Wonder If the agenda is not what we think it is?

I am compiling an article that is going to blow everyone out of the water on the current events and national crises occurring all over the world.

There is an agenda here as most are aware.

There is a purpose for everything that is happening exactly as it is.

For some tidbits the article will attempt to connect some major dots relating to:

1. Fukushima nuclear disaster

2. Chemtrails

3. GMOs

4. Fluoride

5. Proven existence of alien visitation to earth and the fact that they are actively working with the U.S. government.

6. A predicted date when this agenda will reach fruition.

7. And yes, the Jewish villains (bankers, politicians, Israel) are smack dab in the middle.

You may all think I’ve lost my mind, but I can assure you I am totally confident that it will make sense if you can think outside the box.  In this medium rigidity is a death sentence to the truth.pen and paper

I hope to have it completed this week if my family doesn’t cause too many interruptions.

Stay tuned,


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