ALERT!!!! Leaked Email: U.S.G.S Yellowstone Supervolcano Activity Supressed

IITM:  Wow!  Here’s a little more information on what they are up to if you know what I mean… get this information out and take care folks… the time to prepare and inform is BEFORE the event, not after, ya know?!

The whole world is greatly affected by this… we’re talking tectonic plates moving around… land masses rising and falling… unlike the world has ever seen before.


You can lessen the severity of earth changes by holding peace and love in your heart… freaking out will not help… worry is useless.

With knowledge comes responsibility…. don’t be the first to know, and the last to share, if at all.

michelle ziegler Yellowstone has had 4 quakes in the last 14 hours. This is something we need to keep an eye on for sure. Blessings.


If this supervolcano erupts in our lifetime it will be 2500 times stronger than Mt. Saint Helen’s was in 1980.

Oh, and I live right beside the New Madrid ancient inland fault here in West Tennessee!


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