Slight delay on new article…..

Keyboard_Typing_smallNew revelations came to light last week while researching the article I’m attempting to compose and write.  Some of the information I previously thought to be true is in fact, not.  That is always a bit disconcerting. 

And right on time, my family has been a huge distraction, which has left my mood quite angry and powerless.  I can’t write when I want to put my fist through a wall.  When I feel that negative I tend to sit for long periods in quiet solitude listening to music, while mentally putting the pieces back together that have caused the distress – it’s sort of a self-healing technique; the acceptance of reality and that situations do not always unfold as I believe they should.  There really is no justice in the truth even in personal circumstances.

I hope I can finish the article this week, but I’m making no promises.  Every time I do something always seems to thwart my efforts.