Russia Turns Christian…America Turns Jewish

Russia Turns Christian
…America Turns Jewish

By Brother Nathanael Kapner January 19, 2014 ©

“A STAR SHALL RISE OUT OF THE EAST!” wrote Russian writer Fyodor Dostoevsky foreseeing the historic destiny of the Russian people and nation.

A century later, Russia has proven Dostoevsky’s prevision—as he divined in The Brothers Karamazov—to be true.

For the Russian Orthodox Church has emerged as a preeminent force in that once atheist country bringing “Christ’s image and truth” to the “tottering creeds of the world.”

How could it not be so?

A vision for the world centered on the carrier of Christ’s message—The Orthodox Church—is destined for ascendency no matter what the enemies of The Church may do.

And who are the enemies of the Church?

Jews are the enemies. The same who have infested America with their Christ-hating spirit and spread their contagion into its culture, politics, and worldview.


TWO OUT OF THREE RUSSIANS now self-identify as “believers” during this momentous time of the “resurgent” Church in their country.

“Our duty is to change the world and we’re able to do so,” says Archpriest Vsevolod Chaplin. “The West has betrayed Christianity which Emperor Justinian merged with Roman law,” he adds.

And Putin has created a model for the world in a striking list of triumphs:

Banned Homosexual Parades.

Forbids Homosexual Propaganda.

Closed Gambling Casinos.

Declared Russia’s Adoption Of The Orthodox Faith A National Holiday.

Installed Orthodoxy 101 In Public Schools.

Rebuilt 23,000 Churches Destroyed By Jewish Communists.

Banned Abortion Ads.

Promotes Large Christian Families.

Positions The Church To Influence Education, Family Life, And The Military.

Is it any surprise that the Jews fear Putin? Is it any wonder he gets bad press in the Jew-controlled West?

For everything the Jews promote: Sexual deviancy, Atheism, Fragmentation of the Christian family…Putin has overturned and conformed to the values of The Church.


TWO FORCES HAVE COMBINED efforts to destroy America: Jewry and Obama.

“The Anti-Defamation League protects the rights of Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals and Transgenders,” says ADL director Abe Foxman. “Our advocacy reaches Courthouses, Congress and Statehouses across the country,” Foxman adds.

And Obama has created a model for the world in a striking list of disgraces:

Promotes Same-Sex Marriage.

Declared Month Of May As Jewish Heritage Month.

Omits “Year Of Our Lord” In White House Proclamation.

Instituted Annual Passover Seders In The White House.

Erects A National Hanukkah Menorah On White House Lawn Every December.

Sanctifies Israel’s Security As “Holy.”

Affirms Israel as a “Jewish” State…Dumps America as a “Christian” State.

Is it any surprise that the Jews adore their ’schwartza” in the White House? Is it any wonder that Obama gets good press in Jew-controlled America?

For everything the Jews promote: Sexual Deviancy, Atheism, Fragmentation of the Christian family, Obama has conformed to Jewry’s sordid tastes.

America has become Jewish and drowns in Jewry’s stinking slime.

Russia has turned Christian and swims in Christ’s Holy Light.

Source: Real Jew News

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  1. They know how to play us… that’s all that means. It is perception management. At the end of the day Putin is a billionaire, and he’s in on the game. If there were nothing to compare against, people wouldn’t see the contrast.

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