Update on Northerntruthseeker –

I just received more news on NTS’ condition.

Doctors have determined that he has some blockage in one of his arteries.  Either Thursday or Friday they will perform an angioplasty which broadly defined is the repair of a blood vessel, as by inserting a balloon-tipped catheter to unclog it or by replacing part of the vessel with either a piece of the patient’s own tissue or a prosthetic device.  If the procedure is unsuccessful then he will be slated for bypass surgery shortly thereafter.

Needless to say, this was not the good news I had hoped and prayed for.

The good news is NTS is actually a very healthy person, much more than I can say for myself.  He’s never smoked, maintains a healthy diet and works out at the gym every week.  I’m just baffled how this could have happened to him.

So, this now means that our dear friend and comrade will be spending New Years 2014 in hospital.  I will be posting everything over at NTS’ site.  You can show your concern and support with lots of comments.  I know he will greatly appreciate it.

I will keep you all posted once I receive updates.

NTS, we are sending all our love, support and prayers for you and your family.