Forget the Jew – It’s CHRISTMAS!

merry-christmas-card-thekilonsparklesThe one thing that sets us apart from the Jew is the blessed season of Christmas.

Christmas means many things to a variety of people whether Christian, Agnostic or even Atheist, but the reason for the season signifies a type of death to Jewry because of the spiritual meaning incorporated within the holiday. 

As it is well known, Christmas represents the birth of the divine savior, Jesus Christ, although, his birth actually occurred sometime in April between 6 and 4 B.C.  But what is true is that the event created a new covenant between God and humanity that the ancient Hebrews refused to believe much less accept.  In other words, the ancient Hebrews were no longer God’s “chosen.”  Obviously, they never recovered from that miraculous period in the ancient past. 

Yet, Christmas also represents so much more than just a holy day for the faithful.  Christmas is a time for one to reflect on life and what it means personally and spiritually.  It is also a time for renewal, forgiveness, and the opportunity to make amends to those wronged in the past 12 months.  Sharing, giving of one’s time and talent to help and assist those less fortunate has always been the American spirit of the holiday, whether it is contributions to charities, sponsoring food drives for the poor and needy, or just serving a meal at the local soup kitchen, it is a way to give back to the community and to people that most never recognize throughout the year.

Jews never even think about giving back to anyone, even in the communities they share with other Gentiles.

You will never see a Jew drop a donation in a Salvation Army bucket;

You will never see a Jew volunteer for charities unless it is for their tribe;

You will never see a Jew giving out money to the poor on the streets;

You will never see a Jew funding a food drive for the needy;

You will never a Jew volunteering for a children’s toy drive for underprivileged children.

Jews have no thought or concept about what it means to truly help another individual because they are not raised with compassion or empathy for any part of humanity that are non-Jews. 

So, I say – forget the Jews and their tribe during the most special time in America, maybe even around the world.  Today it matters not what they are orchestrating to further tear down our civilization, erase our traditions and circumvent our freedoms.  Be ever grateful that we’ve been blessed with one more year to celebrate the Christmas season as we so choose; to be with family, friends or both to revel in the holiday cheer, while we marvel at the precious, innocent light in the eyes of children opening gifts on Christmas day.

There are 364 days to fight the good fight, and I refuse to give this arrogant tribe of aliens the one day in the year that has never belonged to them.  Christmas is the one day in the year that strictly belongs to Gentiles and we should celebrate that fact.  Jewry can continue to try to kill it, demonize it, incorrectly politicize it, but Christmas will never completely disappear because of the “reason for the season” and that is what they most hate.



6 thoughts on “Forget the Jew – It’s CHRISTMAS!

  1. Today, I have been watching Wagner ‘ s Operas. He was blessed with the gift of putting Nordic Mythology to music. My children have been enjoying it as well.
    My 7 yr old daughter knows who the Walkure are and that they carry the Warriors to Valhalla.
    I always burst into tears at the end of the opera. It is so majestic. A taste of heaven on earth.
    Opera and classical music are European.
    There is no ‘odour’ of that middle eastern desert in it.
    Theater is Greek. Therefore it is European.
    Theater has been perverted by the destroyers. But, nevertheless, the original art form of Sophocles is European.
    At this moment I am watching Wagner ‘ s Tristan and Isolde.
    If there is a heaven I know that Wagnerian Opera is the Deity ‘ favorite.

    Have a Blessed European Christmas.

  2. I have developed a new love for Christmas:
    Santa Claus, The Immoral Evergreen, Mistletoe, The Wreath. Even caroling is European.
    All Nordic Tradition. Europe elevated that barbaric gutter religion to the heights of the gods.
    Christmas is Nordic. Christianity is alien.
    Some may understand, some may not.

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