Does Pragmatic Witness have a big bullseye on it?

I received a comment this morning from someone claiming to be Kerry Cassidy over at Project Camelot.  She claimed that she was looking for Jim Stone of

Well, I wrote Jim and told him about this strange comment.  And wondered why would anyone place it on my little blog?

Instead of writing me back personally, Jim posted a response on his blog, which I will now share with everyone.


A response to a spooky mail that confirms censorship

Since I know it won’t make it back to the sender, I will post it here. The sender asked me to keep the original mail private, so I will only post the response,

This was not sent by Kerry Cassidy, to avoid reader confusion;

I have not received ANY mails from Kerry AT ALL, in ANY box whatsoever ever since the first invitation to be a top level member of her forum, an invitation which was subsequently blocked by Spamhaus. After finally getting shoe horned in directly by Kerry herself, there were endless malfunctions and post denials and I gave up. I would have been happy to have a “home base” there.

I know that many people try to get ahold of me and are censored. I think the only people who can get ahold of me now for the most part are those who have nothing damaging to send, or those who are so well established a contact (on top of) not being too terribly damaging to allow contact. I have been completely isolated from many key people. To the censors out there, please take my recent effort with the Fukushima report which my readers put to the top at BIN and stick it, if BIN is honest I will use them to kick your behinds for whatever is possible there.

I cannot send a mail back to you directly, especially if it is for the purpose of letting Kerry know that indeed, I have been totally blocked from recieving anything from her. That will go straight into the digital abyss. But as far as I can tell, they cannot block this front page. You can put this on your forum as a thread also and notify Kerry.



To Jim: I have personally contacted Ms. Cassidy explaining what happened and asked if she would like to comment on the possibility that someone is impersonating her, and furthermore, why would anyone want to post the comment on my blog.  It makes no sense.  But you can bet I am becoming more cautious with time.  This deeply disturbed me and I did not appreciate being made to look like a fool.  Should I receive a response from Ms. Cassidy I will promptly inform you.  Whitewraithe~