Rediscover PRAGMATIC WITNESS at its new site

BLOG UNDER CONSTRUCTIONFinally, after many years and concerns from readers and visitors alike, Pragmatic Witness has an alternate site at Blogger.  I guess it could be described as a “mirror” for lack of a better description, although, it’s not actually a mirror site.  But hopefully, if one is deleted due to new censorship laws in the future, maybe the other will be spared.  

This also provides an opportunity to update the older posts as information was lost due to sites closing, as well as, updating numerous videos that were lost when I closed my original YouTube account. 

I’m working on one year at a time until I catch up to the present.  With my weird life and quirky schedule I hope to have it completed in 2014. 

With NTS being out of commission temporarily, working at the mirror site will not be a steady ongoing process.  Then within the next month I will be out myself undergoing major dental surgery that I hope improves my over all health and provides the opportunity to once again be actively employed.  My ill health has been the major reason for the decline of Pragmatic Witness over the past few years.

Here is the new site URL –

Check back occasionally for updates.


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