An Appeal To Those Who Are Truly Wanting A Better World, And Not Those Driven By Self-Interests

From Northerntruthseeker

mark-glenn-jihad-horzFor this article, I want to discuss the recent “activities” and actions by those in what I have always known to be the fraud “truth movement”….. I have long said that there is no real “truth movement” and that a full 90% of those involved in this effort to expose the truths about our world and the machinations of the Jewish elite that wants to enslave us all,  are actually working for this evil, and are in it for their own personal self interests and greed…

Recently, the entire “truth movement” was turned upside down by the actions of some individuals to try to slander those seeking the truth about the fraud known as the “Sandy Hook” shooting.  It was a disgusting display of childish behavior and terrible slanderous comments….. I have tried to distance myself from this, because if I became involved, I would only be as bad as those committing the slander!  The situation became magnified by supposed health concerns by one of the persons launching the attacks on those who have called Sandy Hook a fraud, and several others in that camp magnified the situation by trying to link that individual’s health concerns with the people working for the exposure of the Sandy Hook fraud… This again was a sign of very childish behavior and has caused rifts in this fight, with even some slanderous remarks sent my way…. Again, I have not fallen into this trap and have refused to directly address these attacks… I would not stoop so low..

But the real turning point was when someone whom I have shown a high level of trust has now shown her true colors and has thrown her support behind those who believe Sandy Hook to be real… There has been mountains of evidence that now shows the fraud in full detail, but still this person has suddenly overlooked that evidence and has now turned her back on those seeking the truth and see the fraud of Sandy in all of its glory….. It has caused even more damage in our efforts and has everyone questioning who is real and who is not…. I have been asked for my personal opinions in this matter, and all I can say is that again, we are now discovering who is real and who is the frauds in our efforts… It does point to the fact again that the 90% of the agents working to destroy our efforts do periodically show their true colors and are rooted out!

Everyone who knows me knows that I am in this not for personal glory, selfish interests, or any delusion of power and greed… I am always searching for the truth and am not afraid of stating facts… I have said that I will never be bought off or made to turn my back on the truth….. I am therefore appealing to those who feel much the same way as myself to let them know that they have true allies in myself and those who are always wanting the truth and are in this for the RIGHT REASONS…..I know that my personal friends, especially my true friend Whitewraithe, are in this for exactly the same reasons… We want a better world for everyone and will never turn to the “dark side”….

Again, for those who are in this for the right reasons… You know where to find me…. You are amongst friend and allies…

Thank you for your time, and your comments are always welcome…

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4 thoughts on “An Appeal To Those Who Are Truly Wanting A Better World, And Not Those Driven By Self-Interests

  1. NTS,
    Amen! Unfortunately I got myself caught up in this after seeing a “Friend” of mine being repeatedly attacked, and a couple other things.
    I just want to say this, My Oath to the US Republic/Constitution (not what they are now) do not expire until I do!
    Keep up the good work!

    US Army Vet
    Marc C. Daniele

  2. The lies of 9-11 continue to reap a harvest for the devils. Exposing 9-11 is their Achilles heel. Unless and until we have such incontrovertible evidence about any other events, we must stick together in exposing 9-11.

    I question SH, Boston, Aurora, DC shootings, and the Texas military base shootings. Questioning any or all of these events has far less weight than Continuing to drive the stake of truth through the heart of the perpetrators of 9-11. We have them on the run.

    The above is what I’d rather these leaders would say–than to condemn those who rightfully question official government pronouncements about terrorist events. What can be the strategy in the sweeping condemnations and acceptance of official narratives?

  3. Thanks for posting this. And I have to agree with Wanda–this definitely seems like a sign of desperation.

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