A message from Whitewraithe

unseenlogo_isJimstonefreelance.com previously reported that the NSA killed the new free email site from Iceland, Unseen.is.

After corresponding with Kerry Cassidy from Project Camelot I discovered that the Unseen site is still in tact and functioning.  I believe that Jim was probably correct in that the NSA tampered with the site making it less secure, however, it may be the best site still for a modicum of privacy.

I also discovered after speaking with NTS that my emails were sent to his junk files and he only found the correspondence months later.  But the point is they did get through.

My email at Unseen is still active.  I have also created a community and a group for private chats.  Both venues are public with no restrictions. So far, six people have joined the community.  Both the community and group are under the label PRAGMATIC WITNESSES.  I even encourage the hasbara troll lurkers to a debate if you can be polite, intelligent speaking and non-profane.  If not, then you will be banned.

I sincerely encourage readers and visitors to create an account at Unseen.is and lets get together to talk and chat.  There is audio and video capability and since I’m not able to use Skype it would be a great way to meet some of you. 

In America we no longer have the option to openly assemble in public, but we can still assemble on the internet at the moment.

Go here to sign-up for a free account: https://unseen.is/

My email is whitewraithe@unseen.is  

I hope everyone will seriously consider this proposal.  We need to start talking to each other with like minds. 

With this opportunity anything is possible.