DHS to purchase 75.1 million rounds of ammunition in 2014

bullets0731_imageThe Department of Homeland Security plans to purchase 75.1 million rounds of ammunition at a cost of $22.7 million this year, according to a newly released report from the Government Accountability Office.

GAO reports that DHS has over 70,000 firearm-carrying personnel and that the ammo purchases go largely to firearm training and qualification requirements.

“DHS components maintain inventories of ammunition to help ensure they have sufficient ammunition for the training and operational needs of their officers, as there can be months-long delays between placing an order for ammunition and receiving it,” GAO reports. “As of October 2013, DHS estimates it had approximately 159 million rounds in inventory, enough to last about 22 months to meet the training and operational needs of its firearm-carrying personnel.”

According to the GAO, DHS’ annual ammunition purchases have been on the decline since FY 2009 and are about at the same level as the Department of Justice’s ammo purchases.

In 2013, DHS purchases 84.4 million rounds of ammo at a cost of $19.9 million; in 2012 it bought 96 rounds at a cost of $30.3 million; 2011 it bought 100.3 million for $30.2; in 2010 it purchased 117 million for $31.6 million; and in 2009 the department bought 132.9 rounds for $33.8 million.

GAO notes that the department is planning to buy 75.1 million rounds for $22.7 million this year.

DHS officials told GAO that the decline in level of ammo purchases in 2013 was largely due to a tightening budget, “which meant reducing the number of training classes, and drawing on their ammunition inventories.”

“From fiscal years 2008 through 2013, DHS purchased an average of 109 million rounds of ammunition for training, qualification, and operational needs, according to DHS data,” GAO reports. “DHS’s ammunition purchases over the 6-year period equates to an average of 1,200 rounds purchased per firearm-carrying agent or officer per year. Over the past 3 fiscal years (2011-2013), DHS purchased an average of 1,000 rounds per firearm-carrying agent or officer and selected DOJ components purchased 1,300 rounds per firearm-carrying agent or officer.”

Source: http://dailycaller.com/2014/02/12/dhs-to-purchase-75-1-million-rounds-of-ammunition-this-year/

WW~Notes: If anyone believes the bullshit that DHS’ ongoing purchases of ammunition is for firearm training and qualification requirements, then I’ve got some swamp land for sell.

DHS and it’s other government agencies probably own nearly all the firearm ammunition of any value in the U.S.  One or two agendas, more likely conspiracies, are nearing fruition. 

One DHS is buying up every piece of ammo that firearm owners prefer denying availability to every civilian owner of weapons and firearms.

Two their newly created personnel armoured carriers are getting ready to hit the streets to impose the long-awaited threat of martial law we’ve heard about for the past several years. 

DHS is maneuvering an unprecedented strategy to implement martial law in America.   Think outside the box on this one; remove the only problem standing between this empirical government and the people, that being the people’s ability to more or less defend themselves on some basic, yet efficient level, then government can enforce martial law on an impotent populace even before one shot is fired, by simply making ammunition unavailable rendering civilian self-defense weapons inoperative and the people powerless. 

I now believe DHS is fomenting a massive civil unrest in this country by denying people the right and the availability to purchase firearms ammunition.  It’s the first come, first serve scenario and bam – American citizens are at the bottom of the heap, the lowest on the totem pole, while the government swarms in and scoops up every last bullet, which will eventually lead to outrage and severe anger toward government due to their ammunition hoarding for the purpose of murdering every last American, or outright fear of us all.  But, the one thing government officials have not yet realized – there is no safety anywhere, not even for them.

I can only imagine how some gun owners feel at this point.  Maybe a civilian is waiting for a shipment to arrive only to be informed, again, that there is a delay.  Someone may be waiting just to be placed on a waiting list to buy their ammo.  Emotions must be running at an all time high especially for rural men with families and farms who must have access to weapons and ammunition just to protect their loved ones and livelihood, that means protection from trespassers and wild animals.  For example, do you think for one minute that Food Network’s “The Pioneer Woman’s” large midwest family farm business doesn’t own and openly carry weapons? 

DHS’ war with America is about ready to spill out into the streets of every city and town.  If they win then only government and highly inventive criminals will own all the weapons, and ‘we the people’ will be left utterly defenseless and at their mercy.  And they will give us no quarter.

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