soft_deesThree days ago I happened to be driving to a dentist appointment and noticed the incredible amount of chemtrails in the sky over Jackson, TN. about 9 a.m.

They weren’t just the familiar tic-tac-toe patterns, but miles of extremely wide, thick billowy trails in straight lines covering the city completely.  They were the most extraordinary trails I’ve seen to date in this part of the country.

The very next day, within 24 hours, I started exhibiting signs of general allergy problems which I did not think much about, until I began feeling really bad with shortness of breath, headache, and clogged sinuses.  I let it go another 24 hours and by the time I went to bed last night I felt like dying; I was so miserable.

When I got to the doctor this afternoon I was diagnosed with Acute Bronchitis and heart palpitations.  My blood pressure was way above normal and my heart rate was 112.  That is very unusual for someone with Hypoglycemia; which is indicative of low blood pressure and low heart rate.

Yet three days ago I was perfectly fine.  Normally, during heavy spraying I stay inside and will not go outside except for a short few minutes if necessary.

I have no doubt that with the extra particulates now being put into chemtrails that they will make those prone to respiratory problems sicker than normal, and more often.

My suggestion – during heavy spraying cycles stay inside if possible.  And especially, keep children indoors.


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