Prayers and good wishes for Northerntruthseeker

out_sickI received news earlier this evening that my comrade in Canada, Northerntruthseeker, who operates the blog by the same name was admitted to hospital suffering from chest pain that began yesterday.

Yesterday we spoke on the phone only a short time but I knew that he did not sound like himself.  He seemed to be struggling just to speak, plus he said he was experiencing a lot of pressure in the chest.  He’s been dealing with cold and sinus issues for several months so I was concerned that he might have bronchitis or even pneumonia.

Initially, E.R. staff thought he may have had a minor heart attack, but that has now been ruled out.  However, tests have revealed some type of anomaly in the blood.  Doctors have him on blood thinners and informed him if the blood pathology returns to normal he could be released as early as tomorrow.  If not, he could be looking at spending several more days in a hospital bed.  At this point, the doctors have not provided a conclusive diagnosis.

NTS is one of the most energetic people I’ve known.  He seems to be a happy workaholic and is always available to anyone that needs him, whether it’s family, friends or colleagues.  But even more importantly the knowledge and wisdom he’s freely provided due to the political struggles every country has endured since 9/11 has been invaluable.  He is a mighty voice of common sense, rationale and logic that hopefully will be restored to the world one day.

Right now he needs our generous prayers and steadfast support for a swift recovery to return to his family.  I consider NTS my closest friend and confidant and I am honored that he aligned himself with my work here at Pragmatic Witness a few years ago.  In this fight, NTS is a concerned voice that we cannot lose.  I have faith though that he will be back in action at the first chance.

Get well, my friend – and soon.



4 thoughts on “Prayers and good wishes for Northerntruthseeker

  1. Thanks for letting us know White Wraithe… i re-posted this on the chat over at Mami’s. We were all on a huge skype call the other night… life’s funny (or not) that way. I’ll say a prayer.

    • Thanks, Wanda.

      I wish I still had Skype but my old PC is no longer compatible with the program. Brian and I used to Skype every day.

      I’m about to post and update in a few minutes and it’s not welcome news.

      I will also be posting this over at Brian’s blog.

      Thanks again, for your support.

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