide scale music is one of the small pleasures that can still alter emotions and in many cases bring emotional peace if only for a short time.

So, I’m proud to share one of their most recent videos – ELEMENTAL LIGHT from their 2012 album “Weapon of Choice.”


******The beautiful fan made video was blocked by YouTube so here is another one.