Today’s “LOL”

This is a nefarious attempt to soothe the general public’s fears by those that would happily relinquish all our private data to the unconstitutional spy apparatus known as the NSA.  Sites like Google, Yahoo, Microsoft and especially Facebook are in the top 10 private corporations breaking their necks to submit every kilobyte of personal data to the NSA voyeurs; so don’t believe for one minute that this little show of resistance had any effect, much less, sending emails or calling public representatives that do not represent the American people in any worthy or honest capacity.  This was just another idea to distract the American people misinforming them as with all other disinformation it will accomplish nothing.


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6,000 sites protest against US spying

Laughing Out Loud!!!

Laughing Out Loud!!!

WW~postscript: Yep, I’m aware that I have that banner on the bottom of the blog from the Internet Defense League, but I was under the impression that the organization was strictly for assuring that the internet remained uncensored and available to everyone.