The height of repugnance from the Obama administration

lord-king-obamaOver the course of the day I’ve scanned a multitude of depressive news and events taking place in America, but this last piece just infuriated me to the inth degree.

I happened to land on Huffington Post, which ordinarily I never read for obvious reasons.  Reading about the trials and tribulations of well paid middle-aged Americans who lost their long term jobs and are now part of the group that congress denied additional unemployment benefits, I briefly looked over at the sidebar and the hype about the gown Michelle Obama wore to the recent State Dinner caught my eye.  Out of sheer curiosity about what that fat moose wore got the best of me.  So, I clicked the link and got a really good scare.  Talk about curiosity killing the cat – sometimes it’s better to not know no matter how tempting.

The cost of the Carolina Herrera black lace and powder blue gown was $12,000 which I might add taxpayers footed the bill.  Adding too, I haven’t made a $12,000 annual salary in the past ten years, but this witch is wearing a one-event piece of clothing that no one will ever see again.

Herrera also designed for Princess Diana and I can truthfully say FLOTUS is no Princess, but you would think so reading the smarmy comments at HuffPost.  I wanted to gag!

The irony is so blatantly obvious when it comes to America’s money woes; the Fed doesn’t mind printing money if it concerns them or their ilk, but paying out the other half of  unemployment benefits which employers already paid in taxes and surtaxes to the government under the Federal Unemployment Tax Act is an area that the greedy Fed bastards could care less about.

Yet, princess-wannabe, Michelle Obama walks out of the now Jew Black House in a piece of clothing that costs more than most people make in a year’s time.  That is the height of repugnance.

I thought only the Brits were full of that much guile.

I guess it really is true – the U.S. is still a British colony because the monarchial upper classes are showing their royal asses.

If you want to see FLOTUS in her 12K gown because I’m not putting her disgraceful mug on this blog:


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One thought on “The height of repugnance from the Obama administration

  1. Some moron will buy that dress at auction for a Million.

    Its time for the black royalty in America to give it up and move to their homeland, Israel.

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