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  1. I am only five minutes into this… but i will say… BATTLE FOR YOUR MIND is one of the most important reads i’ve come across in a while… thank you for posting this.

    [Here’s a key excerpt: In human-potential trainings, the controllers will give a lengthy talk about the importance of “keeping agreements” in life. The participants are told that if they don’t keep agreements, their life will never work. It’s a good idea to keep agreements, but the controllers are subverting a positive human value for selfish purposes. The participants vow to themselves and their trainer that they will keep their agreements. Anyone who does not will be intimidated into agreement or forced to leave.

    Another clue that conversion tactics are being used is the introduction of jargon–new terms that have meaning only to the “insiders” who participate. Vicious language is also frequently used, purposely, to make participants uncomfortable.]

    ^^^ Good stuff… necessary to know stuff… thanks again.

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