Wise Wisdom for 2014

Earlier today, I received these images from my daughter and wanted to share them with everyone.  Feel free to pass them on.


5 thoughts on “Wise Wisdom for 2014

  1. Great stuff… especially the top one with the two lists… i’m sharing that.

    My focus for 2014 is all about morality and the desire to live in a logical and sane world. I think everyone is, pretty much, ready for that, awake or not. I don’t see how TPTB think they’re going to be able to pull off a police state… this sh*ts got to come to an end.

    Hope you have a happy no jew year.

    • I’m viewing a video right now that is spot on to what you’re saying about morality. When I’m finished I will be posting it with some much needed anecdotes.

      I wish you the same dear friend.

      Oh, you were the top commentor on Pragmatic Witness for 2013. Congratulations!

      Thought you might appreciate that little statistic.

      • I do appreciate that little stat… thank you for sharing. Hopefully we made some small dent… i’d like to think so. Your efforts are valuable and appreciated.

        All the best to you, my friend… to the world… for a world we deserve to live in.

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