In the Jewish mind ‘distrust’ also = HATE

Thanks to a sharp eye one of my reader’s alerted me to this post –

Hateful Jewish Posts are a Crime!

I knew this day would come and now it has.

hateantisemitismIt still boggles the mind how “the chosen” equate any kind of criticism with hate.  Now distrust can be added to the mix.  They really have crafted a clever campaign against the world and the uneducated, convincingly.  What they really hate though are people like this blogger who are aware of their deception.

But lets define the Jews’ claim further.  Currently, this is the definition of hate as found at

hate: 1. to dislike intensely or passionately; feel extreme aversion for or extreme hostility toward; detest:

In the 1965 edition of Webster’s New World Dictionary we find this definition:

hate: 1. to have strong dislike or ill will for; despise, wish to avoid.

Looking at the two definitions of ‘hate’ it would seem that today’s version is far more threatening than in earlier descriptions.  Intensely and passionately have replaced “strong” in defining how one dislikes another, and “despise” replaced with detest, which actually means to call down a curse upon.

In other words, ‘hate’ has been redefined into a more malevolent term.  And I have no doubt who is responsible.

The blog post that started this unfair accusation of hate was about my association with Gordon Duff and Veteran’s Today –

My hard-learned lesson: JEWS CANNOT BE TRUSTED, PERIOD!

Reading the article no claim of hate can be found or even insinuated because there is none.  What was said is that “I would no longer trust Jews” and with that statement it is an automatic claim of hatred by any Jew.  Well, in the real world that just does not hold water because firstly it is incorrect not to mention ridiculous.  We all distrust certain people but that does not imply that they are hated.

Distrust does not equal hate in any language.

I refuse to focus my precious time on this matter any further, however, the record needed to be set straight and before more threats ensue.


8 thoughts on “In the Jewish mind ‘distrust’ also = HATE

  1. As a Gentile, I do not trust Jews who follow their Talmudic Judaism’s teachings that state Jews can lie, cheat, steal, rob and murder any non-Jews.

    For my self-preservation and survival,

  2. By saying that you ‘distrust’ something then end the sentence by using an ethnic group you are most definitely showing the tendency to being prejudice,which does equal hate. If You said ‘I distrust the Banks’ or I distrust the ‘Bankers’ (as an example) that is one thing,but to say ‘I Distrust Jews’ or ‘I distrust Christians’ this is going beyond a simple distrust,this is when one is attacking a group of people and their beliefs etc. One simply can’t be allowed to attack something that is important to another. That’s like my saying, ‘I don’t trust the English’ This would be a quite unfair statement,since their are many English people that are perfectly trust worthy. Likewise, their are many Jews who are perfectly trustworthy and decent. If you really want to be considered intelligent,then you can’t generalise in such a fashion,without making yourself look like a bigot.

    • So, what’s your excuse for being a bigot toward Gentiles?

      See, the difference is Jews sincerely believe that they are better than every other race on the planet.

      Your religious texts teach intolerance and hatred for every non-Jew.

      Tell me that is not racism and Jewish supremacism.

      But yet, you have a problem with people not trusting your race.

      I wonder why!

      • One problem with what you are saying. I am not a Jew! I am a Gentile. I Just don’t support,Hatred of any kind.

      • I do not support hatred either, unless it’s well-founded.

        Lets be honest here – hate/hatred is usually an emotion supported by personal experience or suffering either physical or mental. Most hatred is very personal and on a profound level. Hate just to hate something or someone is not logical.

        But what you’re referring to as hate from this blog and blogger is terribly skewed and misinterpreted because of the use of an ethnic term.

        I’ve never heard of anything so far-fetched and ridiculous. But then, I sometimes forget that all logic, reason and the basic laws of physics suddenly vacated America after 9/11. This ideology must be something new in school and college curriculums.

        So, I have another question for you…..

        Why is it that Blacks and Jews are free from criticism of any kind in America, yet, white people are crucified in the media and all over the entertainment spectrum on a regular basis?

        Of late, I am noticing more and more commercials that clearly demonstrate the stupidity and ignorance of whites; several Geico ads come to mind.

        Black stand-up comedians are forever spewing white racial slurs on television and in movies.

        Clearly this is your form of hate, although, I refer to it as reverse discrimination because that is exactly what they are doing.

        I state facts supported by reputable sources on injustices that can be clearly seen by rational citizens in a country that I no longer recognize. And if those facts concern a particular ethnic group that’s not my problem, it’s theirs.

        I also state this in the blog sidebar.

      • I must be honest,I have Seen coloured people on British Television,making Jokes about white people. And that does irritate me.

        I definitely think it’s time for white people and black people to ‘move on’ and forget the past and start living in the future.

        But,in essence what you are saying is fact.I can’t argue with that.

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