Revised: Is Homeland Security’s new armoured vehicle coming your way?

Revised: 2/21/2014

homeland-security-armored-vehicleI just finished reading a series of articles from Before It’s News and although Jim Stone highly recommends the site for the truth, I now wonder.

This particular article dealt with the coming collapse of the economy and martial law being instituted once the banks failed, within 72 hours.  According to a BIN report from a DHS insider it could happen anytime between March and April this year.  Well, we had the same scare around October last year so I’m not spurred on by this bit of fear mongering.

The article contained several videos since it covered more than just one topic of concern.  The second and third video included a former military intelligence veteran claiming loyalty to Israel, while spewing lies and mistruths about the Palestinians.  That was in the third video while he tells us America is a sitting duck.

Then in the very next breath he informs us that Iran refuses to shut down their centrifuges which enrich uranium for the expressed purpose of making a nuclear bomb.  Well, I decided to research the matter further to see if I could corroborate his story.  Turns out that what this whistleblower said was only partially true.  Iran struck a deal back in November 2013 to ease sanctions with world powers.  Furthermore, this dealt with Iran’s new generation of centrifuges which are presently offline. [source]

In the second video he claimed that hundreds of thousands of veterans were very aware about what is happening in the country and he and others were concerned about nine suspicious planes that flew into American airspace a few weeks ago.  Blocked Heavy Lift Aircraft Inbound to CONUS In Airspace–Suspicious Activity was being monitored by apparent veterans and it was concluded that the planes originated from either China or Russia.  Yet, the destination of the planes were at present unknown.

The last two videos were from a person calling himself Original Pilgrim.  I can tell you he’s either a Jew or Christian Zionist.  When he used the term Jewish Christians I stopped the video.  Of course, he was rambling about Jewish prophecy of the end of America.  America is the Jewish cash-cow so why would they want to end it?

I made a comment on his YouTube video and his response stated that he was a “jewish christian.”  Like I said in the comment there is no such thing and an oxymoron to boot.  Judaism and Christianity are diametrically opposed to one another both in faith and religious philosophy.

If this corrupt government collapses the economy there will be civil war and they can try to instill martial law, but they will have one hell of a fight on their hands.  Does anyone really believe that the sock-puppet coward in the White House is ready for all out war with the people, especially the 40 or 50 million now without jobs, and very little hope of even finding one?  When you’ve lost everything you have nothing else to lose and I believe those Americans would stand and fight.  I’m not so sure that Obama and his lackeys are ready to murder a large majority of their tax-payer commodities.  Without US, the people, to slave away for them they have nothing and they know it.

The point is I wonder why Before It’s News endorsed this article?  There was a modicum of truth in the article, but there was obviously disinformation, as well.  Like I’ve always said, be leery and double-check sources.  Trust no one, but your own common sense, and lastly decide for yourself whether what you’re reading is the real truth.


4 thoughts on “Revised: Is Homeland Security’s new armoured vehicle coming your way?

  1. One of the big things that led me to my present understanding of the Jew, and the present global situation in general, was the realization that this supposedly overarching conspiracy lacks clear or cohesive logic in so many major instances – one example is the way that the collapse of the American economy for what amounts to very short term financial gain seems like something that the ruling (Jewish) class should be able to recognize that in the long term this is going to put them in a very difficult situation, where they lack a vehicle for enforcing their own power, and will in all likelihood end up being hunted down and dealt with in the most severe manner by the very people they spent so much energy on manipulating into mindless servitude.

    • Nice deduction, troother!

      I agree, however, the only way they can achieve total domination is to remove the people’s only source of defense – our weapons. That is why Russia fell to them.

      If they collapse the economy in the next few weeks even the military will not be able to disarm every single American.

      We might not win, but I intend to take a few of them with me.

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